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didn't read this thread, sure it's a clusterfuck, but to OP:
>How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore?
I think this DC case shows how even fans can suss out AI quickly. There are clear artifacts in the hair etc. And sure, some AI is getting good at replicating highly polished digital illustration, but that will probably make that style unfashionable because it is indistinguishable from AI (thank God, I hate that shit).
>How can they pull art like this while having habitual tracers ...
Tracing has a long history in comic art due to the need for efficiency, going back to Wallace Wood and the comic strip cartoonists before him. Those guys incorporated it into their style, and as everyone who has drawn know it's not easy to trace and make it look good. That's different than AI slop.
>Why do people care if its AI if it looks like artgerm
They probably won't, and that method of creation will be merged/subsumed by AI.
I do think manga and comics tend to have more discerning fans, and those mediums are more connected to an individual creator's vision. We might even see a return to traditional processes and less polished styles (see Cartoonist Kayfabe, those guys went deep into the kind of stuff I'm talkiing about).

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eh, just originally read OP subject line and didn't catch this:
>Why seeing AI pretty pictures actually make me more inspired to draw them?
nah, AI pics suck for the most part. aesthetically I just don't vibe with them. they do make me want to draw more, seeking a more soulful raw vibe like KJG or older comic artists to counter-signal the AI onslaught.
Been watching a lot of Cartoonist Kayfabe and dig old hand drawn aesthetic—pen, ink, hand-lettering, even screens and dot tone of old comics and manga.
RIP muh boi Ed Piskor, they done ya dirty

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I think this shit is running its course. People like the Cartoonist Kayfabe guys are carving a niche outside this retarded 'debate' and just want to make fun comics.
Granted it makes sense to have multiple income streams, like a YouTube, Patreon, etc. Relying on comics alone (especially print) is not a practical path at this point.

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>is like jazz. Only hyper-enthusiasts and nostalgics care anymore.
& that's fine. jazz is great & hyper-enthusiasts can be enough to support a niche industry (see vinyl). The problem is when the product is shit, which I agree most contemporary capeshit is.
>legacy boomer shit
This is the same argument woke-brained creators use to ruin American comics. Reality is having an older audience isn't bad, they have the expendable income to spend on hobbies.
>superheroes don't resonate with younger generations in the way manga did.
True, manga's attraction is in its diversity (in genres, that is). American comics once had this before capeshit became its defining genre.
Anyway, surprised we're still having this debate in the year of our lord 2023. I've been Cartoonist Kayfabe-pilled lately, I like comics as long as they're good, and find less mainstream & older stuff in comics & manga is where the lifeblood is. Most artists outgrow this debate once they leave their fanboy/weeb training wheels behind.

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>How does one make it in a collapsing market?
If you're serious then watch Cartoonist Kayfabe. Those are two guys who've made it in American comics. They talk about the industry and occasionally drop wisdom on how to make it (especially in their weekly live streams).
What I like about them is that they dig everything, American, manga, Euro—as long as it's good.

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>comic artists agree that the 90s were very bad years
Not true at all. The Cartoonist Kayfabe guys are big 90s comic fans. A lot of us gen x/early millennials grew up with that stuff, so nostalgia is a factor, but it also had an energy and fun lost in current American comics.
Critics usually like stuff like Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes, which I agree is good, but is mostly for a niche audience.

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