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Is this official shitposting board now?

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How does one even obtain this knowledge? It's nowhere to be found in loomis and if it was people wouldn't be asking for this guys stuff.

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i think its the same guy who did the thread's pic related

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Am I the only one here who hates this sort of anime look?

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What sort of anime look do you like?

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post your waifu and draw her if you want

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i got a cyclops waifu

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/a/ is miles ahead on this

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>comparing the fastest and slowest boards

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>forgot pic

It wouldn't have sounded so stupid had i not forgotten pic related, i was just trying to 'import' some ai generated waifus

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chek theis video guys https://youtu.be/Q-tEeDPsCbg

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how to nicely ask a friend whether they completely suck at art or purposefully draw in stylized grotesque style?
pic rel is what their art reminds me of

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depends if there some stylistic charm to the art piece

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My first painting

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pretty nice for your first time painting

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I too started with ZimZam shit, fun times. Gir looks pretty good. Painting solid line art and color is kind of troublesome. Try your hand at pencil/ink and paper if you want that clean cartoon look. It’s not impossible with paint, but painting is better for blending colors.

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Wasn't the entire point of the mannequin that it was easy to remember and pose?

If you're using all your anatomy knowledge at this stage then that defeats the purpose.

Loomi's manequin is unironically easier....

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Don't watch this clown, he's a fraud and he doesn't use or even understand the methods he teaches. He's clearly trained to copy since he blatantly can't use construction when drawing from imagination, he can't draw basic shapes in perspective. People laugh about the kangaroo but it's such a massive red flag, nobody who actually uses construction would produce something that disjointed. His anatomy construction is probably copied from offscreen reference but he pretends he's constructing.

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Just as I suspected, you can't draw for shit. Maybe you should have done more learning instead of whining

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Most of the anatomy lessons, construction wise, are based off bammes. His ribcage, pelvis, shoulder bones and foot are almost similar to bammes. Proko hands however are a mix of both bridgman and hogarth.

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yeah and his figure course is straight Hampton/Vippu
ic just has a beef with him and want to drag everything related to him down

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Is there any hope for 2D animators that don't wanna do CalArts bean smile bullshit? All of the major studios do 3D, and the rest Flash or other rigged animation program.

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>be that naive
>have a rich friend
>he wants to start an animation studio and so do I
>rich friend wants to make an anime(yes) about zaney time traveling Nazis
>basically we’ll spend years getting gud, we’ll work on my project as a beta test that this shit can work since I’ve already written quite a bit of it, and then we’ll all collectively commit career suicide

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what about james baxter or does he not count?

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I'm glad I don't mind it being a hobby. I would be depressed if I wanted to actually do something with it. Sucks, man.

I have a friend I know who freelancew and he's doing just fine. Not sure if you've tried that yet.

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don't worry, it'll take so long getting good enough, nazis will be in fashion again

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How does one get good at dynamism?

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lol that pic

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They're called animation smears. I could see a fair bit of animation techniques helping with dynamism, squash and stretch is another big one I often see in comics.

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would learning composition be good for that too?

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Just practice already.

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is the regular iPad at 9.7 inches good enough for drawing or do I have to splurge $1k for the 12.9 inch?

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Everyone knows that an expensive piece of electronics to draw with makes you X1000 times a better artist.

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>people spend thousands of dollars just for the undo feature

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no I spend thousands of dollars so I can hide my shota and loli drawings from my family

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>shota and loli
Moste patrician, fellow gentilmanne.

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kys pedofaggot.

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Is it only an impression of mine or to be met with good Fortune and God's Grace with your Craft in these here days, it is necessary to:
>Be popular with the common folk of the market and all the serfs and nobles alike
>Draw images of Our Savior, Jesus Cristus and The Holy Mater Dei, Maria or try to reach the Mastery of the Works of Apelles, the Great
>Adopt the Florentine style of Draughtsmanship and Color
>Write with beautiful calligraphy and in a most pleasant manner
>Speak Latin and at the same time the Vulgata of the Serfs
>Be in favor of the Prince's and the Pope's plannings in the sphere of the Governance of Men
>Be in common friendship with all the other Artisans of the Guild

It may be that I'm only a most unpleasant and ungrateful speck of dust, but I find this state of affairs intolerable in excess.

It is well unpleasant to be not able to admire and study other Artisans' work without them rambling about the happenings of the Court or of their private lives.

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do your best to make your fellow crabbers chuckle

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Brainlets, It's absolutely referenced but it takes two seconds to look at it to figure out it's not traced.
Good meme though. Anon the ass god

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This is Prokopenko right before jumping off a bridge

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Oh god. Kek

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I have this one legitimately saved on Google Drive just in case it disappears from the internet

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People that draw in the tumblr/sjw style are not going to make it. It's ugly as fuck.

They draw gay men ugly fat women with hairy legs to appeal to other sjws. But guess what? They're a minority! So while they try to appeal to others sjws... You can actually draw something beautiful that actually looks good with atractive people.

