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Talent is a meme
Project harder, faggot

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kill yourself Kyke none cares about your shitty smut, stop making threads
alternatively learn to make faces that don't make me want to vomit

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This meme is dumb but I appreciate the cute waifus it brings.

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So your first objective is to get 1000 followers. That's not too far of a stretch. So here, follow these steps. I'm not even memeing, just do the following:
1. Calm the fuck down you mongrel, reading your posts make me want to punch you in the face. None will want to follow you or keep you around if you keep up with this utterly shitty attitude, and to reach followers milestones, you'll have to surround yourself with art friends and be a pleasant person overall. Which, in case you couldn't tell, you're absolutely not right now. Slow down or you'll never make it.
>ive been kicked from like 5 dicord communities already.
>And booted from 3 drawthread generals.
Stop being such a huge fucking faggot, none wants to follow a retarded, self-deprecating, screeching piece of garbage running after fame to boost his ego and nothing else. None. Death is not at your heels. You're 20, not 50. I wish I started at 20. Calm down.
2. Get better. You mentionned your art is shit. Instead of complaining and being retarded, fucking draw. Do studies. Do finished pieces. Draw.
3. Upload regularly (duh), on several platforms. But there's more to it. Don't post unfinished shit, only clean, finished art. It really is important, post only the best things you can, no rough sketches or stuff like that... Look at the biggest patreon whores or artists with the biggest followings. They don't do that. It maintains an illusion of "talent" in the eyes of normalfags, and builds up a nice gallery to look at. People like that. Do that, they'll follow you.
4. Take opportunities when they arise. Do art collabs with other artists who have some sort of following. Hot tip, suck the cock of bigger artists, if you ask bigger artists to look at your stuff "because they inspired you" chances are they'll like/retweet your stuff. Don't do it too much or people will catch on.
5. Wait. You're not going to get famous overnight. You know it, you're not dumb, are you? Are you anon?

Good luck, fag.

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This thread went about as well as I expected
I want /r9k/ to leave

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>taking yaoi commissions
you were always gay

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>implying LNs and everything related to them isn't garbage 90% of the time
go look somewhere else if you want nice animu illustrations. but you know that already, don't (you)?

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Stopped reading right there.

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