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I frankly don't know what I am doing. The previous thread I was told it didn't look like I was taking fundies seriously.

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27 years old right now, same age as Van Gogh.
>where your skills are currently at
Not where I'd want them to be. I feel like I've regressed in the past year. I've recently gone back to grinding fundies in earnest as though I were a /beg/ (which I probably am, honestly).
>where you'd like your skills to be
At least good enough to make a webcomic with porn extras for the Patreon faithful. That means I need to be faster in finishing stuff as well.
>how has your art changed over the years
Pic related.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
I have a 4-day work week with 3 days off. I tend to waste my days off though.
>the loss of your ligameme
I don't know about my ligameme, but have you found my bowphah?

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