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Progress Thread

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not him, but the right pic is technically much better (anatomy, and proportions). Face on the right is undeniably more accurate and appealing. But the artist lost the soul in the lineart especially.

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September one seems lazy, face lacks the emotion from the january one, shading is also a lot less detailed, and no BG makes the january one better, although i can tell you improved, it's just uninspired although i would be too considering it's the same picture on the same year.

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i like the storytelling

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Don't worry I'm going back to drawing anime soon.
> inb4 trannime
you can't win

True it is tricky, but I couldn't find any drawing I could show besides that one. Plus that anime drawing is a copy I tried hard to do, so for me it is a lot of progress.

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Because I will get made fun of by other anons, no matter how much I improved.

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Is there a way to gain asian jeans if you aren't asian?

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should i start drawing? i kinda wanna get into digital formats, but like hand drawn stuff not just manipulating shapes.

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isn't wanting to make my own shirts and stuff wanting to create art. i was just kinda kidding around with the OP but it's still true somewhat

>damn i wish i could do that
i feel this way often. i just don't know how it'll fit into my life but it sounds like a nice evening activity when i don't wanna read or scroooooooll

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>but it's still true somewhat
yes, try to do your best not to have those feelings

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Nope, ai will soon kill art

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I have met this fork in the road. I'm a cs student who will soon be looking for work, and feel I might enoy just creating filters for photographs and videos and such. When I'm at my best I like to do photography and music production, and always wanted to create some videos for them. Today I was checking out some artistic filters that convert photos to fanous artist styles, and felt that's good enough for me, especially if I can find or make a filter with more granular controls.

I'm not sure of the best route forward; trying to develop any new skill will eat into other things, so personally I feel I'm best served by doubling down on what I already know. Not sure why I'm posting af this point I guess, but I have been thinking about reworking through keys to drawing book just to get thiughts out of ny head easier. I should probably just do it instead posting

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>i feel like a child
no, you don't
children would not tell themselves that they feel like children because they can't draw

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Which artist, in your opinion, is/was the best at drawing human figure?

For me it's Alphonse Mucha

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he was a literal tracer

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nigga are you gonna post art? or just crab?

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How the fuck did Mucha get this good?

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Bouguereau /thread

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Neutral tint. Or burnt umber.

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I refuse to color my work.

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cornflower blue

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>post work
>gets some likes and shit
>ask for requests
>audience doesn't give a shit about my work
so then why tf are they following me? what the fuck is this backwards shit?
how do i gain an audience that would actually want me to draw shit for them?
no i'm not posting my work it changes nothing.

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I assumed you wouldn't want coomer artists following you

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Then again I have no idea what kind of work you do because you haven't posted anything

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people are shy. have you ever refused to answer an instagram timeline story?

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This. Why the fuck should we care when you're not even going to post your work

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>Everyone keeps talking about soul
>Yet 99% of anons here draw the exact same shit
>retarded trannime garbage and coomer shit

You are basically like hipsters, wanting so badly to be unique you all look, feel and talk the same. Lmao, going to post some more ''muh sad trauma contrasting with cute anime gurls'' shit? Wow you are so deep! :o

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the problem is that everyone on 4chan is blackpilled as hell. i dont want a hugbox but im tired of miserable people trying to make me miserable too

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take comfort in that /ic/ exists for miserable people to lash out anonymously, instead of constructively resolving their issues like a sane person

the biggest clue is in the tiny proportion of people posting their work.

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most don't. even ones that start here leave once they pass a certain level because the bar to surpass /ic/ is very, very low

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>uh uh.. Its fun because... YOU ARE LE DUMB!!
Typical trannime poster. I accept your capitulation

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>"soul is only thing/fanart i like and can consume"
>"soulless is thing/fanart i don't like and can't consume"
Threads like these are like robots talking about how food taste.
You're not even fucking real.

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>Finally read the guide in the sticky
>6 gorillion of AI will replace artists threads on the catalog
Haha You guys are just...shitposting... Right?

