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27 here.
>where your skills are currently at
Absolute /beg/ shit I've read some loomis and scott robertson on perspective but I have no idea where to go from here. Feels like I haven't learned anything at all and have no clue where to go with even coloring beyond using 4 colours for lights/mids/shading.
>where you'd like your skills to be
I'd like to be competent enough at digital art to make game assets for my own game. I want to make an action game and an rpg set in the modern day where you play as police.
>how has your art changed over the years
I started out now even knwoing what fundies were until start of this year. I began in dec of 2018.
>managing day job/art balance (not possible)
Working part time, main thing is getting motivation to actually draw. Got an ipad so I can take shit on the go but have to learn that software for it now.

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