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Trying to learn human anatomy and I don't know shit. Any suggestions or tips?

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first thing you should learn are proportions
do gesture drawings often, they not only give life to your drawings, but hammer in proportions simply by drawing people all the time
what you are trying to do in your picture is using forms, but you don't have a good grasp of perspective yet, read up on the basics before trying to tackle advanced topics like anatomy

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forgot to mention it should be stuff in front of you

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Or you could draw from models you buy on jlist and have the best of both worlds

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those aren't gestures

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yes they are dumbass
there are more than one ways to do a gesture drawing

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Is it okay to trace 3D models someone else posed?

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don't actually trace, just use as a reference
though a lot of professional artists trace so it's not like it's big of a deal as people will tell you. but generally frowned upon
If you actually are gonna do this, don't use the 3D models to make boring poses you could probably learn to draw easily if you tried. do crazy shit
the artist of Gantz did this

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that is very fucking uncanny.

also this

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So what you're asking is, is it okay to trace someone else's art?

What do you think answer is anon? Do you really need to even ask this?

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i'm asking since it's technically not their art, and i find the poses easier to follow than a photograph.

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Don't know where to start? We have multiple stickies >>1579290 → → → and https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj please read them as most of your common woes are here.

Want to build a habit drawing? And DOX the fuck out of a website admin? Check out Last Artist Standing: >>2908558

Want to break into the Japanese Cartoon industry and become the next miyamoto shirayuki hime the 3rd? Of course you do. Check out the anime* thread: >>2905096

General draw thread: >>2906338

Beginner thread (use this if you're brand new to drawing and want to be around beginner anons striving for the goal to become great) >>2910335

Degenerac--I mean Porn Thread >> inai yo! make one and revive it

Animation Thread >>2905375

Artbook thread >>2889695

Please refrain from making your threads if you only have a single question.

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I need to draw some pipes and I got a bit confused with ellipses. I have the long axis (the width of the pipe), horizon, vanishing points. And how do I find the short axis?

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I'm inclined to believe mileage really is the thing too, but ofc deep down I want it to have a shortcut to ease the pain.

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How much time do you actually spend looking at your own art? Discounting drawing. That means actually looking at it without a pen in your hand or any way to mess with it whatsoever.

I think that the majority of artists just get sick of looking at the same thing for many hours and then never look at their own piece again.

I-m asking this because I was forced to look at my art for some time without being psychically able to draw or erase stuff. And the kind of ideas that popped into my head were different from the kind that I get while drawing. Then I think about how oil paints had COULDN'T work because they had to wait for the oil to dry, therefore they were forced to stare at an unfinished painting unable to do anything. Maybe this actually helps creativity?

And then this fag
Says that tools control our thoughts and not the reverse. Surely if you were holding a flamethrower RIGHT NOW your ideas would be different than your regular self right?

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I'm going through Keys and doing daily portraits, but I can't seem to get rid of symbol drawing when it comes to eyes and lips.

Should I really try hard on getting it right through observation alone or should I look up tutorials on how to draw eyes/lips?

I fear if I look up those tutorials, I'll reinforce symbol drawing.


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I'm having a lot of trouble too but I'm getting through it by drawing them from different angles because a lot of the symbol drawing thing (at least for me) is due to the fact that I only think about them in 2D and forcing me to look at them in other angles starts hammering the fact that eyes are 3D objects.

Eyelids are pretty fun to draw. Also never forget that eyes are spheres and eyelids wrap around.

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>mfw daddy just agreed to pay for FZD
Am I gonna make it?

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have fun

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how good is your visual library , /ic/ ?

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I esd trying to go quick so i thought itd be a good idea to do everything in one line. I really wonder how a normie can pull of a diamond though. that one was hard.

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You do know there's another type of diamond right? The 2D one?

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oh... like the shape... lol

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>I got really lucky on these i got them all within 5 seconds
If it's guessing them that quickly, then you're doing shitty symbol drawings.

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the past 2 days ive been drawin up a storm-- havin stopped for a good long time. partially due to my wacom drivers fuckin up nonstop, got a different tablet and im extactic about it

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>Get a new tablet

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traced from my imagination. i just inked over my thoughts lol

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Who remembers a dragon I made... well I tried to updated it after months...

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Noodle leg is freaking me out, rolled a 12 at disadvantage to hit it with muh shortsword. What's his AC, do I hit?

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its shit

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You draw very similarly to my friend...
Can you post the first dragon?

