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So I'm 15 and I was wondering what the best time to start drawing seriously is. Am I at the right age or am I too old?

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Enjoy the ban underaged newfag.

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The best time to start was 12 years ago, the second best time is today, mah dude.

I started age 21 and am a working pro at age 25 now.

I will advice you to leave 4chan though, it keeps you from being productive (look at me, not working rn!)

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How did you make it in 4 years?

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>So I'm 15

Loss of neuroplasticity, if you didn't paint like Raphael at 12 you're never gonna make it.

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Well, this was me at 15

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All we ever wanted was to draw cute girls doing cute things.

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>setting the bar low so that's easily attainable

I suppose that's an interesting strategy.

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I have a Wacom tablet and I've had a lot of problems with it, but they seem to be really popular. The reason I got one in the first place was because I had heard so many people say they were the best.
It's the only tablet I've ever owned, so I don't have anything to compare it with.

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24HD Cintiq here. I definitely work faster, once I got used to the new arrangement of express keys. I'm more comfortable, too, because I can move the drawing surface around, whereas before the monitor never moved. I put mine on a dual-monitor arm, for even more mobility than the massive stand it came on. It's a lot more precise than using a traditional tablet, it's more like actual painting where your hand is where the art is.

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Just buy a Huion standard Tablet. I got one a year ago and literally 50% less of a Wacom one Price and 50% bigger. I though Wacom was already a meme.

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Ah it sounds awesome... Do you make art for a living? How long have you had the 24HD?

I've been eyeing the 22HD myself... My qualm is that I'm not a pro (at least not yet!). Would you recommend only buying the cintiq once you go professional?

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I bought a 13HD because it was on sale and I was curious about using a screen tablet.
I felt like I improved just using it to be honest. It was much easier to draw directly and it was quicker to draw. I know people say cintiq's don't improve your skill but I definitely feel like my anatomy has improved since I started using one. By the way, I am totally used to a non screen one, it wasn't a problem of me not being able to use it or something.
I'll probably upgrade sometime in the future but the 13HD is a good entry level one IMO. My only problem is that the backlight is a little dim for me, but I have eye problems so it might just be something that really just affects me but is fine for others.

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I was worried it would feel too cramped, but now I'm seriously considering the 13HD. When did you get yours? Would you recommend getting the 13HD now over the cintiq pro 13 that was just released?

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How do you come up with good dynamic poses?

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participate in lots of gesture battles

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__ ____ _ ____ _________?

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>Learn basic design
>Pick up cinematography from comic books and movies
>Practice gestures
>Master exaggeration and subtlety

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pause movies. I think a lot of people get caught up in thinking of movements in terms of key frames, but there are plenty of other positions between those that are both readable and unique

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I want to figure out the meaning or what it represents but I can't

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>I wanna tell complex stories with my art too.
fucking kek

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Kid's in some random hotel's room. The man is telling her to go to the reception and ask for her parents.

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its so fucking easy.
the daughters is blonde, black hair is dominant and red hair is recessive.

So thats her mom cheating on her dad, the kike is trying to tell her other wise.

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On top of that, the guy's shirt doesn't fit, so the women is definitely cheating.

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well it is more complex than a loomis figure on an empty background that's for sure

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the Drawthread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, do not give up, make someone proud.


>screenshot the image and post that instead

>change camera capture settings to something smaller

>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

→ →
There's a new (and cleaner) sticky in town! You can see it at:


TRY TO BE MORE ACTIVE AND GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

OLD THREAD: >>3032574

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Crit me guys

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Tumblr tumblr tumblr.

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pretty good but the face looks kinda squished
neck is a bit too thick
also those eyes are too similar

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Thanks man, is there any problems on the nose? I knew I should've took more time doing the eyes

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nose looks good

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ladies and gentleman, let us get some objective critique up in here!

image1: Latest work
image2: objectively Best work
image3: obviously unfinished sketch/wip

>(NOTE: concept art will not be unfairly judged as "unemotional" or etc, you need not state the purpose and intent of your work, and I will adjust my judging to fit your needs, i am well versed on artistic intention, can't say the same for whomever else judges)

each category in a CLuSTeR score system, or CLSTR

1 - complete failure to encompass this quality
2 - brief signs of potential
3 - obvious signs of intentional work, succeeds somewhat.
4 - Successfully transmutes said quality.

