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This>>5034015 isn't entirely true. Isyama gets brought up here quite often since he's a good example of someone that improved his art as he worked on his project but it surprises me how a lot of people don't know about the prototype chapter for SnK.


He clearly didn't (or maybe couldn't) jump straight into SnK. He clearly took some time to improve his skill. For all the shit people give SnK's art, the leap in skill from the prototype to the first chapter is huge.

You really have to ask yourself if your current skill level is ENOUGH to do what you want to do. Doesn't have to be the perfect vision you have in your head, it just has to be enough. For example if you want to create a dark serious story but can't draw to save your life then yeah, probably not gonna work.

But if you want to draw something that might have some more levity, then it might work. Like the stuff ONE does. He gets away with his wonky art because his stories have a good amount of levity and comedy. If he wanted to do something dark and serious then his wonky art could be a disadvantage.

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