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Okay so I commissioned an artist to draw me a picture, and after drawing, shading, and coloring a bit of it, they sent me a picture of their progress. They said that "inking will go slower" and I was wondering if that means coloring or not since the picture I commed was digital. Pic unrelated.

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>what a waste of a thread

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Nice presentable line work. It really is a pain in the ass.

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>pain in the ass
Inking is my favorite part of drawing. The sketch is just ideas thrown around until you know what is going on. When you ink it you are finalizing your drawing. It’s very cathartic.

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time for the truth, post your rescue time /ic/

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rescuetime addon for chrome, tracks your productivity

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I start drawings and leave them minimized

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>6 hours or more drawing
No thanks.

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Not him but thanks

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what alt right drama video?

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Can you make enough money drawing softcore porn to be a sellout? If so where do you think is the best place to find an audience? Someone mentioned a board on here a while ago but i don't remember which one.
pic related

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I think twitter allows nsfw
I may be wrong though

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oh yep they do

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Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :

>fellowBro's books :

>Figure Drawing Tool:

>Photoshop Brushes

Old thread: >>3347270

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Thanks for the warning.

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u ruined it lmfao

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i did this shit yesterday , any thoughts ?

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I never said art had to be 'something'.
I clearly said that it's
>just lines on paper

I asked the other artists why they did their art. The drawings that were posted before mine were not realism, therefore how can you expect to determine perspective, form, value, light, colour and technique from imagination. I can possibly understand perspective but those drawings, including my own are mere sketches. I don't know if there were references to the prior drawings to actually draw a comparison to determine these values.

>I have so much to learn but you have nothing to teach me.
Lol ok

>not useful or in the proper spirit of this thread, man.
>the point of life drawing is to grow your skills, including to people and characters that don't make your weiner hard
I'm sure this opinion differs among artists

I never said I was a nobody. Although, itt, you know it's me by the tripfagging.

I dunno. I care. I mean, you are drawing a character, it would be nice to get a story for this moment in her life where she has been captured and immortalized from the life she lived in your mind. It would make your work more interesting. Some sort of connection between you and her.

I would actually like to see this after the lines are defined and divided with color.

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>I don't have money to pay you with right now, but you'll get the exposure and I'll include you on the credits list of names!
How many of you fell for this trap, come on be honest we know you're out there.

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Nobody who's on this site should fall for it, biggest meme on this board t.bh

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stop beating this dead horse of a topic

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What is the worst tutorial you have seen?

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This. Fuck you OP, they delivered.

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muscle elves

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Madward is a 1000 years old gay vampire with a deep hatred towards women. His disdain for females comes from being forced to marry an abusive wife back when he was alive.Being gay, he had no interest in marrying a woman. He killed himself right before the wedding night.
He got reincarnated as a vampire 500 years later, finding himself in our modern era.
Madward dedicated his new life to getting revenge for all the bullying he got from back when he was a human. And he especially dedicated his new life to tormenting women. Due to his sharp hedge trimmer and multiple knifes, he could easily kill them and be done with it. However, Madward doesn't like to simply kill them. He finds much more enjoyment out of torturing them, humiliating them, making their lives a nightmare to the point where they can no longer take it and end themselves.
Madward 's role is to make the public a less safe place for the ladies. He hates getting his hands dirty, so he usually hires rapists to molest innocent women on the streets, thiefs to steal their money, criminals to kill their families and loves ones, sending the poor ladies into psychological traumas.
Once, Madward sneaked into a high school and hired the perverted teenage boys to start an assault into the girls ' locker room (the plan was : all the boys stay hidden into the lockers, then when the girls come to change, they suddenly come out and begin to take pictures, grop the girls, forcefully kiss them as they're screaming in shame and despair).

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pretty sure it's the same guy harvesting crap from deviantart to troll with

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The most hilarious part was that he kept describing his OC as a 'fighter of justice', there to keep the public safe in order to make us believe that he's nothing like Berg Katze. Nah, man. He looks like the destructive alien, you can't make us take him serious.
This is the equivalent of your OC looking like the Joker yet he likes to help people and be heroic.

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sounds like OUR GUY

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Though the guy who made pic related OC is being serious. I wish he/she was trolling but they're not.
As for the other guy, if he could at least copy the design of a better antagonist. Berg Katze was a below average villain and a rip off of Grell himself.

