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How does this look? I'm still trying to find the right line thickness for my art.

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Very nice! I could see this or something similar going for a couple hundred, all depends on the buyer really but I'd say around $200-300 depending how much time you put into it

People will pay for porn, I dont think your art is quite up to big bucks standards yet but there's definitely people who'd pay $2-$5 a month for a patreon tier.

A really stunning piece, depending on the market you're trying to sell to the price will vary, independent commissioned piece I'd say $100-$120, if this was done as design work or for a larger project it could possibly be up to $200 however a larger company is more likely to pay you per hour and for more then 1 piece.

I know my works not great yet but it usually takes me 4-5 hours to get something like this done

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