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to be desu these type of seething doesn't warrant a (you)

But now ask yourselves who would genuinely side with immature and clearly underage lunatics like these?

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cope and seethe
But it will
>people can't tell reality from fiction anymore but demand that you do when it's about porn (preferably the porn they identify with) or you're a puritan
>discord grooming by baiting kids with porn is also well known by normies now
>artists are generally just about porn because everyone likes porn who doesn't like porn what are you a puritan rightwing albino jew from pol?
>also you get money from it because porn addicts and kiddies with their moms patreon accounts are willing to spend money on it
>all the cattle cares about is getting the dopamine high no matter what, whether its attention, money and/or sexual gratification
>they infest everything
>this isn't a good look for any company
>companies not wanting to go under the cum infested waters pull out because banks don't want to get btfo by government for aiding and enabling criminal activities such as distributing adult content to children or other illegal things
>sites that deal in crowdfunding now dictate what you can sell on their sites, as is within their right to do so
>if this comes to pass you will see more and more sites removing themselves from adult content to get sweet ad money and investors
>this means more and more sites will be able to dictate what type of art you can and can't post
>investors will hold companies hostage as in if they allow certain content they will be blacklisted from making money in any way
>this will extend to every type of fictional work that you won't even be able to illustrate violence and will be charged for fictional crimes
>all this because coomers couldn't just shut the fuck up and stay in their lane but have to spam porn whenever their is a new fotm
>no one will take porntards and coomers side
>the big adult industry will now retain a monopoly on adult content

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>if someone says a thing it must be [insert strawman here] because i say so and they're jelly and coping and seething failed artist i am literally shaking right now fuckin puritan pol albino jews dont u touch muh porn i love porn so much wtf
You're underage or a straight up blazing manchild if you are unable to see that objectively.

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>"pls post porn on 18+ sites not on sites that allow minors"
>"I shouldn't be censored you fucking jealous puritans if you don't think about porn all day wtf are you doing"
It's impossible to criticize the absolute state of porn that is unironically everywhere and the people around it without getting accused of being le anti-porn christian albino in defense of being allowed to spam porn on 13+ sites and then justifying it with
>lol it's the parents fault
How would a sane person ever feel comfortable showing porn or being a full on degenerate around kids in places where they are easily allowed in?

That type of mentality and reasoning is honestly just entitlement and narcissism while the porn addiction takes full on control.
No one ever says
>stop drawing what you want
Like the twitter freaks you know
Just keep the adult stuff in the adult spaces and stop talking about porn where it doesn't belong.

When even younger people are getting tired of porn, you should start realizing that things have been getting out of hand and younger people won't reason or give porntards a chance, they will just delete you as they delete anyone for misgendering or having the wrong opinion.
Retards really don't understand that they're playing with fire the more the push back against
>le soccer moms puritans muslim pol melanin charged individuals that are clearly just projecting and hiding skeletons
Because it's convenient to delude yourselves into coping this way.

Honestly, i've been saying this shit for years and it's happening slowly but surely.
I just don't care.
I will draw porn and laugh when you faggots get booted off every site by your potential customer demographic because you kept pushing it.

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total coomer death

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They are weirdly obsessed on how they're perceived by other people and they outright make porn and being horny their whole identity much like this meme mocks about >>6957097

Isn't it also telling that every single time you dare observe their behavior, even neutrally, they start saying how everyone must be seething and jealous of them? It's a defense mechanism.
It's like telling a kid that he shouldn't eat a whole bag of candies and then screams at you about how you just don't want to see him happy.
It's like telling a drug dealer that drugs induce addiction and cause health problems, but he gets angry because that's how he makes his money and if people somehow become self-aware and want to better themselves, they won't buy drugs anymore and the drug dealer won't make money.
It's like saying how AI is just the midwit's magical art tool they use to larp as artists and then get mad and call you a luddite because ai is the thing that will finally give them some value and recognition they desperately crave while acting smug and insisting that everyone is just mad and jealous of them, while they also seek approval in the form of everyone perceiving ai art as real art and prompters as real artists.
It's like telling a porn addict that porn is bad.
It's like trannies demanding everyone to see them as women and let them have sex with kids or else you're a bigot homophobe racist.

These people have so much ego, little confidence and bad intentions that they cannot handle anything that points out the truth.
Which these threads prove time and time again.

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Here is a short history of the first time a couple of schizos tried to turn the main OC thread lewd. There is a reason these threads don't last:

>be OC thread
>one coomer drew some female Oc taking it up the ass one day
>reception is mixed and autist ensues but people insist that the oc thread goes lewd moving forward <- you are here
>most of old delivers didn't join the newly made porn thread
>OP does the lion's share of delivers but things ar keep afloat till mid-second thread
>OG OP leaves
>delivers dry up completely
>notices that the thread are just girls getting fucked by faceless dudes
>notices that people aren't returning deliveries despite getting tons of them
>notices that most of the characters don't even have stories or interesting tidbits and are just fetish bait
>notices that's there's zero regard for posters own fetishes
>literally no dudes
>no gay shit either
>people now openly posting commissioned work in hope of getting free shit
>thread are now slow as shit
>only 4 anons are drawing at this point
>anon start complaining about the lack of diversity in coom
>anos start fighting with people because they aren't drawing deliveries
>schizos arrive
>literally starts impersonating people to start drama
>one instant works so well some poor anon got lynched for being a supposed stuck up, ungrateful sjw and left 4chan
>noone is drawing at this point
>threads are nothing but endless complaining, fighting about everything
>anon's are begging to go back to SFW and that coom was a mistake
>general dies completely

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this is why I never posted OC

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talk about porn in the slightest negative light
>immediate MEDS answer like clockwork
>then they call you a Christian
>then they call you a tranny (????)
they all have this weird shotgun approach

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>What's the problem with degeneracy and porn anyway?

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Every time

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Why do so many of you draw porn and very similar moe anime waifu stuff?

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