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I've been lurking their threads for a few months and their lack of progress impressed me
How could one avoid stagnating like that?
What I've been thinking of is making finished pieces by studying each part individually instead of doing those nonsensical studies they do there lol

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>and it’s pretty lonely when nobody you know shares the same interest
even if you had 6 jewllians friends that share your same interest and are passionated about it you would still ngmi, you have that ngmi mentality and it will spread all over your life.
rest in piss ngmikek

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"my fellow jeets and /g/cucks" aren't most people, sorry
go post ai sharts on a normalfag website and unless you hide the fact your computer made the pictures, you'll be showered with normals equating you ai cucks with people who order food and call themselves chefs
you are so unaware it's almost funny

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Complete and utter dogshit, you would actually have to try really hard to produce something so ridiculously uninspired and bad on every level. These are amalgam of all the terrible design decisions appearing as early as gen4-5 such as unconventional overly cartoonish eyes and sanitized/rounded inoffensive shapes, pushed to the extreme. I have seen underage fans come up with better shit than this and I am appalled that anyone over the age of 12 would favor or get excited about these.
The only good thing about Pokemon for the last few gens has been pkmn trainer designs, and not just for coom value, it is perplexing to see such a massive discrepancy in quality between modern trainer and pkmns designs.

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