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There is nothing to be addressed. The video claims that the old masters were great because of some set of "universal standards" that we "got rid of" but makes no mention of what standards. The great Italian masters, the great french masters, the great asian masters, they either never appealed to any kind of universal standard or at best saugh something like "truth" which we would either equate to realism or to expressionism (albeit less abstract) but that divide itself has always been the debate surrounding art. The video makes all these appeals but gives zero sources aside from one quote from an opinion piece they don't even link to.
Like others mentioned the video also completely ignores the fact that a great deal of the modern art industry is just a front for laundering and a lot of these artists are misled (not misled into abstraction but mislead into thinking they're amazing) so they can be used to fuel the scheme.
Also if you've been to a gallery or uni then you'd know that the video is outright lying as well. While there is certainly weird shit floating around there are plenty of pieces of good portaiture and landscape in galleries and auctions. Most of the big social media artists, while focusing on coom, have either a great eye for beauty or insane technical skill, and their focus on coom is entirely born out of the capitalist regime that demands we all do our best to extract as much money out of our efforts as possible regardless of how it damages us or compromises the work rather than some vague appeal to critics being too nice. Most of the Asian artists /ic/ worships would wipe the fucking floor with old dinosaurs but even western dudes like plague know enough about their medium to shine like crazy.

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>"guyz art isn't all about numbers stop trying to chase popularity"
>(40,000 followers / Joined May 2020)

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>unless you want to continue the downward death spiral from calarts and the like.
False dichotomy.
>More Rebecca sugars, yeah that's exactly what we need.
If you don't like sugar then don't support her or people who draw like her. Instead of trying to censor people you don't like, lift people up that you do like. Monopoly and stagnation isn't good and you have no idea if the Rebecca sugar's of yesterday will become the Raphaels of tomorrow.
>Because of special snowflakes trying to shoehorn in all the riffraff nobody gives a shit about and then...
Special snowflakes wouldn't be a problem if people got off their ass and actually found indie shit that they enjoy. "Globohomos" are only a problem because you have given power to big corps out of laziness. Being a petulant child won't fix things, but taking your cash out of their pockets and putting it somewhere useful just might do the trick.
>Art is skillful.
Great. Now define skill precisely and show us how we measure it.

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How many of these threads are you dumb fucking retards going to make

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Why did you need a second thread for this?

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