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Is automatic drawing useful in any sort of way? does anyone here actually use it? What are the general opinions on it?

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Definte it faggot

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Basically just fuck around. It's useful for loosening up and letting go of perfectionism but it won't help you with technical shortcomings.

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why can't you just say doodling like a normal human

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>do you post your artist face online

so did it give you a popularity boost + followers, anon?

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No. It's disordered enough that I value my art based on IG likes, it would get even worse if my looks got into play.

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its a real fun killer that views are so important
If I draw porn of a popular character its better for all my art
So it feels wasted to make a detailed background with oc or a less popular character at this point because even if its good nobody will watch it

posting your face online is stupid, only if youre a streamer should you do this

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Damn nigga look at that jawline

How do I achieve these facial aesthetics?

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You'd have to post your face pretty consistently to gain much traction that way. Even then, you wouldn't gain the followers that'd commission you so it ultimately is pointless. Since my IG used to be personal, people can easily see my tagged pics if they care. I've noticed a few people will like only those and then follow. But, it's pretty rare that that happens.

If you streamed your work on Twitch though, your looks might come in handy.

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Wish i have those boobs.

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>study graphic design
>earn 400 bucks a month tops from freelancing
>everyone I know in illustration draws C-tier furry shit and get to a thousand bucks no problem
Should I switch to drawing full time? It can't actually be that easy to get paid for this crap

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>No one realizes you have to actually like furshit to some degree to have success drawing it

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That is weird until now I had the impression that graphic design paid better or at very least had a better effort/income ratio than illustration.

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This. If you don’t enjoy it to some degree you will never know if the drawing feels right. Sure it’ll be an image of a furry, but it won’t exude the energy or spirit that furries crave from art. Much like a chef, an artist must sample and gain a deep understanding of the thing that they are trying to create if they truly wish to be successful. You have to ask yourself if becoming a furry is worth it.

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if you sell your soul its easy to make money
furfags and some more niche fetishists are willing to pay good money

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can you raise your prices, or are you not getting clients? $50 an hour is as cheap as most pro graphic designers will go.

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In this thread, we study the king of all chads, the Gigachad, in pursuit of true understanding of what peak performance looks like.

Artists of every style, skill level and virginity status are welcome; after all, a true Chad respects all humans equally and sees potential in everyone.

I'll post a few references to start off, but you can find more http://sleekntears.com/sleekntears/

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Do you have a pack of these photos? The website is awful to navigate and won't let me zoom in for details.

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i-i-its just my hobby
i'm depressed and i got a job too pls no bully

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but you have time to post on /ic/? curious

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any of you niggas use this ?i use it (pic related) as a beg and idk seems really gr8 ,is it as goo as the drawin tablets?

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How do I draw like Louise Bourgeois?

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By drawing like Louise Bourgeois

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Minimalistic, simple yet complexed, simpler color palette. Most people who aren’t into art will see Louise B art and think nothing of it but in fact she’s very creatives and her art has multiple perspective even though I think she’s more famous for her amazing sculptures. She’s 1 of my favorite female artist.

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>fell for the "so deep" bait

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make an ink/paint blob and then blow on it through a straw. fill in the details later.

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Here's how to create original artwork and music from math!

Take pi or any irrational number. Convert it into base 8.

For visual art, assign each digit from 0-7 to a color. Use them in any pattern any way you like.

For music, assign each digit from 0-7 to a piano key. Use whatever chord you like.

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Math is gay, just like you OP.

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Anyone else having trouble controlling their hands? My hands don't do what I tell them do, they make random jerky movements, and it constantly feels tedious and arduous to control them. When I try to do anything with my hands I feel like someone trying to type on a computer keyboard from 10 foot away using a wooden stick.

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Do line control exercises, like in Dynamic Sketching or Scott Robertson's How To Draw. Straight lines, curves, basic shapes, stuff like that. A dozen pages on both sides should do. Use a pen.

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Do your hands shake at all or just randomly 'tick'? If it's the former you probably have hand tremors and beta blockers would help.

