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I was going to batch critique a few of these but it turns out they all generally make the same mistakes.
No Gesture, except for fur fags
Background is not thought of until the end
character has no interaction with the environment
Working on a tiny piece at a time and fully developing it
working out from a central location
Working on one character at a time
Coloring one element and not the whole scene.
Only emotions are, "i'm cute, i'm sexy, i'm cool"

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Not to crab too much but from the way it's drawn you can see they used a grid. It's just a soulless and time consuming bore.
The only impressive thing about it is that whoever drew this had to pick the colors himself because he did it with pencils and not digitally (which is even less impressive because the "artists" can just use the color pick tool).

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Is /ic finally getting tired of the anatomy nazi's shit?

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no, post YOUR work first

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