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>mfw the gallery doesn't want my art

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This is actually my greatest work. A lot of people seem to not like it, but every time I ask them to post their work, they get scared and run away. So I think it's just jealousy. What about you? Do you have people who just attack you due to their inferiority complex? I think, the better you are, the more attacks you will receive.

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>that face

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it's in the details and subtleties that art can truly be seen and distinguished from all of the fraud attempts at something profound that clutter around it.

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I've been drawing for a few years now. I'm making some money from commisons ,not aiming to go full pro(at least for now) .Made the big mistake to start from copying anime.I was stuck for awhile drawing total crap . Went to some life drawing classes , my stuff got slightly better,Then i was a neet for a year and decided to really level up and got a copy of scott robertson's books .They helped me boost my art skills in a very short time by like 200% , i'm not even joking .Understanding the theory behing stuff and doing some practice is gonna be much better than drawing 10000 crappy sketches. Another tips is to learn some basic 3d ,mostly to use for lighting/perspective reference when painting or even overpainting if there is a lot of perspective .Also i feel that people don't emphasize how much planning you should do for a finished piece. Reference , thumbnailing , design choice , color and lighting choice , the more you plan the better.Using photos as textures is also fine , as long as you do it nicely .(Eytan Zana is a good example).

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> when a person says "feel the form" they're talking about detecting what underlying 3D shape is more or less being used to depict the 2D representation
You have a pretty good understanding.
>2D thinkin alone is symbol drawing and a failure to understand the true shape of things
Symbol drawing is more than that. It's drawing using preconceived ideas of what a feature is rather than the actual shape in front of you. A common example is shitty anime art where people put a lot of effort into drawing imitations of eyes and noses they've seen in anime without understanding how the anatomy they represent fits together. Pic related.
This is why people tell you to do realism before trying to do anime. If you don't understand real anatomy, you won't understand what anime is an exaggeration of, and your art will look bad.
Someone skilled in copying 2d shapes without understanding 3d forms could probably copy photos well, but would have a lot of trouble imagining a pose. You'll always get better results when using reference, but enough practice allows you to do decent poses without reference. A thorough understanding of forms and anatomy will get you there, but it will take a lot of time to develop it.

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>it's my style

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what if i want to use on other pc/formatmy pc and i need to turn it off again... please someone help

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Ah yes, another "Sakimichan can't draw" thread from niggers who draw like this

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Niggers be like "that art is shit" while they churn out shit like this

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Which do you prefer?

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What would you recommend to someone with zero real skill in art on how to draw effectively and efficiently? What books would you recommend? What kind of practice would cultivate good technique?

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what a garbage thread, it was better when it was dead or beg niggers were ignored or told to fuck off.

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I don't think there's nothing new here, male characters are easy and flat out lame to draw with their very few little details

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>Realism is boring bro, I only draw stylized characters

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>It's just my style bro

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Unironically looks more visually interesting and appealing than most anime.

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meanwhile me

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