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>spend hours on a drawing
>wake up
>it was all a dream
>I want to keep drawing
>go back to sleep

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>You ARE crazy


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I just want to tell you that today I copied a face from the bill of my local currency, a face of a guy from old "Forbes" and tried to paint over some guys on advertisments in said "Forbes", but forgot how Rilley face looked like and simplified shapes for ribcage etc. I am also pretty sure I failed spectacularly with gesture lines. I used some microns and markers for negative space and dicking with indicating shadows (yeah, didn't really happen).

Still, I just want to say that even though it was shit, I am pumped. Will try more tomorrow, I'll try to print some photos to draw on or references for the shapes of ribcage, pelvis etc.

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>my face when it is true

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