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Interesting. I think both of these were buried beneath all the other submissions so I must've missed them. Looking at the first one it looks like the art is kinda loose but the person is good at basically everything else. The visual storytelling is excellent and you can mostly follow along even if you can't read the text. Also his characters are all very expressive and recognizable. I've seen a lot of submissions with more refined art but everything felt lifeless and uninspired. This feels like it's got some soul to it. Expressive characters, dynamic poses, clear compositions, easy to follow visual storytelling, etc. Pic related is basically pure shonen so I think the author did a good job of capturing the spirit of the genre. I can see why they picked him.

The second one is also really good, especially art wise but it seems more mature and withdrawn then the other one. The pace seems a bit more easy going, the expressions are more naturalistic, not too much exaggeration, etc. Doesn't quite capture the adolescent shonen atmosphere as well as the other guy imo even tho the art is really nice and it's top tier overall.

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