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Congratulations anon; glad to hear everything went well. I hope some of the advice / experiences in regards to meeting with editors I posted many threads ago came in handy. It sounds as if it'll be a while until more stuff happens for you, but this is still a very big step. I still remember when you were first talking about your meeting; it's odd to think that time has managed to pass so quickly.

My own editor hasn't gotten back to me in quite some time, so I fear that things might not work out as planned on my end. I've applied to a gatcha illustration job in the meantime though, so that'll be an interesting experience if I manage to stick that landing. And on the brighter side of things, I've been invited to test as a character designer for an anime-inspired show next year. So, I think that will be fun too, if it comes to pass. Things are rather difficult at present, but I'm trying to maintain a semblance of faith in my ability all the same.

As before, I wish everyone in this thread sees continued success. Reading the posts here makes the journey feel less lonely.

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