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I feel ill, and even so I feel guilty that I'm not drawing because of it.

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doesn't make sense

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How do you judge your own skill level? How do you know how close you are to going pro? I just draw all alone in my room, all day...

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Why do you continue to draw and paint? I started drawing because I wanted to express the world that I created in my mind. As I grew older, I became less fascinated with pretty pictures and more interested in the stories and characters in the world. Then, it seemed to me that writing was a far more comprehensive form of art. Stories are what TV shows and movies revolve around and are far more impactful and memorable to society than images. What is the most memorable piece of painting? A painting of a weird looking woman from the year 1503 with a palette that is suspiciously indistinguishable from poop, and whose significance arose not from the art itself. Why, for over 500 years, has no other painting ever come close to a reputation as ubiquitous as that one?

In writing, you can build fantastic worlds, create memorable characters, and express abstract philosophies, whereas a painting will only show you a microscopic snapshot of the full potential of your ideas, most of which is impossible to convey with images. Through writing, you can turn a successfully crafted IP into billions of dollars. With paintings, if you're lucky, you get to find a drug-lord who will use your "art" to launder their money, or get hired by a studio who tells you to draw stuff from the world that a writer has created.

So, why do you continue to draw and paint?

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How are we holding up fellow /ic/gins

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