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So when are the old farts of art tube going to realise they gotta pander to the anime audiance to get more people interested in buying their online courses and their works?

>most young artist begin their interest in art by watching anime.
>no one is buying or is interested in comic books or comic book artist unless you're 30 years old who grew up liking Jim Lee, Todd McFarland, rob leftfield, or any marvel, DC, image comics artist in the 90s
> manga literally dwarf the sales of comic books in the millions (onepiece is really close to sell more copies of this one manga series than all of batman combined)
>the appeal of anime is universal to both boys and girls from 9 years old to 20, and race, sexuality, creed
> the porn is better

Seriously when will proko, Aaron blaise, jim Lee realise that their audiance would probably be more interested in their work if they have an interest in learning why anime is popular and make more beginner artist more excited to learn about other forms of art styles?

>inb4 beginner artist are autistic weebs and they dont like anime because it's a form of laziness

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