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Cringe dubs, I know my real value and my limitless potential, as well as my buttery smooth charm make me all but irresistible even to the most hardened of stone cold cunts, as I’ve been breaking hearts and tearing up vagina since I walked out of one. (You) are no match for Me. Now I’ll go hydrate and go for a walk, and when I return I’ll finish my homework (AAAAAAAAAAAA)

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>finish storyboard
>It's really really good
Is there any better feeling than being a genius?

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Grazi for admiring my work, that one was pretty lazy though desu, but I will soon surpass everyone and also the world at large
>It does, but probably not in the way you think.
Enlighten me
>I could draw better than you using only my left arm and with both eyes closed, desu I could even do it 12 years ago, the shit you post is embarrasing.
The only ‘embarassing’ thing here is you screeching and seething about people on the internet who don’t agree with your politics, but that aside, I’m confident I can easily BTFO 99% of people in the world at literally anything, let alone drawing, which is my favorite or second favorite thing. You sound like a woman desu, I’ll just say that you should take a good look at yourself before judging others, especially folks like me who are far far above you in the pecking order.

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Ok, but this is all just Hollywood hooey. I want attention because I am deserving of it, I really am as smart as I think I am. Why don’t you guys ever just humor me? If I really am so great, then it should be easy to see why I’m suffering so much and so upset about the rotten state of affairs I find myself in. I’m not “narcissistic” that’s just a way for doctors to stuff pills down my throat, what I really am is someone who’s been wronged

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No, money certainly helps, but my ‘goals’ aren’t purely financial per se. At the purest level, in some way I do enjoy the act of drawing, and I’ve recently started to dabble more in creating original stuff, even if it’s not that great (though I’ve no doubt I’ll soon surpass everyone here). I have 3 goals from art, one of them being having extra spending cash, and possibly a full career if I’m really good. The other two are so that I can create the things I want, when I want, how I want them. Lastly, I want to create something big, or rather multiple somethings. Maybe a comic, of epic proportions, with legendary storytelling, I was inspired by Isayama and Araki. I also want to create an epic work of art starring me as the subject, likely a self portrait, but either very large or very well done, since I want people to remember me and how great I am. For that reason, as well as for personal satisfaction, I improve upon my impressive base continually, and I refuse to even entertain the notion that I might be NGMI, because I’ll throw away anything, backstab anyone, endure all manner of pain to reach my goals. I’ve matured a bit further since I last spoke to (You) fools, even though I’m already very mature for my age as is, but I hope some of (You) also make it, since I already am certain I will.

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