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Thoughts on my clay Pepe?

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cool shirt

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Thanks, made it with tye-dye, its of snoo, the reddit alien

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Someone post the "males vs females taking a picture of something" graph, I thought I had it saved but I suppose not

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Tell me what to draw and i will draw it

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suck it

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Ok, now I will draw Lilith with all my involvement
I can give

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How the fuck would you draw a wide spanning city and had extreme angles of hundreds of people's hands in the same shot?

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Huge canvas.

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>post your (pretty good) work on deviantart
>literally no views for hours

So how exactly am I supposed to get bigger? This industry is based on pure luck it seems

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Reminder that twitter, tumblr and instagram aren't places filled with artists like DeviantArt, so you may drag in non-artists who don't know how to support you.

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>(pretty good) work
post work you fucking faggot; you don't get to decide what's good and what isn't.

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You're not gonna make it if your only audience is other artists.

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how do you gain an audience on twitter if you aren't already popular? I understand tumblr and instagram, but I don't think hashtags are as effective on twitter.

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I have a schiele piece and i want to sell it. How much can it cost? Its called Lying Half-naked Woman (1911) im pretty sure its original, picture related.

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unless you can verify its an original by an expert, you could sell it for potentially a lot of money

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i think the original is in the albertina man, sorry

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Weak bait.

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I just created a page to share my work, but i'm not sure of i want people to see it, i feel tooexposed i think.
This shit is like therapy to me, should i invest in growing my page and keep sharing stuff? The material is not good quality but i have fun doing it. What do you guys think?

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The page is @timmypencils on instagram if yu want to take a look

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You do know that there's a thread specifically for sharing your stuff, right?

>>>3079103 <--- Here

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I had a sono idea thank you for that

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Help me /ic! After dropping our from college I decided to try following my dream, becoming an artist. My aim is becoming extremely good at drawing any subject from immagination.

Now, I can choose between two school, a very good industrial design one and a crappy fine arts one.

The industrial design seems the safest option with the highest chances to find a job, the problem is that it will be pretty hard and I don't know if it's exactly what I'm looking for, sure it will help but I don't know how much.

The fine arts one is pretty crappy but it will give me more free time to study by myself while some lessons will be useful, like the life drawing classes and maybe something about colour theory.

Opinions? What would you do if you were me?

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neither if you live in US
otherwise go ID, don't squander 4 years of your life at a shit school like I did

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Okay, design be it. Thanks mates.

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>the problem is that it will be pretty hard and I don't know if it's exactly what I'm looking for, sure it will help but I don't know how much.
Did no one read this part of OP's thing? Industrial design is NOT art, you guys are fucking OP over.

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industrial designer here,
now going as illustrator because in my country ID are one of the lowest paid jobs unless you have your own design studio

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they fall into the applied arts and industry category.

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Hello /ic/
Is it worth to become an artwork artist?
I stopped drawing 5 years ago but I realised this is the only field I feel better than others.
In any possible things for example: sports, education (ESPECIALY education) im worthless.
I started drawing as a kiddo but now I see that people preffer computer graphic than rl arts.
Im afraid if I start work as draw/painting artist I will become homeless. Its really hard to find someone to sell draws for good money.

Btw, don't judge me by this pic. I draw this in 9 minutes and without involvement.

Also if you want: send me here picture of yourself or whatever it will be and I will draw it cause im really bored right now.

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With a big care and perfection.

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What do you think? How much is it worth? 2.000.000$? ill start with 4

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lol wtf

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not actually all that dissimilar to those max ernst drip paintings, although my own sarcastic scribbling beats both

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Hi guys. What minimal set of markers are you using for comics.
I am thinking of 0,3 hard and some wide soft brush

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Zebra disposable brush pens for primary inking, an assortment of black pigmented fineliners for jobs requiring precise and/or detailed lines (I'm using Pilot drawing pens 01, 02, 03, 05 and 08) and a bristled brush pen with pigmented ink for anything brushy (i'm using a Kuretake No. 8 and a Pentel Pigment Extra Fine).

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That's the most frequently asked question around here, but what's important: visual side or the idea of the drawing?
Do I have to try hard when there are guys like Jaywalker who just... almost don't give a shit after all.

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What's your opinion about modern art?

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It's absolute crap.

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I have no problem with it, conceptual or abstract art

These cunts want to act all clever whining about pieces they don't understand when conceptual art isn't about what you like or think is pretty

Conceptual art exists because art is more than representational and it gives value to ideation itself . Without ideation, art would be meaningless

Being challenged or provoked by a piece does not mean it's bad. But I suppose you'd rather have game of thrones fan art or some derivative shit

I can concede the modern art world as a business is fucked, but don't doubt many art connoisseurs are unimpressed with pretty realism paintings, just like audiophiles generally don't like pop

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good point, although I feel that conceptual art shouldn't be lumped together with visual arts, visual arts in its definition should be something you can see,
another example would be sound art amongst visual art galleries, when it should just be categorized as music imho

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i most heartily agree, conceptual art being lumped in with visual art has been very much to the detriment of the fine arts and people's ability to appreciate them.

...i also secretly kinda hate conceptual art though, to me it's always like, idk, like a joke, and you either get it, and it's not that great, or you don't get it and it's nothing. it's like memes. i think they're kind of a waste of gallery space, but you gotsa have the commodifiable object i guess.

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hahaha very true

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Do you physically work out at the end of your routine?
What exersices are good to become a more proficient and optimized artist?
What stretching methods do you use in your long drawning sessions?
What injuries did you have and how did you treat them?

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>Work out during breaks. Mostly jogs and walking but I also go to the gym.
>Probably stuff for your arms and back for endurance and motor control
>Get up and move every 45 minutes.