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go to the doctor bro

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Because you fap todo much. Nofap is the key.

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Do you play games?FPS help me with hand warm ups.

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Why didn't humanity care for drawing as much as they did for sculpting and writing in the past? I believe we would have gotten full mangas of legends and deities ike the Epic of Gilgamesh, Zeus, Samson, King Arthur, etc.., instead of short poems and weird doodles

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Whenever I post too many links in one post I never get any responses and have no idea if it was just ignored.
Wanted to say I'm reading through these and they're legit interesting, thank you guy

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I found Medieval Loomis.

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Hmmm, I wonder if this relates to the preservation of paper. People cared about drawing since 40k BC, you dolt

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Well fuck me would you look at that shit right there.

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Whew they were better than 99% of /ic/. It really was their style. Humans look wonky but the clothes are perfectly drawn for the most part

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Post your most recent ballpoint drawings and see where we can improve.

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Here's mine for starters

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*In a DJ Khaled voice*

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Another one

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Want to design myself a few t shirts. Tell me, is there a way to tweak a photo to get this kind of graffiti-look effect? I could be wrong but it looks like the game makers just took a screencap of Travis's in-game model and shopped it to make it look like a painting for the promo material. I really like this look and wanted to experiment with the style myself. Any advice? Thank you

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Make the image you want, then create a clipping mask and just use a textured brush over top. This really didn’t need its own thread.

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It really didn't but I'm kind of a dipshit and I wanted the fastest answer possible. But hey, if it means anything you really helped. Thanks anon

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I know how, but only on GIMP.

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>Want to design myself a few t shirts.
Steal some artists drawings from Instagram - free shirt designs

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You have been visited by a 4-tailed Aesthetic Milf Fox!
Your canvas will not be lost, you will not smudge your paper, your chair will be very comfy, you will not lose your stylus pen or break your pencil and you anytime you desire to draw you find an open desk!

but only if you say 'thanks milf fox'

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i wanna cum in that foxy slunt

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>Art is useless
Ever heard that statement? Well, it is COMPLETELY WRONG.
1) From a historical standpoint, it is crucial : this depicts either current stuff more or less accurately
>Oh but we have cameras now,they didn't
AND it conveys what people think about at the time,their views, etc...You're not just looking at a photo, you're looking at the mind of someone too.
2) Good art looks good And has a message to transmit : the more beautiful your representation is, the more it might impact the audience. Hard to tell how magnificent ancient Greece was if you just draw stick figures... Hard to make people think about profound subjects when your message is as stupid as "fanart of characters behaving like prostitutes"...
3) From a business standpoint : sell something.A tangible product. Go ahead, try it. Without art.
You will have a tough time maintaining the interest of your target if what they will use/see everyday in their living room/show to their friends looks terrible or inappropriate.

Now discuss about how "art is useless" (or there's more than these points above)

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But I like Oscar Wilde.

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Show me what you got anon.

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it's bad

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The article in the sticky said "It takes years to learn how to draw".
Is this true?
How long did it take you?

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I'm okay at it and its taken me years. There are absolutely no shortcuts
As a kid I was always "the drawer/artist" and spent a fair amount of time drawing, it was probably always my number one hobbie.
At 20 I realized I didn't really know how to draw anything but faces and spent the next five years studying.
Now at 27 I make commissions doing all sorts of drawing, people, backgrounds, line art style, digital painting style, comics etc. I'm a lot more skilled in variety than a lot of illustrators, but it definitely took years and a lot of tutorials, books and lectures.

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Sounds familiar. I'd say I took a similar path. Pyw?

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>just started drawing last week and used the sticky and loomis

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I'm waiting until we can just download skills directly into our brains. You guys will be so pissed when all your hard work is wasted.

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just wait for proko's anatomy course, that shit basically install anatomy into your brain

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I just bought this on ali express. To any watercolor expert, are they good and worth the money? I was looking for a cheaper alternative and I found this.

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>Painting isn't for the poor.

No, but watercolors are the best choice is you're poor and still want to paint.