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That should only affect you if you are one of those retards thinking you can make a career out of art (lol)

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5% is shitposting 95% scared that ai will rape them.

Yep op, read the sticky. Dont listen to ic, most retarded(braindead) board.

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If you cant even do this, what a loser.

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Honestly, the only people I could see it replacing are photobashers, or very, VERY generic artists that create a lot of incredibly samey stuff, *at best*. Or those people would use the AI to do their shit for them.
The thing about a neural network like DALL-E is that they're good to train at doing specific things with limited rulesets, but for something so general and with such a nearly infinitely broad range of rules (and rules breaking rules breaking rules) to the point that the existence of rules are basically nebulous guidelines, as art and design is, it would legitimately have to become a true general intelligence (or in other words, achieve sentience and sapience) to be able to create in the same capacity as a human can. It can't create at all, in fact, it can only mash together preexisting data it's already been trained on. The thing about art is that art has a voice, the voice of another being speaking its intent and feeling and personality to you through the things it creates. An AI can only splice together voice recordings semi-randomly and play them back at you.
Asking a neural net to replace an artist would be nearly as difficult as asking it to live in the real world as a human being would. There are simply too many parameters, too many variables to account for.

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AI will replace most of us someday, who cares. I personally tripled the female unemployment rate in some areas of the third world by making robots.

But you'll still get jobs, people want to hire specific artists for the prestige of it and weird parasocial relationships. If the field was that soulless we'd just have drawing farms in Vietnam with two hundred dudes hunched over cheap tablets in a basement drawing your commissions and photobashing concept art all day the same way Korean slaves do pretty much every animation since the 90s.

Plus I doubt the boomers in charge can tard wrangle the AI into drawing the very specific thing they want, we're talking about people who need help using PowerPoint.

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This thread is dedicated to master studies, where you copy artwork you admire as a form of study. They are the quickest way to improve and learn about any fundamental you are having problems with. If you need to work on your hands, copy hands from other artists, and if you're having trouble with rendering, make careful studies of paintings with lighting you admire. Studies can be quick or long. You can even copy anatomy books like Bridgman, Morpho, and Hogarth. The type of studies you want to do depend on your personal goals and the types of problems you are grappling with.

Artists of all levels are welcome. Critiques and redlines are encouraged.

Recommended watching:

artbook thread: >>6130895

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kjg study. a bit sloppy

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Switched to cheap ballpoints

>> No.6134934

these honestly look way way better please keep using them

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>tfw you are so good AI is not a threat while you're alive
>also tfw I finally got access to both dall-e2 and midjourney which can improve my workflow exponentially.
Lmao goodbye fags, looks like you gotta stay here a while longer grinding loomis and whatnot :D

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later anon gotta do the dishes first.

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>Be me
>Draw for 7 hours
>Go to bed
>Half way through feel a warm tingle in the back of my head
>enter some kind off trance state where I am not asleep, and not exactly awake
>Thoughts speed up, visual imaginery becomes incredibly vivid
>Brain starts to flood with images of all the drawings I've done during that day with different scenarios
>1000 realizations a second
>Wake up
>Remember nothing

What is this bullshit, and what are the consequences?

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Sleep paralysis.
Your awake but your body isn't. Your seeing hallucinations due to your brain and body still thinking your asleep.
Your lucky the hallucinations aren't terrifying like mine.
>I had to teach myself how to get out of sleep paralysis quickly due to the hallucinations of a humanoid thing crawling around the walls and ceiling.

>> No.6135134

Yeah it's something like >>6135125. It's a normal thing, don't worry too much about it.

Both of you may find meditation enjoyable idk

>> No.6135152

this happens to me when I'm stressed

>> No.6135277

sounds dope as fuck, any drawing of said humanoid?

>> No.6135284

nevermind, already found it >>6134501

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Are Taschen's art books any good?
I mostly interested in the ones by classical artists instead of the modern and contemporary ones.

