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>he doesn't know that every motherboard that's out there has a built in back door and tracking hardware for the feds
stay stupid, /ic/

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How do you know if you have talent? Is there a test you can use?

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kys degenerate chubby chaser.

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This is to closet gays who are insecure about their sexuality being the loudest in the room about their "heterosexuality" it's the same thing for closet pedos, they see a Renaissance painting or something close to that in modern times such as >>3821559 and they'll scream and swear up and down it's pedophilia kek.

However the artist in itself does draw lewds of figures that are questionable and if anyone argues against that if you are clever in your research you will find that one painting of a Cirno you'll see what I mean once you find it.

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>There's someone on this board right now who's actually recording the autism that takes place within the confines of the board.
Why. It's bad enough that you got a booru dedicated to shit that gets posted here but do you really need to fucking have a blog where you keep track of the faggots that reside here?

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A combination of The unfinished sketch, degenerate porn addict, and Loomis zealot. Also a /pol/ack and unironically like Dobson as a lolcow. You've spent way too much time on /ic/ to portray these sets with this much accuracy fuck off.

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Cause i saw it and it reminded me why i want to filter most western born anime inspired drawers from search results. You should be more curious on way anyone would save that to their hard drive.

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