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Im at that moment of thinking whether or not my art is "good enough" and the reason I dont get the numbers is because of my art not being eye catching.
But I also know how the social media game works and understand pieces at a lower quality can do as good as mine with the special keys being pressed. I also know I get commissions and lots of people give positive feedback on my works in groups and the like. I also understand my art will never hit the "enough" state as long as I keep improving and striving for better.

I know my art is good and I have all the tools to make the numbers, and yet I still default to the mindset of "maybe Im still not there yet" even though there's a lot of evidence that suggests that either it's not true or it doesnt really matter. Im not beating myself over it nor extremely focusing on the numbers or whatever, Im just at that moment of lucidity where I try to look at my social game objectively and kind of dont get it.

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>How questionable is the porn your posting anon.
90% of what I post is completely SFW

One I posted was fully clothed, but the character wears a skimpy outfit (canonically) and it emphasized her ass, but she clearly has underwear on, just her cheeks visible. Twitter slapped me with a NSFW label but I still got engagement.

I posted one piece that was nude, but no sexual acts happening. I had zero engagement on this. But I had actually set my entire account to NSFW before I uploaded it. I removed the piece after and reset my account to SFW and my content was getting engaged with again.

Since then everything I've posted has been SFW till this most recent upload. There was zero nudity, just the outfit was very revealing, but every naughty bit was covered up. Seems twitter slapped it as it doesn't show up in incognito (same as Cutesexyrobutt's tweets) where as the rest of my art does.

So I dunno. I've learned that twitter seems to detect skin. how much skin your character is showing determines whether or not you get the NSFW slap, even if there is zero actual genitilia visible Both cases it's been a character with normal human skin, so I wonder if say, I drew a lewd of Ranni if the twitter bot would detect it or not because she's blue-skinned.

When I started off I immediately established myself as a lewd artist, but SFW lewd. And the comments I've gotten show me coomers are a heavy amount of my following. Though my most popular have been entirely non-sexual, but that's only reddit. Everywhere else (Pixiv, twitter, Danbooru, etc.) it's my lewds that do best, especially Pixiv. So it's not like the people following me don't like this kind of content. I realized after the one nude I drew that I should stick to SFW lewds only (for now). It's an issue with Twitter and only Twitter.

That same piece I did most recently that got slapped by twitter did well on Pixiv and other sites, so it seems to be a twitter problem/

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There's been a theory for a long time that she outsources her art to a team of interns who draw it for her. Has been a theory for the past 3 or so years. Looks more true than ever.

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