Let the retards in tumblr shoot themselves in the food. Your cute anime protagonist will be more popular than their shtty fat woman with short colored hair and hairy armpits.

Just saying...

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Then explain Steven Universe

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You mean that show with so many hiatuses
That has new episodes once a year to fake good ratings because kids don't watch it LOL ?

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>Drawing gay men is bad
shiggy diggy, sage goes in options field

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>Holly Brown

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do you think she'll improve on her art? I heard she was trying to get make into art and bettering herself

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People that do the tumblr/steven universe/sjw style are not gonna make it.

While they try to appeal to other npcs by drawing fat women with hairy legs we can draw...

You can draw actually beautiful art that will apeal to normal people.

Just let them shoot themselves in the foot....

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What is the appeal behind anthro art? Is it worth delving into?

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honest answer that also explains why furries are so closely tied in with people who have autism:

some of us really dont find human faces appealing. its hard to project ourselves onto something bluntly human. its why anthros and masks on characters seem to both be popular, especially amongst awkward people, because its easier to relate to it because its not a human face.

i think, by default, human faces might be relateable for a lot of people, but tismos (like me) cant get into it. when i play dark souls, my character always wears a mask. when i play terraria, its the same. when i play starbound, ill never choose human. always play khajit or argonian, wouldnt use sunglasses in payday, etc.

yes, this projection was huge, but you can take my word on it that this rings true for many anthro artists n stuff. theres also raw appeal/cuteness in animals but that almost takes a back seat. autistic rant/blog over.

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anon do you have any anthro artist you'd suggest?

>> No.3821241

I'm autistic and can play as/relate to human characters no problem.
You are wrong.
You sick furry bastard.

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is it possible to do well by just painting cute anthro stuff without having to do completely degenerate fetish art?
i like drawing kemo recently but i don't post it anywhere b/c it seems like furries just want weird porn

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>cant see the word "some"
not all autists are furries but most furries are auts. not all autists become math super geniuses but some do.

your autism shows by your lack of deductive skills when reading

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I am trying to understand what did he meant here but just cant.
From my point of view it looks like he is projecting 2D box drawn above the camera and then extrudes 3D from the lines showing edges.

My issue with that is that I just cant understand how it does apply to boxes tilted and rotate simultaneously.
How can I use this method to get accurate box in perspective, the way I see it now its just winging it because there is a horizon in picture and everything must be build around this horizon line.
If you use this method it will make every box have its own not only horizon line but also FOV (vanishing point distance) and focal point.

How can I use this method to get accurate boxes in perspective consistent with just about everything else in picture?
Please help a brainlet, I just cant wrap my mind around the concept.

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>he didn't learn about the advanced perspective of projection in perspective class
One hint is How to Draw, the other is Draw a box.

>> No.3820610

it's not a method as much as it is a way of thinking when drawing.
Moderndayjames has a good video on it:
Though this is really aimed towards intermediate artists that grasp the rules of perspective well enough to revolve their work around it.

>> No.3820696

Thanks bro, I was under the impression his method suppose to provide accurate way to draw boxes in perspective but the vid you posted confirmed that it is only freehand exercise.

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Really confused about this, how is one supposed to draw with the entire arm on a small tablet? at 100% zoom, drawing requires minimal movement, its much more comfortable with such a distance to draw using the wrist, the only time i can even use my entire arm with broad strokes is when the canvas is at 800% zoom. seems unintuitive and weird, im positive people cant be drawing this way, seems retarded..

am i missing something technique-wise, is this a tablet issue, just need more practice? is it acceptable to draw from the wrist? what do to improve line quality.

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Don’t listen to these retards claiming you can draw however. The way you adjust your body is important. Make sure the tablet is angled towards your eye and get your fucking elbow off the table. Lock your wrist up and draw from your elbow. Small details don’t need to be done at the wrist only fucking idiots do that.

>> No.3821213

You simply don't use your whole arm drawing digital. While there is no reason to use the shoulder, drawing from the elbow for longer lines is very beneficial though. It's all about the format. I'd highly recommend to practise drawing on larger formats though - the momentum of your whole body will give you more lively lines/ strokes. Not really necessary if all you do is digital.

>> No.3821432

I only draw from the wrist when i want to add small detail onto something
can that peter han technique help you with your lineart?

>> No.3821454

That has nothing to do with OP problem, tard. Did you just want to repeat something you read elsewhere on 4chan to feel like you know something?

Basically what this OP said, the problem is your tablet, and it's always better to have biger tablets if you can afford it. Just don't fall in the trap of thinking that you can't draw if you don't get one, drawing with the entire arm is a cool technique to make big lines in a single stroke, but it isn't something that makes or brakes a digital painting.
My tablet is tiny too and I manage myself pretty okay.

