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Welcome to /ic/. If you are looking to hone your creative skills, please consult these general resources:

One-Stop Beginners' Guide
Additional Guides and References

<font color="red"><i>And don't forget</i></font> to HEED THE RULES.

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unmotivated loser here.
does there exist a free online course that I can follow that will get me doing studies and exercises to improve my shit?

I really need to be told what to do and directed, otherwise I never bother getting any art done at all.

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I second this.

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It seems that in this forum, what you see is what you get, seeing as how it's entirely dedicated itself to making learning resources freely accessible to the commoner.
I hope you see the irony in asking a forum like this for a free source of learning.

But on my whim, you may have become lucky.

I like teaching, but I'm neither officially a teacher, nor do I fully know what must be done to train you to be the perfect artist, or am I a master of art by any stretch; but you seem like a dependent, spineless type. We may benefit from each other.

If you submit yourself to me, I will accept my role as your art dominus. The learning experience will be just as rich for me as it will be for you.

However, I stress the condition that you must follow my instructions or I will cease to guide you on the path of self enlightenment.

Do you accept?

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Not really, I've learned that you just have to research a bit and figure it out yourself.
You just have to be aware of what you need to learn to improve.
You should practice gesture, anatomy, perspective, color theory, and value, and lighting mainly.
Afterwards you can get into composition and more advanced lighting.

I recommend still life studies at home, and either draw people outside or join a life drawing class. Drawing from photos alone won't cut it.

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Learning how to learn indipendantly, set your own goals and find your own way is an essential skill for almost all artists.
You'll need that skill when you do conceptart, fine art, illustration, design, animation, if you want to go freelance or open a business... and in a lot of other jobs that aren't relevant to art.

I'm thinking hard where self-reliance and self-dispcipline doesn't apply.. website designers maybe? Designers for furniture catalogues? Cell painter?

Self-discipline is a skill, it can be learned, just be clever, experiment what works for you.
Schedules? Sketch Groups? That creepy ass mentor there? Listening to audio books while sketching? Introspection and self-healing to stop procrastrinating?

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I am not sure if this is a parody or not.

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I don't mean the picture, I mean the text which shows serious warning signs of a controlling and abusive personality type

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I can assure you that I am not an abusive person.

But if there is someone willing to do whatever I tell them, I'll see this as a sure opportunity to improve my teaching ability.

I see it as an open invitation for an exchange of benefit.

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yeah thats the biggest problem, having to both acquire the "plan of learning" in order to actually start the learning process.

I need guidance.

I am not looking to be a professional, I just enjoy the art creating and wish I had a path I could follow.

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That's not how one improves at art though. You are supposed to think critically and analyze what you are doing wrong and then spend your exercise time intelligently accordingly, not mindlessly following the orders of some idiot who himself doesn't even know what he's doing.

Listening to wannabe teachers is one of the worst things any beginner could do.

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What this anon said.

Plus listening to some kind of parody of a controlling, abusive personalities isn't healthy, just a warning.

>I stress the condition that you must follow my instructions or I will cease to guide you on the path of self enlightenment.
>you seem like a dependent, spineless type. We may benefit from each other.
>But if there is someone willing to do whatever I tell them

Anons take this guy's mentoring if you really enjoy being belittled, insulted, objectified, threatend and if you like fits of rage, manipulation and stalking :).

100% sure he will blow up about this and try to discredit me, with the exact tactics mentioned above in 3...2...

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I never said it was the best choice they could make, but I'd be up for it..

The best choice they could make is to figure out their own learning strategy. I'd benefit by putting my good learning strategies through trial and error, and by the looks of things OP was looking for anyone with some sense of direction.

I don't like your indirect insult, but I understand where you're coming from and agree with your points.

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>objectified, threatend and if you like fits of rage, manipulation and stalking :).

No comment.

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Learning and inspiration is everywhere, even inside of you. Before seeking someone to whip you in shape, you should wake up first.

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>I will accept my role as your art dominus.

I fucking lost my spaghetti.

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This post is genuinely intriguing, the potential for lols and learning alone make it worth pursuing.

I hereby accept on the following conditions:

1) We shall communicate solely on this board.

2) You shall namefag yourself with a secure trip when necessary (name of your choice)

3) I too shall namefag as required (choose the name you wish me to take on oh art dominus)

4) I shall do my best to fulfill your demands until such time you decide I'm not worth your time or you have nothing more to teach me.

Do you accept this contract? (Pic not mine)

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Your name will be Jane.

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Yes, my name will be Jane, though I doubt you are he I will follow your decrees for the time being.

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Things are starting to get interesting.

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>this thread

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this is cute as fuck

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Cutest art domination ever.

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this thread

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