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looks like shit m8, when I was younger I bought a book called "dragonology" because I was an artist obsessed with dragons. Didnt read it but I loved looking at the pictures inside. One day I tried to draw one of the dragons in it and my dragon drawing skills easily increased by 300-532%

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I was an autist*

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Does anyone else look at mediocre and bad artists that are better than you and get scared you'll be like them and never be able to reach the level you dream of

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Yes, I fear of plateauing all the time. I just don't think about it. It soothes the pain.

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Yes, everyday. But what are you gonna do but keep chasing the dream. Nobody knows the future and there are no guarantees, but you can always try, to the best of your abilities. So let's do that.

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Worked hard on this but had to come up with a quick idea for college please comment on the vid what you think

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Why are you posting this here

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I really like naive art. It has an air of innocence. I feel like the person drawing it did it for fun or to explore an idea, without all that deadline and pressure feeling I get from looking at something that took a lot of work and skill.

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Anyone got any links to some artists? Price range is around $60-75, need the art preferably by April 9th, and the subject would be a sort of fantasy DnD wizard-type old dude. Would be willing to pay just for a portrait, background not even needed.

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dude i make 200$ drawing porn that takes me a couple hours of work. if you want quality fantasy art you're going to have to up the budget to around 400-500$ at the very least.

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what a nice guy

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I assume you are just here looking for somebody to commission?

Don't listen to the faggots here, unless you aim for crazy high quality shit, 75€, especially for a non colored portrait is more than reasonable

pic related works for like 60€ for a flat colors lineart, and that I think is about indicative of the quality you'll get for that price in general

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I assume you are just here looking for somebody to commission for a dnd game or sth?

Don't listen to the faggots here, unless you aim for crazy high quality shit, 75€, especially for a non colored portrait is more than reasonable

pic related works for like 60€ for a flat colors lineart, and that I think is about indicative of the quality you'll get for that price in general

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Post your email or some other contact info.

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How do you feel about this?

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It was pretty pretentious, but I can't really relate to it so, eh?

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The cynical side of me thinks that it's melodramatic and sappy. I cry uncle more easily than the author though.

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One thing I've noticed is that the artists I know with an anime style in the west are either asian or are animators. I guess that it's considered "OK" to do anime if you're asian (which sounds racist as fuck imo, like is it only okay to do cubism if you're french and spanish) or if you're an animator (which makes sense since it's a style that lends itself well towards animation)

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It's not even considered "OK" to do anime as an asian. It's EXPECTED. Every asian should know how to draw anime, if you don't, it's like what the fuck? The whites get to you?

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Typical weeb niggers

As if being the cancer of the anime industry and culture, they now wanna be cancerous on art too

The ironic thing is I like some anime, the anime aestheti and I only draw anime

I don't aim to become a pro artist, because I know anime isn't what art should be primary about

Just like I love K-On and Yuru Yuri, but I don't wanna all new anime to be moe neither am I going to eat all this new-age copy-pasted moeshit

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HOLY SHIT i changed my canvas size to 5000/5000 and the lines on my brushes are much better and i can control it wayyyy better. This is how ill make it

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whoops 5000/5000 pixels i forgot to include that>>2911620

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What program?

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paint tool sai B)

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Guys I'm getting a new computer ND currently have clip studio installed on two computers. If I uninstall it from one can I put it on my new one? Thanks in advance.

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Good art days VS Bad art days.

How many are familiar with the phenomena of having random good and bad art days.
On good art days everything you draw seems to just work and you get filled with more inspiration at your own success. On bad art days, nothing looks good and it becomes quite defeating.

Thoughts on how to have more good art days?

>sketch for 15 min this morning
>on good art day
>pic related

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Another sketch.

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Get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, listen to music you like, look at art that inspires you :)

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I have no idea what causes this, but I notice when I'm not thinking about it, it'll come naturally. Usually during class when I doodle in the margins.

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Hmm yeah all good advice.

Hmm I think you might be on too something.
I just started sketching today, without thinking about it. Almost like I was just being drawn naturally.

I've been drawing badly the last few days, but today all my sketches are turning out well.

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I could use some critique.. I'm sorta stuck in this chibi like state of mind despite me doing my best to get out of it. I do draw alot but my last actual work that I really liked was this one..

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its very good! =D

>> No.2911475

Thanks dude. I apperciate it

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Flat, lacking interest, and just plain generically missing things that make chibi styles likeable.
You should seriously consider getting out of drawing any animu-type things. It's a limiting style that sucks when you get into drawing through muscle-memory. Much like the hundreds of animu artists out there who fail to practice art properly, you seemed to only focus on drawing the face. You put all detail in the construction of the face, whereas all of the things of the body are flat and lacking any kind of real sense of 3D space or anatomy.
That hand.. It looks kind of like kneaded dough.

