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>Post NSFW art
>Get's banned

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shit op

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>drawing is the same as real
when will the French start arresting ppl because they draw murder/rape or any other illegal behaviours?

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man this is so tiresome. you can post nude loli drawings on twitter but not on fucking 4chan

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>another july challenge

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This. Holy fucking kek.

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>Get paired with the perfect rival

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Motherfucker I know I don't need it. But I like the way Will draws and teaches, I like his input. By that logic only one big art teaching book would be necessary.

Thanks for making me know of Rey Bustos, though. Fucker.

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Lmfao this entire thread. Post your work boys! Lets see how much better you all are!

Oh thats right, you all are NPCs who arent actually good, and you make up for it by putting people down to proxy elevate yourselves. GET OFF 4CHAN AND GO TO INSTAGRAM WHERE E-SLUTS WITH MASSIVE EGOS LIKE YOU BELONG.

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Can confirm, I've seen this happen in many fandoms. Even disregarding husbando 'tiers' (which don't really exist), women always seem to have a narrow view of what they like. Males tend to have a more wide range of interests (whether they actual enjoy them or not, i.e. Tier lists).

Women are much more hyper-sensitive towards negative opinions. They want everyone to get along and not be 'judgemental' towards each other. They want safespaces where "there are no good or bad things, just different preferences uwu". Which is hypocritical since being judgemental is something a majority of women do, so you know for a fact they probably talk shit/gossip about things they hate in private. But they still don't really give their dislikes as much thought as males do, since they're used to having that dopamine fix towards their niche interest/fandom/husbando/etc.

They'll stay in their niche safespace while males are more likely to venture out and debate their waifus/other hobbies (while also gaining new experiences and interests along the way).

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As people say, don't respond. Don't even block, that's giving these leeches too much attention and could push them to engage further into shitposting.

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>front page

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>Rachael was introduced to us by her long time pal, Jasi. All we can say is..."Thank you, Jasi!" Rachael is a gorgeously proportioned 5' 3" package with a figure to die for! There's NOTHING this girl lacks, a pretty face, a voluptuous, all-natural bosom, a tight, tummy, shapely legs, pretty behind, and for you foot guys out there, perfect little feet! Add to that, that Rachael is very sweet and quiet, and seems to actually enjoy dressing girlish, i.e wearing Mike's silk bows, and you have what every red-blooded male (and probably not a few females) would give their eye teeth for. Rachael's a freaking KNOCKOUT!

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I tagged your mom as questionable instead

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Name sites you use, what you like about them, what you wish you would change, other impressions etc.

Pro: Good organization options, allows absurd-res quality files
Con: Archaic web design, terrible administration, taken over by the weird porn people

Pro: Good web layout, stacks comic pages into one submission
Con: It mostly caters to anime art which may cause some people to feel out of place

Pro: Instant posting, casual
Con: was never meant for art, no organization, too casual (I followed you to see your work, not what you had for lunch)

>Instagram (I don't use IG so this is my impression of it)
Pro: Made for casual picture sharing
Con: Requires mobile phone to upload anything (?)

Pro: Caters towards professional artists
Con: No room for casual use

Pro: Nearly everyone uses it
Con: Image compression is whack, privacy

> Pro: User customization, create your own directory with tags
Con: Community is all over the place

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>a dime in a dozen

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There is not a /ic/ discord, but there are discords.

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Wait a minute...

How fucking many Finns are using las...

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Well critique is great if the person behind it really knows their shit and can give a solid advice. But honestly, I don't really believe that the most of the anons of /ic/ can provide that so I can kinda see the point in this comic. Yeah there are many great artists browsing this board. But I think that the most of the eager posters are probably unexperienced people with bad case of dunning kruger who redline just because they get something that boosts their ego. No offense to the redliners though, I have received solid advice many times. But the percentage of shitposts is still much higher than the proper comments. But I guess that's just the 4chan's culture.

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>Cintiq 24HD
>leave photoshop idling more than 3 hours
>wacom drivers stop working
>restarting the drivers/services doesn't help
>restarting the computer fixes the issue

This is the only problem I have ever had with my Cintiq. It puzzles me to no end.

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I'm trying to be encouraging anon..

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How to get twitter followers fucking hell I see people who just use twitter to shitpost and they have some thousand followers, some of those even have positive follow/follower ratio with thousand of followers being basically internet leeches without talent

What the fuck?

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