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Yes, it makes sense.

I'll start to make gouaches using some tutorials I'm seen on internet.

Do you know if there's a guide to match the Pantone colors?

It's getting very interesting.

I see, so that's why a lot of people make their own color by mixing the color, and not by using a certified Pantone printer.

How accurate is a Pantone certified printer?

I checked the books, by they're too high priced, if the printers are accurate to print, let's say, 1000+ colors I wouldn't need to buy the book.

The Munsell Pantone book is 1000 dollars+!

I'm reading this PDF and I getting very interested in printing my own book. With something like this, creating swatches would be a breeze.

I'm thinking about taking notes when mixing pigments so I can create formulas for the different mixings. Creating a precise pallet like this would be great.

Do you know if there're formulas/recipes to mix watercolors and gouache according to Pantone colors?

I'm really into gouache/watercolors, specially because it can also be used with dip pens.

Here's the link/guide to print your own Munsell Pantone book:

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