Take it to the beginner thread

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Worked hard on this but had to come up with a quick idea for college please comment on the vid what you think

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How are you so good?

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>wifey has very minor success with online artwork
>only does commissions
>only does furry genre
>makes ~$200 a week from only 4 or 5 recurring clients
So assuming someone has the skill and has gotten gud, how do you make money? I just watched cuckstiny's video on making money online, but his advice is only applicable to people who already have a big fanbase. I see people like sakimichan making a fucking whopping $30,000 to $75,000 a month on patreon ALONE, so I know it should be relatively straightforward to make a fraction of that, say, $1000 a month. Anyone have good advice on building a fanbase? How do you get noticed?

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Look at Shadman to see how it's done

>> No.2912612

This what happened to me before i started to draw gay porn on my other account.
Now my regular account became popular from my porn fame

Before that i was able to find only gamedev jobs and never had popularity

>> No.2912615

>porn loops
I can do that because part of my job is animation but i abandoned this idea because Tumblr allows only 1mb gif files.
How people even compress gifs? All my animations are around at least 3mb

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If you're accurately tagging shit nobody cares about, they're still not going to care.

>> No.2912688

Why you draw shit nobody cares about? Maybe your art is not very good?

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I feel like a huge piece of shit for asking, but does anyone have a torrent for this book? TPB is down and my googlefu is too weak to find it anywhere else

And is it a good first book? I can't say I've ever really drawn anything in my life, so I don't have even the slightest fundamentals.

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drawabox = ISIS

>> No.2912529

I have the pdf. send me an email [email protected]

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>spoonfeeding retards
He's not from 4chan you know?

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How to draw is an excellent book but ONLY for intermediate artists experienced in fundamentals that want to take their game to the next level
How to draw is NOT a beginner book by any sense of the word and the title "how to draw" for artists is on the same level as "how to do discrete algebra and theoretical physics" for math majors
This book is like a super steroid cocktail, it'll take you to pro mode but it will fucking kill you if you're not ready

If you haven't drawn before or do not own a regular drawing habit, go to www.drawabox.com and start working

>> No.2912572

Keys to Drawing is a fantastic book, what are you on?

OP, get your books off libgen.io

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how about we start a room,
show me what you've got.

>> No.2911424

What do you mean?

>> No.2911427

a doodle or die room

>> No.2911432

What do you mean?

>> No.2911462

post a room then fag boy

>> No.2911499

what do you mean?

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>fucks your bitch

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Remember when you used to love shitty art?

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Oy m8 Ed Edd and Eddy is godlike, I hope you take that back. I saw this interview where they explained the work they put into creating their unique style and it gave me a newfound appreciation for it.

>> No.2911646

Did it involve getting a lobotomy?

>> No.2911674


That is the reverse, really, I used to be a no fun allowed elitist prick and nothing short of Gustave Dore or Alphonse Mucha could satisfy my taste as a kid.

Nowadays I have way shittier tastes and totally like Adam Warren or Jim Lee and their samefaces everywhere.

>> No.2912083

I think that's SSX3. Tricky was the best.

>> No.2912291

Would you lobotomize witches? Witches that are teachers, for example.

Just asking. No other reason. Just asking out of curiosity.

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Whats the point of Peter Han's exercise?
Draw a line, go over it 8 times. Repeat. Same with circles and elipses.

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>he only did three lines of different lengths and drew over them

nigga what kind of retard are you you need to fill that page up with fucking lines I am talking about busting a fucking nut and BLOWING all over that paper the foundation for your artistic future

if you aren't doing at least 40 straight lines, 15 odd lines, and 200 circles/ellipses a day you are not going to fucking make it

>> No.2912147

>doing at least 40 straight lines, 15 odd lines, and 200 circles/ellipses a day
>tfw did this and it completely kills your shoulder for the next coming weeks
Especially the ellipses.

>> No.2912180

Start with less lines, idiot. Then increase their number.

>> No.2912891

Also, Im doin it with fountain pen. I have staedtlers pigment liners too but I dont know whats wrong with them, they dont make consistent line, like they almost dry. My guess would be as long as Im using ink its fine?

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how the fuck does this kill your shoulder are you a skellington mode 4chan shitposter

are you sure you're using your arm right? you're not like jamming the pen into your shoulder and then trying to tackle a piece of paper on the wall are you?

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