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I wouldn't go that far. Go to Laos or bumfuck nowhere in eastern europe. People are having fun like they did 500 years ago, playing with glass balls and collecting crops by hand while gossiping. Sometimes not because they're poor, but because they don't really give much of a shit to do it differently. I was laughed out of the fields for saying "hurr durr i could do all this work by myself with my uncle's tractor." It's not so bad unless you're trying to be "le civilized man", then you live miserably no matter what you do, which drugs you take and how much disposable cash you have.

I understand the damn manga too. Teenager armpits, necklines, hips just ripe for childbirth. I got my asian girlfriend so i get it: she does high pitched childish sounds when she wants to arouse me.

What i DON'T get, is how this artist can spend all his time and effort drawing these anime teenagers in all these annoyingly complex poses for page after page after page, writing just how "amazing" this toxic positivity dumb teen girl is for doing what some savanna nigger does every day for fun: prancing around. The author does it for month after month and chapter after chapter like a desperate man. I don't get it. Is he horny 24/7? Must be syphilis from fucking too many health delivery girls drilling holes in his brain.

Just look at this.

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