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i don't want to make a new thread but im also looking for a drawing tablet. i bought my wacom citniq in 2012ish for about 200. i really really do not recommend getting one without a screen. ive been using this thing almost ten years and i give up. you just dont know where you're putting the pen down. when you draw a line, it doesn't go where you want it to go. everything is fucking chicken scratch. to make it halfway presentable you basically have to zoom in and spend hours tracing the lines, and even then its still not as good as i could just do with pencil and paper in about 1/10th the time.

im looking into a wacom one. theyre about 400. open to other suggestions if anyone has them. ive heard the parallax is kind of bad and might end up no better than the cintiq.

i just don't understand how anyone is supposed to use the things.

i would just be a trad artist but i got so used to having an undo button and a layers button and the ability to stretch and warp things and flip the canvas. so many great advantages that aren't possible with trad.

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i drew this rat in an alley for inktober, and people always seem impressed by 5pp. its just a trick. its not that hard. i havent mastered it, but i thought if i showed you how i do it that more people might try it.

Just draw a circle. dead center is the vanishing point for depth straight back. the 12 a'clock vanishing point is where every line going straight up converges, same for left and right and down. In this picture i fucked up some of the proportions. the rat is way too big.

but basically my advice for you, to get better than me, is to practice cubes in this perspective. its fun. just figure out how the lines would curve. and then you can put things in the cubes.

the perspective is very forgiving. people are usually impressed that you even tried and it distorts enough that they don't really notice some of the mistakes that would be glaringly obvious in 3pp like the proportions of the rat for example.

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