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>Work for hours and put heart and soul into piece
>Only get one like from the same guy who likes anything you post within 5 minutes of posting it, no matter what time of day

>Shit out some anime coom crap

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If I had practiced anything else for as long as I've practiced drawing I'd be a certified expert by now. Yet with drawing I'm still a beg. This is obviously has a genetic component

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>Can't use Marcias or Lillias as nude references because I get too aroused to focus.

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Has anyone actually gotten good at drawing from grinding boxes?

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Is it true that most successful artists start at a really young age, like 1 or 2 years old, and so by age 18 have nearly 15 years of practice under their belts? Not to mention that as a child they had no job or responsibility so could dedicate 100% of their time to art.

So for an adult beginner with a job and a family, etc it is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to put in enough time to get good. It's already over, they will never succeed unless somehow they win the lottery and can lock themselves up for the next 15 years to practice art.

But even if they did that, it would mean debuting at like 65 years old. How could a 65 year old newbie artist hope to complete with younger established artists on social media? And their hands would be arthritic and would only have a couple of years to produce work before old age takes it away.

I'm really becoming galvanized of the opinion that if you haven't found success by age 20, you will never will.

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>Have idea
>Start to draw
>Takes too long
>Image in mind fades
>Motivation to continue evaporates

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How do I draw when I'm depressed and enjoy nothing? I can't get inspired by anything. Even just holding a pencil takes too much effort. But I don't want to waste the next few months / years while the doctors stabilize my medications. I want to keep working on art in the hope that one day I will enjoy it again, even if I can't right now.

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How do I become one of those people who is so obsessed with drawing that they always carry a pencil and paper with them and are sketching between mouthfuls while eating dinner. I want to have passion for art, I want to be obsessed, but I'm really struggling.

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How long did it take you to feel that you were actually making progress with drawing?

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How do I make drawing more enjoyable and fun? Because frankly at this point it just feels like an endless grind with diminishing returns

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I have clinical depression and the happy pills aren't working. How can I motivate myself to draw when I feel like crap 24/7?

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Anatomy is WAY too fucking hard.
Is it even possible to draw an absolutely anatomically correct figure?

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>I stopped playing videogames completely.

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