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I don't even have the energy to play video games anymore.

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>fell for the "just draw porn meme"
>hoping to get noticed by other creative ppl and artists that i like
>end up just getting followed by autistic weirdos that don't draw, just consooom
>just received a recent notification
>one user seemed to like my porn drawing i made recently
>check out their profile out of curiosity
>they follow over 2k other users and have like over 14k likes-zero works of their own
>facorites are filled with really gross shit like pooping, smell torture, fat women and farting
>Have a realization
>these are the kinds of people I attract when i "just draw porn"
>no one with actual talent has ever commented on my work or liked it
>account is over 2 yrs old now, and only just managed to garner a measely 50 random coomer retards-half of which are probably bots
>no one cares
>im still a nobody

Just draw porn......just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn.just draw porn

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I wish I could start working on my own stories. My drawing is half decent and I dare say can probably pass for a work that come out of japan.
But holy shit I realised how difficult it is to create a comic, even a short one.
That's probably the main reason that keep me off from trying to create another story.

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I can’t stop feeling sick and anxious and depressed about AI stuff. Not just the art, but everything (mass surveillance on AIroids, all creativity dying, all human purpose disappearing). How do I stop?

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>Want to build a PC for the first time
>GPUs are either out of stock or horrifically expensive
Fuck everything

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OP here, please someone help me, it's getting kinda stressful

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everyone on /beg/ is drawing better than me. I am not gonna make it am I?

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>Tfw you're 5,
All of those complaining because they have 3 or 4 consider yourself lucky, because at least you can see something. I can't visualize anything no matter how hard I try.

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> tfw already failed my new year's resolution of making a drawing per day
I feel like my biggest issue is that I can never decide what to draw. The act of trying to figure out what to draw, and find reference for it, is more stressful than actually drawing it, which is more relaxing. How do you guys get around this issue? is there some website that posts daily drawing prompts or something? How do I practice drawing without the stress of having to decide what to draw?

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Why is it everytime I go on Art Twitter I feel like killing myself?

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How am I supposed to get followers and likes on twitter and ig? Everytime I post something I get 1 like from a random bot(?) and those shitty kids get like 500 likes with their bad and cringe art. When I post on reddit I get 100-600 updoots. Whats the trick to get more attention on social media? I cant stand it anymore checking twitter out every 20 minutes it I suddenly got new likes

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literally me

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Anybody else lost the ability to relax ever since picking up art and trying to improve? Every second or minute I spend not improving at drawing feels like I'm wasting my time. Of course, I do it anyway, I just feel insanely guilty and don't really enjoy myself. So I never truly take a break.

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>If you were gonna make it, you'd have made it by now.

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i've been listening to terraria's soundtrack everytime i draw and i think it's destroying my mind, please share your playlists so that i can escape this prison

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Is it just me or are many amazing artists you see nowadays Japanese or Chinese or Korean or some Asian?

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>tfw studied Loomis
>tfw drew 500 boxes
>tfw did Eric Memeson's 500 hour long perspective course
>tfw have the ligameme
>tfw draw every day
>tfw not born in the testosterone womb area

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> Have a 18 streak in DAD
> Draw normally on sunday but forget to upload
> Wake up next morning and discovered my head being exposed in the hall of shame of the defeated ones

C-can I get the discord invite? N-no? Okay. I'm going back to grind this streak all over again.

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>start drawing
>finish sketch
>zoom out
>sigh and close without saving

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If you only knew the fucked shit I drew when I was 15...You wouldn't believe your eyes

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>hand feels a little sore
>ignore and keep drawing
>suddenly feel pain
>immediately stop, do stretches, and take break for rest of the day
>still feel tiny bits of pain occasionally
>put on wrist brace
Am I screwed?

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Kek, I wish, I just posted her work because I was impressed and insecure when I saw it

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Just took on a commission and I feel like I'm biting off much, much more than I can chew with the subject matter. Especially since I have zero energy nowadays. SO works 8hr days on commissions/studies and I don't know how she does it, she's so tired all the time too but manages to do that and then some. I want to be more like her- even a small bit of her talent and discipline.

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