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Ilya never traced. He *studied* anime screenshots through reference, and his works look 1000% better than the originals every time he did it. You fuckers just want to discredit him. Not working though, in the past few years he has done nothing but climb at a staggering rate. First an artbook published internationally, then a real Japanese animation with his iconic style shown in theaters across Japan, and now this. He's going to keep rising in the next few years while you waste time circlejerking how much you hate him for it

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>Basically like Ilya
I was with you until this. *For the last time* Ilya never traced. He made the equivalent of "master studies" with anime screenshots and manga covers. People do that for learning purposes, he stated that. His only fault was posting the studies without saying they were studies. this led people to believe he was passing them off as his own, and since they were so similar, he was falsely accused of tracing when the originals were compared. In most cases his version was actually better than the original. His followers wouldn't "stop supporting him right away" because he has a public journal entry addressing the issue for anybody to see, he's not hiding anything.

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