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I wish I could stop being a nervous fuck and just stop caring so much. It's just a drawing. But I can't.

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well fuck me. Just watched the TB video on it too. I'm humble enough to know when I'm off. I still think my analysis on riots priorities was a nice morning meditation to do. Made me think about the inherent stumbling blocks of making media for companies. I wouldn't see it as selling out like the one anon, I see it more as an oversight on the art team. Just like the one time they had to un-fuck pool party lulu's face. I wouldn't be surprised if they fixed this, the backlash is bigger than I expected for the usual riot broken anatomy fare

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>Join server
>/pol/shitting about race within 24 hours of entering
>Almost everyone is /beg/ tier
>Everyone only does sketches, almost no one has completed pieces to show
>Popular users shit on people but can't take crit
>The chattiest users hardly ever even post art
This was a mistake

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Instead of blaming yourself for not being good enough, blame the internet and globalism for putting every artist in the entire world into competition

You will never be able to catch up to the soulless insectoids without natural talent, don’t even try

Instead, draw the things you want to draw. It’s the only way to be happy

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Ever finished a drawing, coloring and all, just to look back at it and feel instant regret?
Half of the stuff I do I never bother uploading, I'd rather let them rot in my drive. Why am I like this?

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More embarrassing posts.

>muh...muh work is GOOD

One critique and you fall apart.

Not gonna make it. This is what the we are all winners and participation trophy culture has created.

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So this is /ic/'s equivalent of /sci/'s IQ tests?

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>sign up for an amateur graphic novel project
>realize how much I suck donkey balls when I have to draw something other than comfort zone uguu shit
>I'll improve if I keep at it, r-right?

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>If you're the artistic type, pixel art is very accessible and easy to get into.

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