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Thread has almost a hundred replies full of permabeg crabs and ai fags yet no one answered the question.
How do you paint like csr, once again anons prove to be top class in their problem solving skills.
The easy answer is to copy his work, do color studies and try to get the look down on the canvas. What color schemes work best, brushstrokes, compositions what kind of lights is he using soft, diffused light or hard edge like sunlight. He once said to have followed Bob Ross tutorials, so you might just wanna do that.
Besides you can see there are plenty of csr clones already, shexyo, aranee and I don’t know how many others are filling the niche. Besides there are the AI bums saturating the market.
There is no point in copying him? Then why are you burning your cpu to generate csr-looking art?
Let’s make a point clear, the man is making 10k a month painting hentai while the average crab on this thread can only redraw furry porn on b threads to satisfy his attention whore system.
Last advice, chances are you probably struggle painting simple stuff too so try alongside your studies to paint simpler things like apples, still lives or a landscape also you might want to study from other artists you admire too to avoid becoming another clone, being able to paint in his style is good and all but being able to paint ONLY in csr style may be a problem.
Once saw a sinix vid, guy painted himself in 10 different styles and among them was Sakimichan’s style(before csr, she was the leading art style). What I mean to say is that with the proper skills emulating someone’s style is not that hard, we are all dealing with the same basic things, values, shapes, edges and colors. How you apply them is where you find the 10000 styles.

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