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Can I make it if I believe in myself?

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>hate my own art deeply
>decide to wait until i'm good enough to like my own work, just keep drawing in the meantime keeping an at least neutral, indifferent mood
>realize this might never happen and i might never be satisfied my art as i see that of artists i admire
>mfw art is the only thing i have any skill at in this life and i am awful at it in every way and actively avoid drawing to not get depressed

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Murata makes it look so easy

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I have a Kanvas GT 191, and the colors and brightness don't match my pc monitor, how do I know which one is correct? And even then, how do I calibrate them properly? I tried to use the windows steps but it doesn't match exactly, the monitor has more vibrant colors and darker darks, the Huion is brighter somehow.

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>Tell me your sins, your frustrations and secrets.
i feel like i don't actually like drawing and am just fucking stupid
i don't draw enough and often have no energy for art, on top of having a perfectionist ego
i have a high standard for myself that i feel i'm never gonna meet, because it doesn't matter how much you want it if you don't put the work in.
i truly envy people like algenpfleger that can just dedicate a whole day to doing art, over and over for such a long time, i can't even do two hours every day.

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>want to get good at art
>but putting the stylus on the tablet is the hardest thing on the planet
>no energy or motivation to draw, just forcing myself to put the work in for some meager 1-2 hours a day
what is this /ic/? how do i fix it?

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Thanks for mentioning this. Like many I only really feel at home on 4chan despite its negativity, especially regarding /ic/.

Having some sort of positive general might be a good idea. /Art & Health General/ or something perhaps? It could greatly reduce the number of
>be me
>cant hold pencil
threads made on a weekly basis and thus improve the overall quality of the board. People are whiny or depressed? Redirect them to the Art & Health General.
I'm ready to contribute if others are interested.

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I'm fucking 22 and I can't believe how my life is already wasted and half assed. After some time you just hit terminal velocity and descend to hell in one swoop.

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>have dreams about LAS
>somehow LAS now has some kind of chat function
>end up chatting with Stella
>"your art is good anon, to tell the truth I'm always looking forward to you posting"
>we end up talking to each other frequently
>I try to guide her on her own art journey
>can't resist asking her if we can somehow meet up
>chat window starts glitching in a weird way
>can't reach out to her anymore
>wake up

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