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That reminds me of Cris Ortega, whose career plummeted after getting called out. People don't seem to care about who's being a copying hack anymore, it's a shame, considering in most cases the original artist spent 999% more time and effort.

Read any "Art of" books and you'll see the skill, time, and effort that goes into creating a promotional image from start to finish. Things like posing ,camera placement, focal length, props, adjusting all the different lights, tweaking things in photoshop, etc. I don't know what anime artists go through, but I imagine it can sometimes get arduous too.

Then here comes these Patreon drones, promoting themselves across social media with pretty much the exact image, pumping out copies after copies of their "studies" and "tributes".

Developers and publishers encourage fanart and badmouthing artists gets you a bad rep, it's rare to see anyone that isn't anonymous talking about it. It feels naive to think this, but it's disheartening seeing all these copy/paste machines being widely accepted these days.

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