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Sup /ic/, I've tried a lot of the discord channels on this board. And not to be surprised, 90% of them are nothing but teenage dramafests and weird circlejerks.

So I've decided to make my own. The goals for this discord are
>Keeping people motivated drawing by providing a community of other artists to draw with and give valid critiques
>Having a place where you can have fun drawing for the sake of drawing when burn out starts to set in

No real skill or style direction and its open to anyone who just wants a place to draw with other people.

My only rules.
1. keep your drama out, we're all adults, act like it.
2. no trannies
3. keep /pol/ to yourself.
4. just fucking draw.

If any of you are interested here's the link

have fun drawing faggots.

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honestly if we knew we would be making waifus.

try to mimic their process as much as possible.

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I think the best compromise would be just to link their twitter or something, the lack of consistency on my part is really triggering my autism.


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