There are five categories, Character, Lapse, Super, Tear, Response (explained in next post)
the best score is 44444
the worst score is 11111.

>all replies must be numbers such as 44444 or 43233
>or an artist posting the three artworks
>do not respond to others critiques
>artists, do not respond to your critiques, simply take note of your score.

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Character - (how much do you believe the person cares and has invested in their artwork?)
1) obviously doesn't care 2)could care more 3)talented hobbyist 4)future master

Lapse - (if you forsee the potential in this person, what is the first step they should take to achieve it?)
1)do a 180, abandon all ye have learned 2) take a hint 3) you are aware of your mistakes, just implement them 4) your self judgement is sharp

Super - (what is objectively good about the artworks?)
1) there isn't anything objectively good about this artists works
2) there are some areas that are objectively good.
3) most of it is good, but it's lacking that last bit.
4) objectively perfect, (in terms of skillfulness x representation)

Tear - (emotion, does the work make you feel ?)
1) no attempt was made to capture humanity
2) some attempt was made, but failed.
3) an attempt was made, but is sophomoric.
4) shows maturity in choice of subject matter and executes it tastefully.

Response (who is the artist influenced by? is it obvious?)
1) the artist clearly is an "originale" and does not care about the art scene in general/other artists and does not comment on it.
2) the artist cares about art history, but does not successfully respond to it.
3)the artist is responding somewhat and succeeds at some level.
4)the artist is well aware of art tropes, the do's and don'ts and doesn't fall into cliches.

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And really, your best work is third one. You don't even understand at the basic level why, thinking that a turd in the middle is best because it is made with mud and looks "most realistic", like the idea a n00b would have about proper academic figure study.

You don't care about your art because you aren't analytical about it, you are obviously lazy and retarded but focus all the wrong ideas /ic/ feed you with about studying and improvement.

Go jump on a dick.

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oddly enough, thank you

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Does 2chan have an /ic/ equivalent? How do we stack up to the competition?

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>drawing european classical
stop being edgy and just draw anime

probably like that

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this should be its equivalent

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yeah there's that and this: http://zip.2chan.net/14/futaba.htm

which is the porn art board

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I see some critique/redlines going on in this thread

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Is this the japanese equivalent of loomis?
Someone linked it in a thread, there's a ton of stuff here if you click around.

File: 61 KB, 786x587, ASUS-Transformer-Book-T100CHI-FG001B-Z3775--Convertible-mit-10.1-Zoll--32-GB-Speicher--2-GB-RAM--Atom-Prozessor--Windows-8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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guys i saved like 170€. and i want to buy a graphic tablet. my first one. id probably get a cheap one like a xp pen star or a huion. now this thing is on sale for 170 and i wonder if i should buy it and use it as tablet with display. is it good for digital drawing?

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Dude, no...

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just get a regular drawing tablet

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Get something with a screen, which is what you're thinking about. Ignore the other anons.

I haven't tried those specific devices you mentioned, so you should Google for reviews, and there especially might be a lot of helpful Youtube videos

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Anyone not going to make it even through they are trying really hard.

Was looking through his work and it is really crap considering he had years of studying and now even quit his job for four months.

Like you would assume he would have given up about now.

I feel this proves that talent is stronger than motivation. You can have all the motivation int the world, but if you have no talent you will not make it.

Like he made his youtube channel 3 years ago and still not made it.



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>You can have all the motivation int the world, but if you have no talent you will not make it.

This is horse shit. Here's how you "make it":
1. Develop a portfolio of work you can sell
2. Research clients that use your type of work
3. Contact relevant prospects
4. Hope they have work for you to fulfill

Most people just focus on step 1. They never bother to actually try to make the connections they need to make. Many people spend all of their time developing the technical skills required to run an illustration business. However, a vast majority of folks completely neglect improving their actual business skills.