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I'm pretty sure it's this guy. The OC's name is Gweneth. His design is basically Berg Katze with green skin and a different outfit.
His personality was described as : girly, bubbly, flamboyant, perverted, excitable, easily distracted and a sadomasochist. I never watched Gatchaman Crowds. Is that similar to Berg Katze?

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Does anyone know the artist who made this? or who the bust is of?

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Found it, it's Bust of a King by Pierre Puget; here,

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Additionally, here's another pic of it from the book, "Il marmo spirante : sculpture and experience in seventeenth-century Rome", there's also a couple more pics floating around, here (from an article in french)

I might scrounge around a bit more to see if there's any more info about this piece.

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From the notes on this page (after being filtered through Google Translate),

"Klaus Herding, the Puget Specialist, provides provenance information in a letter to Myron Laskin Junior, dated May 24, 1974. He indicates that the bust comes from the collection of Marchese Domenico Serra, who used to call the bust, King David."

Although it would be a very anachronistic depiction of King David, given the attire (not that such anachronisms would be uncommon), I do feel like the plain crown style seems to be common (when depicted with a crown) for King David.

King David by Andre Jean Lebrun:

Unsure who the sculptor was here:

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Here, it's referred to as King David also, but they, such as in the previous reply, reference Klaus Herding's book "Pierre Puget", which I was unable to find a digital copy of in my searches.

Also, a terracotta version by Puget is referred to here as King David (from italian).

Although, there is a kind of similarity between the terracotta version of David, and his bust of Marcus Aurelius (here), though all this evidences is his studies on roman sculpture.

I believe that's the best I can do without actually cracking open any books on Puget by Herding or others. So I'm out, best of luck anon.

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god bless you anon.

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ITT: post a 1 page comic of anything you made

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saved so hard

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From 2013.

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Thanks. Glad you like.

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Are we ever going to get actual animtion where each frame is actually drawn and not a glorified flash animation where a single drawing is tweened to oblivion?

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Bullshit, except for very few studios and productions all anime nowadays is either full of CG dogshit or low quality as hell. This is what happens when you create a market of shit eaters who care more about quantity than quality.

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NO there are only reddit/tumblr cartoons now

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drawn animation is going to become high art like poetry and theater

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Probably not, animation is mostly for kids and 97% of the adults who watch it, are into it for the content rather than the form (see Rick and Morty, for instance).
Only artists care about the quality of animation, so yeah...

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2D animation are for porn loops. Have you seen some of these Patreons anon

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As a complete beginner, what is the best path to get as good as/similar to pic related (Yusuke Kozaki)? Habits to develop, books to read, teachers to follow, should I copy, etc.?

I'm a 25 year old, undisciplined, depressed, anxiety-ridden, perfectionist retard. I remember loving to draw as a little kid, but something must have happened that stamped out my interest in it. My brother is an awesome artist in a top-tier art school and drawing has always seem to come naturally to him, but not to me. I was always the music guy. But recently I've decided I truly want to become a cartoonist, because all my life I've loved anime and cartoon, stylized-type art more than anything, but like I said before, for some reason I haven't wanted to draw until now. But I feel so lost as to how to get started. I draw a circle or a line on my paper and erase it over and over again, because I am craving perfection. Also I feel like my mental imagery is so foggy and I can't picture things well enough to draw from imagination. How can I fight through this? Drawing is a skill right? Talent is negligible compared to hours worked?

I am not looking for shortcuts or answers I want to hear. I am willing to work the rest of my life for this. I don't want to go to school for anything else, I just want to draw. But I'm scared to try. Thank you.

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If you really want something, go get it. Just know that there is a price to everything. Knowing that youre at that age, how much are you willing to sacrifice to attain your goals?

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this thread is very obviously bait

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Shoo shoo crabs

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>Habits to develop
draw every day

> I draw a circle or a line on my paper and erase it over and over again, because I am craving perfection.
Start drawing with a pen

>I feel like my mental imagery is so foggy and I can't picture things well enough to draw from imagination.
mental imagery is a meme, don't worry about it.

