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I posted a while back about starting art therapy.
ive done it a couple of times now and we came to the conclusion that everything I do needs to be planned and I cant just do something and feel good about it.

everyone else there has no art experience so they either draw like children or just color a fucking circle or some shit.

theres a 20min time limit, so far I plan in advance, do a test run to make sure I can do the pic I want in 20mins. its hard work for me.
I just want to be free like everyone else seems to be, but if I just put paint on paper without aim and hope to be happy with the result, I will be ashamed and disappoint of the result.

is it even possible to do that tho?
to do something not planned, in a limited time and be satisfied with the result?

this is driving me mad. please share thoughts?

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guys im doing an art therapy test next Tuesday. where I go to see an art therapy and draw something and see if its right for me. ive been in individual therapy for some years. im doing this for the group experience.

so anyway.

my problem is I feel empty inside, compared to other people. if I google it I see colourful images of pain and stuff.
my only drawing is technical stuff. I don't think I can go draw cubes or do exercises.
the only other option is the fake something.
give them something they want, something easily readable.
otherwise im just gonna sit there and not be able to do anything.

need input please.
yea I know its a meme, im not asking if I should do it, im just asking wtf to draw.

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