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Imagine a stick figure, except the sticks are noodles connecting head to body to limbs, all based on the overall "flow" of the body's s-curve.
The noodles are running a relay race, passing on the flow of the gesture.
When you want to get a pose and you take a gesture, you're looking for the attitude of the pose rather than an accurate representation of the form.
It's basically just a loose extension of the Line of Action to include the limbs and the attitude of the head.

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The one recommended here always is vilppu who is actually known from his video lessons.
You can check out proko too if you want since its basically the same thing.

So look at the picture and do one or two before you watch them so you have something to compare to afterwards.
As for books Vilppu also has a book '' The vilppu drawing manual'' if you want to read instead of watching.

Also for the hair I'd recommend the prokos video on that too since its rather quick and explains it well.
For the anatomy Elliot Goldfingers book is great but a even tough the text is a bit dry and for the construction Ctrl+paint has
few good tutorials on it and ofc for the books on construction: Loomis

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