>> No.6134881

They are definitely very alright for their price. I have the one in the OP but unfortunately just a small one. Some larger editions can still be expensive as hell, pun intended.

>> No.6134927

The quality of the download isn’t the greatest but just to give you an idea. You can then pick them up at used book store for cheap

>> No.6134994

Cheap;decent, but sub-optimal for artists I'd say. Online high-quality scan can be much better

>> No.6135000

I have Gustav Klimt book, it's really beautiful, almost makes me not wanna touch it

>> No.6135026

all the good ones are missing THO
I'd say they work a bit better as coffee table/discussion books than for historical or artistic research.

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Do you like my drawing, /ic/?

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Tbh, the really bad parts are the head and the arm
The rest is not that bad
Just work on your anatomy and your work will be great

>> No.6135483

Tbh it's bad anon, not accepting it is coping

>> No.6135485

In art school I remember having classmates that painted like this, one thing I noticed about them is they barely ever paid attention to the teacher's advice or skipped class a lot, they always tried to do the flashy shit first and at some point you gotta question yourself if giving them any advice is worth the effort, they never improved, at most they learned about photobashing and using overlay and multiply but it didn't help them at all.
How long do you spend on these paintings?

>> No.6135780

I am improving tho, you guys just have ridiculous standarts. Im learning something new everytime i draw. For someone who doesnt even do this for a living, i'd say im at a good distance so far.

>> No.6135809

Smooth that jaw edge

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Study the Mona Lisa

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oh fuck I just realized bridgman copied da vinci

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i did 4 yr ago

>> No.6135108

do another one for comparison!

>> No.6135124

to gain hidden secret meta knowledge ofc


wouldn't be surprised to learn there's some Michelangelo out there too

not so bad. with better mark-making (slower, more precise) this would be better

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Thoughts on this character design?

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>"Why does that look like a sonic charac-"
>mfw that's actually a sonic character
This is the only based thing about sonic frontiers so far

>> No.6134843

weird head

>> No.6134914

the way the nose and lips are modeled ruins it

>> No.6134922

>actually a sonic character
that is how humans in sonic should have always looked.
i'm more than happy to bury the stylistically clashing, uncanny shit like picrel

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Post your art workstation or workstations you like

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>> No.6135694

dangerously based

>> No.6135713

Why? Are you to fucking lazy to not live like a nigger?

>> No.6135750

What’s it like living under a giant puckered yellow minion anus all day?

>> No.6135807

None of these are your workstations. Fuck off nodrawers.

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Also anyone got the sauce for this book?

>> No.6134511

asian genes

>> No.6135423

Thats Rinotuna's book

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File: 2.54 MB, 7000x4734, dungeon fighter online shadow dancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they can do pretty cools tuff

>> No.6135758

does a pdf exist

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red pill me on art

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>> No.6135051

there's an entire discipline around that sort of thing it's called graphic design

>> No.6135131

there's multiple definition of "art", people will fight endlessly because they don't want to acknowledge they have different starting point.

for instance, in my book, this isn't "art" but "repulsive pornography" >>6134566

doing art requires more skill and time that you likely think it does. it needs to be considered as a job, and studied as a classical musical instrument.

<insert coin for more>

>> No.6135136

is the redhead guy a legit mascot of /ic/ or just some guy pushing his OC?

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You could spend years creating masterpieces and be poor as dirt, meanwhile some fucker duct tapes a banana to a wall and is rich overnight.

>> No.6135675

Newfag zoomer doesn't know about board-tans.

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Do you take inspiration from ugly things?

>> No.6134480

Not at all, I respect people who go for weird/ugly styles but I only want to draw cute anime characters.

>> No.6134583

Yes. My main inspiration is gore, accidents, diseases etc.

>> No.6134592

i saw one of those figures in a museum, pretty neat

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You will never, EVER, be Japanese.

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>draw anime
>moved to japan
>speak japanese
>mfw still didn't become japanese

>> No.6134398

My children will.

>> No.6134416

I dont want to.

>> No.6134572

Why would I want to be a manlet

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