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What if BOTH of them are fun hobbies and you can enjoy both of them?

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Validity is a made up concept. You only think that some small sliver of art is valid because you've constructed an arbitrary set of values that all art must adhere too pr else you get pissy, and even within that set of arbitrary values I'd be willing to wager I could find some absolutely disturbing porn that would adhere to almost every one.
The truth of the matter is that when you're comparing jobs or goods, the only consistent way to judge value is if someone is willing to pay for it and what the maximum they'll pay is. No job can be any less valid than another so long as they both are valued at the same price.
Being a sarcastic cunt won't win you an argument, nor will it let any of us understand how your dysfunctional brain operates.

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What do you consider to be art? If art is skillful expression then how exactly do you measure skill? Does everyone have to go to a govt building and see how straight of a line they can draw before they get their official artist license?
Is it creativity? Because if it's creativity then why should we all study drawing when the real goal is just thinking up cool shit. And for that matter, how do you measure creativity? If creativity is uniqueness then would a robot that generates a 2 billion letter word that has never before been written be the pinnacle of creativity?
>you can be an attack helicopter if you want, no one has the right to hurt your feelings
Attack helicopters and outdated "Muh libruuls" jokes have nothing to do with the definition of art.
Shaming people isn't the solution. We don't need less creators, we need more people to engage in content curation. The entertainment industry is stagnant because customers like you refuse to actually look for indie shit, so we get to a point where you either accept the already curated shit pushed by big names or do the sorting and finding by yourself with no direction and have to start at the bottom of the barrel. 10 retweets is about as valuable as giving a busker a haypenny and a handshake.

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>You don't go on a hotdog stand and tell the dude "hotdog is a great food, but you should replace the bread with lettuce".
But this is the essence of how the market works. You do something for an audience, and then a member of the audience eventually says "Hey that's cool, but what if you did this?", and now you've been presented with this whole new market opportunity and a whole new demographic to appeal to. That's why Ford doesn't just make trucks, they make everything. That's why your favorite burger joint probably sells a chicken sandwich. That's why Disney has a theme park. That's why 33% of McDonald's revenue is from real estate. Nobody is just a fucking auteur with universal appeal throughout the entirety if time and space. You're selling art. Eventually that art will either lose appeal or you as an artist will desire more funds/exposure, and either when that happens or as a means to prevent that, you have to take a cue from the audience.
This is a shitty bait thread with a shitty bait OP. The image is retarded because the point of art is that you don't have to imply things, they're either there or not. That's why boorus operate on that "Tag What You See" system, because nobody looks at art just to ponder subjects that aren't depicted. You look at art to see things.
And secondly it's a bit retarded to imply that only white people want to be models. There's fashion models of all types. It follows there are live models of all types.

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The same way you learn any skill, applying your knowledge.

If I was learning to play a new fighting game I would first pick a character, then I would lab out one combo or tech that day till I had it down consistently, and then I would go into matches and see if I can land that combo or use that tech reliably in a real match.

If I was learning to play an instrument I would pick an instrument, then pick a song or a few chords or my scales and practice them till I could do them consistently or understood them, and then I would play the song or improvise using the chords/scales until I could reliably play them back.

Same thing with art. Pick a style and medium, grind some fundies that day until you can reliably draw/paint/model/sculpt whatever thing you were practicing, and then apply that knowledge by drawing/painting/modeling/sculpting a thing in your chosen style that incorporates or relies on the fundamental you just grinded.

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