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No you don't need to learn realistic loomis heads, do what you wish. pfftt perspective, it's not like manga characters live in a world where they can move forward, backwards, side to side and up and down. Who needs it.

They never live in realistic cities, nor hang around forests like you find in our world. Forget what mangaka Yusuke Murata says about studying realistic bodies and extracting the 3D forms out of them. It's utterly useless.

Disregard what the majority of people tell you and listen to only mine, because I only say what you want to hear, don't study realism, vaccinations causes autism and the earth is flat.

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Just downloaded and skimmed it, doesn't seem very educational desu. There is some info on the type of tools to use but other than that there isn't much else to be gained from it. A page or two on proportions, some very basic perspective stuff, some stuff on construction, line weight, etc but that's about it. Seems more like a fun comic about drawing manga with tips here and there then an actual instructional book. Loomis, Huston, Hampton, Bridgman, Hogarth, Vilppu, etc are all better for figure drawing. And you're better off with more focused books on stuff like perspective, rendering and whatnot. Seems like a fun book for fans or hobbyist but not really for people who actually want to reach a high level of mastery.

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Well, any established art teacher's learning material is interchangable as long as you put in the time and effort. Loomis just happens to teach the kind of anatomy detail level most japanese artists use where they focus more on form and perspective and anatomy just needs to be serviceable.

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This has nothing to do with the topic at hand. And yes, even a monkey can draw badly drawn manga. Just like a monkey can draw badly drawn anything.

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And who would that masterful sensei be that is teaching you this wisdom?

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Murata endorses Loomis.

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