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Welp. If you want to draw, read the sticky. There will be books there and it will give you a plan to follow. Also you're right, drawing is a skill and it can be taught. It's just that it's very hard to learn. So make sure you know how difficult the task you're tying to achieve is. Perfectionism will only bother you if you didn't count for the difficulty of the task. Make sure you only do a little bit each day and slowly increase the amount of time you practise. I started with 20 minutes then moved to 2 hours. Have at least one day where you don't touch a pencil, this is to help your brain catch up with everything you learned. While practise is really important and should take most of your time, make sure you also take the time to simply draw for yourself. Draw whatever you like and have fun. This is very important. Remember to be patient, every bad drawing is one step closer to a better one. I wish you the best of luck anon.

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character design
how the fuck

it seems like i either make my characters overdesigned or underdesigned i can never create a likable character. how do you find inspiration for your characters?

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here are some of my characters I made
how I did it was by playing video games with character customization such as the sims (any game works, the sims just has a lot of options) and I RPd as different characters I designed, then I simplified the design for gomig

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no just browsing unfortunately

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Well, I usually just mean mediocre in terms of skill level but that works too.

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Maybe try and come up with a small personal project and design characters to fit a purpose. It's much easier to come up with something when you have a clear goal in mind, rather than trying to come up with interesting, completely standalone characters that exist outside of any story or setting context.

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with practise could i be a abstract artist? i did this in ms paint in less than 30 seconds. if i put effort into my art could i make something gallery worthy?

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Did you at least read what abstract art is?

>> No.3353321

Depends. Are you from a war torn (read:african) country, a member of the tribe, anti-white or able to cater to jewish nihilism?

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but that's not abstract

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I'm smelling samefagging
Is that you, Nambo? Butthurt about the other thread that backfired?

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this is your competition, why are you on this board instead of practicing?

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>North Korea
dumb anime poster

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and this

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Cause art isn't race. I'm not planing to get good to be someone elses bitch in a studio.

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>I-it's all staged! Those aren't real kids its a fake!
>Those are actually midgets!
>Fake news!

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Except they aren't my competition.

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Toto - Africa (Vocals 1 Step Out of Key & Off Beat)

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How the fuck do you learn how to ink? I always end up ruining decent sketches because of this.

Also, can you learn it digitally or should I buy a real brush?

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This is a good idea. You can also buy tracing paper and ink on that if you don't have a scanner.

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Though you can practice brush/pen control with a tablet I wouldn't really recommend that way of learning: unless you're super disciplined, you'll end up relying on Ctrl+Z-ing, which will hurt your eye and instincts for on-the-fly decisions.

Plus, constant view adjustment (i.e. zooming into and out of individual zones to work on) can warp your ability to work on a piece or page as a whole. I see this a lot in modern comics: the line consistency and positive/negative composition looks all over the place.

This anon >>3352449 has the right idea, though you should try not becoming afraid to work on actual pencils down the line.

I wouldn't start with a brush right out; first you may want to try some tech pens, and then branch out to either brushes, nib pens, or both (maybe try a fountain pen as a transition).

>> No.3352623

The best practice is: find pencils of other artists, print them in cyan, and ink them.

One important thing: inking shouldn't be "tracing".
You should keep your pencils loose, because If you make all your drawing decisions in the pencil process the inking will be merely tracing and your drawing will be a bit stiff.

>Also, can you learn it digitally or should I buy a real brush?

Imo inking digitally is harder, and keep in mind that a lot artists do pencils digitally, and ink them traditionally. Try, and do what feels better (and faster, in digital you have ctrl+z but the process takes more time then).

Tools: There isn't a single tool for everything. If you like french comics they use nib+brush. The brush is the Winsors & Newton 1-2, always check the point before buy it, it should be sharp.
For the nib, the manga ones are ok, G, Maru and soft Maru.

If you like Hergé you will love Matthieu Bonhomme


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There are some books on inking in the book thread. "The Art of Comic Book Inking" was good if I recall correctly. Use whatever the artists you are trying to emulate used. Definitely get a brush and India ink, but brushpens are really convenient too.

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Sup fags, I had the idea of a group drawing thread where everyone works from a single ref, these shouldn't be studies, more like quick 10-20 minute drawings. The reason being I happened to notice that watching how other artists solve the same problem helps me to figure out certain issues with my drawings. Like that study thread we had a while back where everyone drew an image of a woman from the side holding a glass orb or something, that was fun and had a lot of replies with actual work.

Proposed rules:

>Initial reference image in OP, followed by OP drawing.
>People draw image in OP and help each other out
>Once a certain number of works is reached (10-15), last poster that posts his work from OP sets a new image.
>Rinse and Repeat

Note, the work you upload doesn't have to be the whole image or soemthing, draw what you are having issues with, the torso, the legs etc. Worst case scenario we have a thread that might motivate people do start the days drawing if they're having trouble starting.