Broke my wrist in an honour battle with a great dane. Developed some issues with the muscles and stuff in my right hand because I'm a stubborn little shit and insisted on drawing and playing music while still recovering. Broke my elbow and somewhat messed up my back climbing a tree as a kid. Learned to write and draw with my left hand after said tree incident so I can switch when it starts to hurt (which is sometimes within 5 minutes of starting, other times it's hours). My better work is definitely with my right hand still, but I can get the rough stuff down with my left. Generally I treat them by being careful and keeping fit and healthy. Streches, working out, regular breaks. Nothing specific - if it starts hurting stop. If it keeps hurting go to the doctor. It's not exactly rocket science.

Godspeed anon.

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Weight lifting. Currently doing the NSuns routine from Reddit but strongly considering moving over to 5/3/1 proper in a few weeks now that I got the beyond 531 book.

Exercise is more important to me than drawing. But I love to draw and see myself improve over time.

You should carefully make a decision about exercise. The benefits of good-to-great health will carry over into every facet of your existence. Confidence and energy will go up.

If some pan-dimensional entity forced me to pick only one and forsake the other I honestly can't easily say which direction I would go. Luckily, there is plenty of time for both. So do both.

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It's easier to work out than to get gud at drawing, desu.

Last year I promised myself that I'd get /fit/ and learn to draw good. So far I've only done the former, and procrastinated from doing the latter.

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>tfw monday I am going with my right hand in a operation and then it will be a month in cast so the past week I have been drawing only with my left as a warmup for the following month(s?)

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sometimes i draw with my off hand just because it makes quite nice marks, and seems to engender a different thinking process, you should look at it more as an opportunity to explore your art-anima.

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Everyone on this board is garbage

There I said it

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Anyone buy prints these days? Unique and artsy high reso b n w prints. Thoughts?

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"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:"

exodus 20:4

Well, what do you have to say for yourselves?

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So, don't draw birds, worms and whatever shit lives in the groundwater?

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It is. OP's a retard.

“You shall not make for yourself any idol, or any likeness (form, manifestation) of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth [as an object to worship].

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I'll draw cherubim if I like.
Fuck you jew god

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> don't get a shit tattoo

Sounds like solid advice to me

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God can skullfuck himself on my cock

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Hey /ic/ I took a crack at making sort of an "edit" but I'm not sure what to call it, I could really use some ways I could make some stuff like this better or ideas for future reference!

Pic not related


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Hello hello~ Please look at my art and critique. I barely have time to draw lately due to Uni being hard work but I do my best

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There we are

What do you guys think? I have drawn these months ago but I haven't been able to take more time in my art due to reasons in Op

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>op and his thread
I love and hate your work op, if you don't keep finding time to draw in uni this is the best you will ever get. Feel free to ask me specific questions or maybe you want a numerical rating of your work

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You have some really glaring proportional issues regarding the face and body. Go read some Loomis or something. I like your coloring, though

>> No.3103438

you look like you need to draw more from life. do some figure drawing and/or photo studies of people. it will help you get a better feel of proportions and anatomy

>> No.3103441

I love the detail in the drawings but you have to balance out the background, watch your tangents so that the linework doesnt become too distracting. You have a good sense of volume and shadow, no need to contour your figures tho.

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How can I motivate myself to draw more and practice everyday. That picture isn't the best example of what I can do but as you can see I've got a long way to go.

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why is he attacking the snake

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>That picture isn't the best example of what I can do
Then why did you make it?

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>But I get disappointed with a lot of what I draw and it demotivates me.
>That picture isn't the best example of what I can do but as you can see I've got a long way to go.
You have the common problem of being a perfectionist. One of the things art teachers drill in you is to be proud of what you can draw at your current skill level. Don't be humble, don't be defensive. This is what you can do with your current skills, time and effort and it's good for what it is.

The most motivating thing for me was start doing studies. Just picked a book and starting doing exercises. It adds structure to your practice and also lets you learn a lot faster.

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Yeah, I would also like to know how the hell motivation works.

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Snek made a Thread for a simple question. I-tan is smacking snek because of this.

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/ic/ people i've an intense situation, i've the desire to become a digital painter and making money from videogames and films, we all know is dangerous and you can die starving i do not worry at all but ive a very united and harmonious family that loves me and cares about me, what should i do? i dont want to hurt them

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So, are you actually any good, son?

>> No.3102944

This is something you will have to figure out for yourself

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Don't let dreams be dreams.

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>So, are you actually any good, son?
Not yet, but is just because i just have 1 year practising but im being fair 1 year is nothing, im 24 years old and my parents and aunts can resist ten years more supporting me

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Draw seriously for another few years before embarking on a journey like this. See if you want to continue drawing all day after doing it for a few years and see if you're even progressing fast enough. You'll fuck yourself over otherwise.

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Trying out realism instead of cartoony drawings, never done before, any tips?

>> No.3102913

I'll try not to troll and go with actual tips.

- Use TONS of references. There's never enough, seriously.
- study anatomy as often as you can and practice a lot.
- also use refs for objects. Study sculptures, volumes, lighting.
- If you want to do fluids (cum and blood comes in mind), study what they look like IRL. Blood is easy, just prick your finger with a needle and study how the blood drop reacts to light. Have fun with cum if you're female (but it's internet amirite?)
- Study poses. Especially rigs and skeletons. It'll save you the embarassment of broken limbs syndrome.

Have fun.

>> No.3103018

If you want to do realism then paint still lifes first instead of jumping to fantasy imaginative stuff, like the other anon said you need to study volumes and lighting, so pick up boring objects and start painting them, only paint what you see and after that you can paint what you don't see.

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