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>AI art on the other hand is not going away
people are already getting sick of the shovelware slop tsunami AI has unleashed upon our flesh and companies are being forced to implement measures to prevent the hacks and frauds of the world from oversaturating the market for example amazon recently limited the amount of books a person can publish to around 3 a band aid solution but a start atleast. sadly the grifting will likely get worse until it reaches a saturation point like crypto pump&dumps and legislation is going to be forced to be drawn up to stop it.

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>It just works. Sure there is wave of ai slop and they "ban" porn
>I just opened deviantart and its filled with AI
has it really gotten that bad? DA was always a shitty garbage dump but at least it had character and a sense of community back when i used it in 2016 now these fags can't even be bothered to post there own work anymore.

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>I know, the situation is really that bad
it's going to get a lot worse in the future hack fraud authors and companies will be able to automate the process of shitting out generic isekia power fantasy swill.

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>I know, but i am immune to such things.
You are immune because you actually enjoy drawing and don't mind critique it's the sigh of a mature man anon this is the reason i laugh at promtertranny the entire reason he quit art and started shitposting is because he felt insecure about his own art not realizing that everybody start's beg tier and improves seeing your old that's the enjoyable part about it it's honestly pathetic how sad this tranny is.
>AI images
funnily enough there is no point in selling AI shit because anybody can prompt it the reason the art market is stable is because there is
>1. a limit to how much a human can produce
>2. skill barrier/gatekeeping
this naturally keeps the market from being oversaturated with slop and lazy shovelware as seen in pic related.
>If you actually made something new to show us how much you improved.
i did lmao you retard don't you remember last thread discussing AI about katsuya? i posted a cowboy desperado from when i first switched to trad to digi and then i posted a bleach pic i drew to show my progress >YOU< even commented on the improvement dumbass.
zoomer attention spans man.

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>Nobody commissioning throwaway ad images gives a damn about who and how made it. None of the corporate suits who commission these images, nor the average consumer of the advertised products have ever given a damn about art.
this doesn't only affect the big entertainment industry but also almost all commissions in general big and small there is very little that prevents grifters from revving up there slop bots if there feeling lazy as seen in the pic ruining trust and devaluing the market in general.
my second point is that this Degen behaviour essentially makes the AI grifter irrelevant because the company or client can just prompt by himself you don't need to pay a middleman to do it for you.
>Xitter threads should earn OPs instant permabans.
i love the the fact musk rebranded twitter to X because xitter rhymes with shitter with is exactly what that cancerous cesspit of a platform is clout chasing is a mental desease.

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>lol. just because it learns like a human doesn't mean i think it is human, or sentient.
it doesn't learn like a human at all are you retarded or don't understand how algorithms and machines work in general?
image generators
work on having images tagged with descriptions, the user makes the inputs, the program looks for tags, applies filters and warps images with a given seed taken from a a library of seeds available to it and following its directive, until an output is reached.
It isn't even aware of what it is doing, reproducing or replicating, it is simply following orders and what it is programmed to do.
eg. just because something can look human doesn't mean it is.
it also doesn't have emotions experiences biases that would influence the work as such nothing it produces matters or means anything it's a sponge if you feed it with enough data it will copy that thing perfectly.
>I don't want to be pessimistic, but shouldn't this focus on the mass theft of copyrighted art?
yes it's a fucking legal nightmare produced by big techs hubris it almost makes me think they engineered the crisis intentionally so hey can sell us incredibly intrusive and privacy destroying solutions.
the only option i see that is realistic is forcing stable fagution and other companies shilling this shite to go open source and reveal there datasets to the public any copyrighted material will be DMCA'd by an algorithm similar to YouTube a dickish thing to do but fuck them they laid there bed now they should lie in it.

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>Because I like looking at art.
>However I'm not delusional enough to claim that art is something truly original and magical that machines can never replicate lol.
promtertranny i'm going to slowly but surely dismantle your bullshit.
>b b but why do you care about people losing there jobs?
if the vast majority of the human population is out of work and therefore recieve no wages who's going to pay for the commodities these grifting bugman companies produce and how is the goverment going to rake in tax revenue?
this is even worse with AI "art" since it by it's very nature devalues the entire art market by oversutrating it with cheaply generated shit just look at the pic related everybody literally EVERYBODY can prompt a piece there is no skill barrier or talent required to making a nice piece of art therefore high quality becomes the standard and essentially worthless since there is nothing exeptional to look at or talent to aspire to "when everybody is le ebin master artist nobody is''.
want a though experiment to understand this? do you like eating cake? why? because it's rare and hard to make it's only consumed on rare occasions if you eat cake everyday you would get either sick of it or it would become the norm and there would be nothing special about it.
there is also another issue since there is no skill ceiling and anybody can prompt there is no reason to sell AI slop to anybody because you can do it yourself for free.

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>Another guy was posting his AI in facebooks D&D fantasy art -page whilst claiming it was traditional - meanwhile his Facebook page was filled with similar AI generated garbage.
is it any surprise lmao? AI has created a golden age for grifters and lazy frauds.
just look at pic related this is the techno dystopia future where being dragged to fully automated bot farms shitting out a tsunami of slop on a 24/7 basis.

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>The only solution is ways to detect them.
the only real way I can think off is some some form of AI watermark or aforementioned DMCA clause on major AIfag companies so you can sort the slop from the real art and media if the development continues at this pace big tech will drag us into a post truth techno dystopia where you can't trust anything on the internet not even the most minor of things.
just look at the pic and bear witness to the absolute fuckery that awaits humanity.

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god.. it's even worse than I thought this was my worst fear of the whole AI explosion the fact that it will absolutely saturate the market with shovel ware and the frauds will experience a golden age of grifting.

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