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does the type of tablet matter?I have a very small one

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is it just me or to be successful/make money with your art nowadays it's all about
>having a presence and large follower base on twitter, dumblr, instagram, whatever
>keep shitting out fanart of whatever is trendy
>be a lgbtbbq poc disabled woke xir/xem artist begging for donations and/or emergency commissions
>le tumblr calarts style
>type..... like,, thiS LMAO!!! uwu;;
>heavy use of ebonics, marks, and emojis/emoticons
>make sure your political opinions (make sure to be left) are preached 24/7
>be involved in some middle school tier drama
>lick other circlejerk artists of the exact same type's toes

Maybe i really am a salty shitter, but it's pretty discouraging, honestly.

It's annoying as well being unable to follow an artist with good material without their politics rants and muh personal life woes.

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>Village say Krog bad hunter, catch no animal, women laugh
>Krog make fake animals on cave wall and brag
>Women impressed with Krog story about hunting
>Krog plan perfect plan, become village chief

>> No.3821471

here's the rundown
>Steven universe:
Was actually so unpopular with the scheduling that cartoon network decided that instead of nuking it and looking bad for firing their first female showrunner they would switch the episodes to drop in a very specific way to look like they are doing any good at all. the show is doing horribly besides a very loud fanbase. It completely failed to entice kids.

>tumblr art in comics:
Boomed due to tumblr artists being really really cheap. They make trash but you can pay them like slave labor. The animators in japan make more money than these guys, and they often find themselves homeless, with multiple partners in a small rental apartment, and begging for money online just to get by.
Most of their comics are never bought, which is why comics are at an all time low in sales.

>tumblr art in animation:
Always dissed,
never loved.
The moment high guardian spice, shera, thundercats roar dropped people rooted it out in an instance.

>tumblr art online:
Mostly done by teens because adults can't support themselves with it alone. If done by an adult it's either in parallel to another job or in a constant state of comissions.

Don't be fooled. loudness doesn't equal success. Tune out the noise. Once you tune those nutcase circles out you can move on to places where the artistic excellence is booming. a lot more people talk about anime, fine artists online, and quality. If all you hear is tumblr you need to remove yourself from your current circles.

>> No.3821483

What are you talking about, Steven Universe has stellar ratings and it's insanely popular. Might not be popular with kids but it has an absolutely massive following

Tons of "diversity" comics and animations make lots of money, maybe not the horribly drawn cringe shit but if your product is half competently drawn, putting queer shit in it is guaranteed success.

>adults can't support themselves with it alone. If done by an adult it's either in parallel to another job
That's all artists. If anything low effort queer shit does much better than actual comics made professionally.

>> No.3821486

>Insanely popular
>diversity comics making money

Got sauce to back that up? cause the only way you'd think this way is if you are in communities where you constantly hear about it. If that's how you see things right now find better circles.
Sounds to me like you are just falling for the loud mouthing of those folks and not actually looking at their output and results.

>> No.3821503

It has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and even if cartoon network's ratings are down across the board, episodes rake in about 1m viewers and that is just cable excluding online platforms.
The amount of art is massive and the fandom is huge. People literally kickstart their careers by making SU fanart.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the Drawthread with our fundamental exercises.

Previous Thread boards.4chan.org/ic/thread/3815292

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, do not give up, make someone proud.

>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

REMEMBER, if you've just started out you work will not be good, it doesn't need to be, just get in to the swing of actually drawing, and learning how to study. Most of all, enjoy it.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

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And 2 minutes.

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The truth makes memes powerful.

>> No.3821761

instead of drawing up loomis constructions aimlessly actually learn the form. You're making construction lines that you don't really understand yourself, commit to understanding it rather than just making it.

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Don't think I've got the loomis head ball thing quite right, especially the one on the right. Tried th eproko vid and while it felt like I understood it then not putting it into practice is completely different.

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Don't think I've got the loomis head ball thing quite right, especially the one on the right. Tried the proko vid and while it felt like I understood it then now putting it into practice is completely different. Is grinding it over and over from multiple angles the only real option or any feedback you guys might have for me?

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Name this, please.

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"after i forgot the words"

>> No.3820450

is it a gan or just badly edited?

>> No.3821391

the blue blur

>> No.3821428

my blends are all muddy so I pretend I am Gogh

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Anyone else feel like the less thought you put into a piece the better it gets? When I think about every line I start hating my work, but when I just scribble without thinking some of the drawings actually turn out good. It's like some automatic process takes over and I'm drawing with instinct instead of thought. Anyone know what I mean?

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Fucking around in csp or procreate with the perspective ruler turned on for a few minutes before digging in freehand is great. Keeps things loose but correct before you actually make something out of a couple lines and boxes. Really only applies to more architectural work but will spice up your backgrounds and make freehand figures easier.

>> No.3820321

yes in fact I always draw better being drunk but only for a short period of time
maybe if I inject *enough* vodka to be tipsy but not enough to start eating pencils...

>> No.3820340

less is more
i guess

>> No.3820343

Professional artists (like myself) always establish ideas in thumbnail format. It's quick work and you'll be able to tell if it's worth drawing or not.

>> No.3820355

Complete opposite for me. When I slip a bit and do something lazy I hate the results and I beat myself up over it.

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