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Some people are born retarded. Some people are not.

Some people can make it, some people not.

Tell me, OP, are you RETARDED? Even an autistic person can draw.

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>Even an autistic person can draw.

This was done by a 5 year old autistic girl.

Our brains are really amazing. They can make us become better everyday or they can put us in a loop of procrastination and rationalization.

> Should I be drawing instead of being here?
> Rethorical question, don't answer that one

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because without step 1, you are nothing.

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>gf took his money

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Tourist here, why is it that despite 50+ hours of work, a digital drawing will always look like an artificial cheap plastic turd compared to a mere sketch done with a pencil on a piece of paper in 5 mins?

Don't silence (ban) me, I'm just curious.

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not an argument

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What's with the "traditional > digital" bait threads recently?

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summer underage invasion

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why havent you killed yourself yet

don't silence (ban) me, i'm just curious

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>why is it that despite 50+ hours of work, a digital drawing will always look like an artificial cheap plastic turd
because it is.

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i need an experience letter of a company which name is flextronics, please mail me at [email protected]

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LOL, see what happens when you lie on a resume?

You don't deserve the job. Next time, be honest.

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what did he mean by this?

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Any glitch artist here?
I need some inspiration.

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i dabble

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This is some trippy shit. Any aesthetics?

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Has anyone been archiving yoshikadu's streams where he's drawing somewhere? He deletes them from his youtube channel afterwards but I want to watch him draw.

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I need source for that pic

>> No.3035664

Can I have the vid of pic related? I can't find it in the archive

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Youre right its like watching someone else workout, you do it to see how someone who is better than you does it, you learn from them and try to copy them

>> No.3035712

Yeah I used to watch his videos, stopped for a few months, went back to his channel to see new drawing videos, and I was surprised that it was filled with dark souls gameplay. I thought he stopped drawing or something.

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horribly drawn pepes.

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Serenity. Nostalgia. Nullity. Vagueness.

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I'm trying to get the hang of an olive skin tone with my watercolors and it's getting to be a pain. Any of you anons have some advice for getting different skin tones with your watercolors?

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>no cool paints to bring down saturation
I am disgusted

>> No.3035528

Use green instead of blue in the cooler areas of the face. The key is in the actual name of it - "olive". There's a reason people called that skin olive colored. Someone with olive skin will have more greens and browns in the cooler parts of the face, and less "peach" overall.

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this artist shows how she gets specific skin tones and with what colors. helped me a ton.

>> No.3035568

i use a lot of white mixed with some red yellow and just a little blue or green.

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Hey guys, I just discovered this site from Reddit and I was wondering if you could critique my figure drawing? Thanks!

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It needs more Hokuto Shinken.

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leave /beg/

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1) Lurk more
2) Beginner thread

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If you are newfag, lurk.

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Semi-interested in drawing porn on the side with a Patreon for a living but also don't wanna to be basically blacklisted in the art and animation industry. COULD an artist lose job opportunities for having a well known porn stash?

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that totally happened i bet!

>> No.3034940

Just don't draw disturbing shit like pedophilia, inflation, scat or vomit porn

Also try to be nice and not an edgy cunt

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They're actually very liberal, it's why Onta was hired by Image Comics out of all things. Blizzard also hires artists who do porn on the side as well.

You can't use it on your portfolio, but it doesn't close your career if you're doing art.

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Does it have to be completly vanilla porn ? Cause there is a big audience for futanari

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Anyone know who made the art / artworks in this?

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>/ic/ - Artwork

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The central render is called Apple, by artist Cai Shuisong00
You can find more of their work here, and I've attached the original render.

The background is Remember Me concept art, a Capcom publisher game by Dontnod Entertainment. You can find more of the work here.

If that's all, cheers.

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Remember me, Thank you. I have the art of book. That's where I knew it from!!!!! it was driving me nuts. thank you so much!

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