Oils are probably worst choice.

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>You can do well for under 100 dollars
>I think the problem is that it's dominated by broke teens
I agree it's not much money but a lot of people won't even spend less than that on a tablet and are always looking to cut corners with chink shit. When you're starting and not sure if you'll stick, it can be tough to justify the $100.

I agree but I might recommend gouache over wc as it's easier to an extent and more forgiving (also many watercolorists are going to pick up a white gel pen/tube of white gouache eventually anyway). A primaries+b/w or cmykw can go a long way and get you familiar with water and shapes/composition. Not having to plan as much of the painting out ahead in terms of transparency for watercolor is something that can be better managed when you have more experience painting. And you can always get the white back with gouache.

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I got the exact same palette!! It's ok...

The colors are a little chalky, definitely "beginner" quality. And you don't need that many colors anyway.

You could try the Windsor and Newton cotman pocket box. It's only like $15 and has cold/warm primaries plus a couple extras. Higher quality IMO and cheaper.

>> No.3978438

I would recommed white nights over these. Gansai is not watercolor, which means they don't perform the same way. They tend to get muddy really easily and they don't layer that well.

>> No.3978459

>Rec anything cadmium
Why would you do that? Cad are not only toxic(assuming you are using the real thing and not a shitty hue) but they produce the most muddy colors possible. If OP is on a budget just grab a cmy triad. For Cyan, get Phthalo blue(PB15) Magenta(PR122) and Yellow(PY3)

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How many of you forego cooking and meal prepping to give you more time to draw?

Those who do take time to cook a decent meal, do you find that being well-fed helps you draw and think better?

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i hope you are memeing because that's terrible for your insides

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Thanks, mister dietitian. I'm not starving or overeating.

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Your body and mind are organic machines that require proper maintenance. If you expect the best of yourself, you can't mistreat your own infrastructure.

If you treat yourself like garbage you are definitely ngmi.

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>t. know nothing retard
Its called OMAD, look it up. I dont get the knee jerk reaction of "Thats unhealthy!!" to any non-mainstream diet. Everything you "know" about health is a fucking lie to sell you sugar and grains. OMAD is pretty normal in the context of history. The real insanity is eating 3 meals a day with sugar bombs in between to keep you from falling asleep.

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ok mr. snake, you do you

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How do you guys get past art block?

I always want to draw but i can never get an idea to put down

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same way people get writers block

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by being so bad that everything takes longer than it should so unfinshed ideas actually pile up.

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Draw a box to signify a block then just draw something going past that

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There's always something to practice if I can't come up with an idea.

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Open Blender and delete it

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Who here has played the social media game and has gotten good at it, getting lots of followers? Do you use a lot of tags? Do you always trendhop on what's hot? What do you do?

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keep trying to find out which artists are girls so you can add them to your social media orbiting collection

>> No.3977086

ephemeral social media upboats aren't the way to earn dedicated fans who will actually give you money

>> No.3977124

Projection much?

>> No.3977171

but im a roastie, why would i do that

>> No.3978183

I feel like SFW fanart actually gets more followers than NFSW if you're good
otherwise NSFW all the way

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i legit can't draw on these fking things
i can draw perfect straight lines on pencil and paper
and then with tablet it's as if i have become a 5 year old

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What's a good tablet for someone that's only ever used paper

>> No.3977757

They are all basically the same plus minus bells and whistles.
Xp-Pens have a sexy dial, Huions have pen tilt, Wacoms have it all but 350$ really doesn't appeal to me when Huions are 60 to 80

>> No.3977801

i got a huion 1060 but the pen tip is a pain in the ass, it needs to be push it like 0.03mm maybe and that small distance makes drawing smooth almost impossible since if you let go a bit too much it won't detect it even if its still touching the tablet,i still rather use paper than this crap

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Simply a matter of getting used to.

I consider some actuation threshold to be a positive, it allows you to slide the pen around the tablet without leaving a mark to aim your stroke or what not and then apply some force and draw.

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you're doing it wrong, try the gollum crouch

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