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Change mediums.

This is a screenshot of Second Life, an avatar based program that allows users to build stuff,and sell the things that are made to each other for eventual real money. I designed the characters, their costuming,but someone else made the room and furniture. But you can make sets,design characters, and make comics through doctoring screenshots.

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Keeping it alive!

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Make the mundane interesting.

Here's an idea I had but never will get around to: Lunch. Basically a set of fantasy illustrations, centered around creatures enjoying a midday meal. Think Norman Rockwell in scene design,each picture with loads of little details telling a snapshot story.

A dragon "shelling" a knight,heaps of bloody armour around it,with a disgruntled maiden in a cage looking on.

Dwarves on break from the mines,huddled together with their equivalent of lunchboxes contemplating breathtaking mountaintops as they joke among themselves.

A hobbit laying a feast before him,possibly with a guest or two,the table piled high with strange and exotic dishes.

Orcs at a rude barbecue, roasting Gods Know What on a spit in the midst of a sacked city,showing each other the spoils they've taken.

Fairies of different sorts savouring their varied favorites in a quiet hollow.

The list goes on,but you get the idea. Plenty of scope to stretch your talent and inventiveness.

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