Yes, I know we have draw threads, /beg/ and stuff but people don't always reply, but they do post work, here just posting work would be beneficial as everyone would learn something from others images, no write-up needed (although it is welcomed)

What does /ic/ think? I'll post a ref and my work of it, maybe we can get soemthing going?

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Whats the difference between this and the study threads?

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Take two.
> Whats the difference between this and the study threads?
Nothing substantial I guess, other than this being focused more on anatomy, and more as quick practice more than anything.

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Thanks for the links senpai

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How should I approach learning to draw, if my goal is to start sculpting. Getting good and technical skills with pen and pencil (or tablet) is not my prime interest, I'd just like to develop good fundamentals.
Should I go throught the sticky resources anyway?

Mind you, I'm in my 30s, I'd really rather not spend 5 years training something that would be of little value or have small carry-over to the technical sides of sculpting. Just any insight is very welcomed to me here.

I was reading up on some sources and it was mentioned that I should put emphasise on perspective, compositing and composition and avoid learning sight-see drawing and drawing technically intensive anatomy, since you should practice that with material and not pen and paper.
Does that advice hold any real value?

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>> No.3352592

>avoid learning sight-see drawing and drawing technically intensive anatomy, since you should practice that with material and not pen and paper.

that's actually fucking retarded. drawing is the quickest way for you to iterate upon an idea before committing to the sculpt. you can only draw as well as you think, so you'll want to be very a fundamentally solid draftsman. frankly you should draw even more technical anatomy than the average 2d artist because they can skate by on only knowing the superficial muscles & landmarks of the the skeleton and still end up with a pretty picture; nothing they make requires structural integrity. the difference is that your drawings don't need to be pretty, they just need to be accurate.

is about what you should strive for at the very least in terms of draftsmanship. also look into russian academic drawing, they use a very form & construction oriented approach that is very much in line with your goals as a sculptor

>> No.3352601

forgot to add:
>Mind you, I'm in my 30s, I'd really rather not spend 5 years training something that would be of little value or have small carry-over to the technical sides of sculpting.

this is fundamentally the wrong mentality to have, art is learned over a lifetime and skimping on any aspect of your craft will weaken you overall. you should be learning drawing technique/sculpting technique and anatomical knowledge at the the same time and using what you learn in each to enforce your growth in the others. technique is just the stuff you do with your hands, it will improve just as long as you keep pushing yourself but is completely useless without knowledge and a solid mental model for iterating upon ideas.

>> No.3352605

I agree with you. Does it get insanely hard to stay positive about art for anyone else? I mean drawing alone takes years of practice and is high effort / low to no reward. Plus, when I'm low inspiration, I'm hurting in everything else in my life. Anyone else?
Take care, and power thru.

>> No.3352689


If your goal is to become a sculptor then drawing is not important for you. Just look at Rodin's drawings, they're god awful.

Drawing is to Painting, as Clay moulding is to Sculpting.

Just buy a shit ton of oil clays and play around them to get better.

>> No.3352864

fall in love with the grind. if you can begin to see failure as a state of learning and thus something worth pursuing than the whole thing becomes much less overwhelming.
>high effort / low to no reward.
the process itself is the reward, every moment spent drawing is a gift.

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As soon as I started I knew I was NGMI
brain too dumb for 3D visualisation, ADHD, always tired.
thinking about suicide

>> No.3352450

2 seconds ago, still shocked

>> No.3352455

>ADHD, always tired.

lol wut

>> No.3352477

same boat. we probably are NGMI, but if we suicide we're definitely NGMI.

I'd take the 1%, anon.

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so whats the definitive proof that you will NGMI , i mean sure we all progress but i don't want to spend 10 years just to be nosebro tier

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Anybody know what sort of PS brushes does the SLBCreations dude use? I like the sketchy scratchy nib look of most his stuff

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Well, it's 2018

>> No.3352775

thats still frogpostin

>> No.3352788


if you're using PS just find any textured brush and make it small.

>> No.3353136

probably the crayon brush in CSP or a marker brush with noise texture

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> Couple of leagues above average spanish artists in terms of skill -aesthetics aside-
> Hides his identity

Just who is this guy? Some industry pro who moonlights as a smut artist?

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