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Dick spots exactly. They look like they're not a part of a structure, thus sparking uncanny valley effect. Facial features are also tightly packed together, especially the cow nose. This can be dealt via making the head more cow-like (just like furries do) or get rid of this nose in favor of animu dot. Plus the booba squish is not evident enough.
Also rendering is inconsistent and has no hard edges.
I wish you to git gud, fren.

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Discord is down right now, I can create a group once it gets back online.

Suck my cock nigger, I have shared several materials here that I bought myself because I don't care if the one using it is a NGMI crab or whatever memes You like to use, I know how it feels to be poor and dont be able to buy jackshit because your currency is worth nothing and everybody sells un USD dollars, so fuck you, cunt, i'm gonna get this course and share it with the niggas, if they keep being NMGI I don't care, they will at least have the tools available.
Don't trust me then, it could be other anon if se make a dscord server, I got feed with this thing the momment the cunt anon posted a screencap mocking us all with his course.

I will once it comes back online.

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Wheres the fucken discord to tra courses, where is it!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

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