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We had a thread discussing this a year ago (June 12th), really fun back and forth.
I'm gonna derail the thread, as I feel like everytime I see a thread like this it's the same stuff.
What makes fake cel's work is really embed compression. You watch something like PBJ Bears, Project Geeker, or 2 Stupid Dogs, shows that don't have a 4K 33mm film stock blu ray rerelease/remaster. It's done on film, but the film grain isn't screaming at you in textures. The cel shadows aren't present because the bitrate compression of the image is coming from a
>film > master tape > tv broadcast > digital transfer
What always intrests me with this stuff are those trying to imitate but have knowledge of compression. Not slavishly trying to go for an aesthetic
And with this, the image compression isn't being used as a shorthand for lack of knowledge of later era 20th century animation. It's being used to compliment what's already there. Which is what makes it work

>inb4 you're falling for bait
don't care

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Last thing that I couldn't post cuz of the word limit. This video was a big inspiration to experiment with the justice league fanart, but it's also a good example of how authentic bitrate compression and authentic vhs compression takes away a big chunk of the details. Even though FlippinDingDong referenced Bonkers and Chip & Dale, it's just a good example of what real VHS filtering does to the image rather than chromatic abberation filters on an art program

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