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Recently I'm obsessed with Paul Binnie's Japanese woodblock prints. Anyone else adore him or have any artists that are similar?

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How the fuck does an AI do this shit? They are just getting better and better. At this rate all the art jobs will be gone by the time I git gud cause of all these damn dirty bots.

How can we stop the robot take over?

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Unless these programs become self-aware or conscious, then they always need to rely on an input from a photograph. They cannot create something from the imagination like humans can.

They're just more advanced PS filters.

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so wutcha saying is that Concept artists are going to be a thing of the past?

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>tfw artists will be a thing of the past one day
I hope all this fundamentals ain't for nothing and /ic/ wasn't just memeing me.

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By the time AI can automate the entire creative process every job will be automated.

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fuck i laughed too hard at this,.

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Quick question....do you think that 3D art is UNDER represented on this board ? I get the vibe that this is some angry 2D only board

Do half of you even know anything about 3D and how fast it is?

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this thread is heating up

get out the lawn chairs and kick back boys

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Not really. Takes me ages to even model a fucking toy gun I could draw in 15 seconds. Characters are even harder. But the moment you get something right you can use it forever, so that's good.

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Yeah 3D definitely deserves more love here, I think if we're fine accepting the porn threads I don't see why we can't have a 3D thread too. Considering the large number of aspiring concept artists on this board it seems fitting.

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you're the biggest troll on /3/, posting that hideous model for years now

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What is the best art program for drawing?

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True. I'm just glad somebody has already created just about every brush I want (Thanks David Revoy)

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PaintStorm seems to be graining ground, I might give it a try. But I think Photoshop is pretty masterace, to be honest

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The reason for using anything other than photoshop is just that you don't want to use photoshop.

The reason for using photoshop is that you want the best.

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Corel Painter for sketching, lines and painting, Photoshop for adjustments.

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Or....Just pirate it

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Grand Prize
>You drew everyday for a long time, longer than anyone else. Congratulations. You are the best

>Update every day at: http://www.lavaflake.com/draw/
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you lose a token, FAQ is the first post.
>Miss another day within a month and you're eliminated.
>Progress updates are ok but they will be policed like other submissions
>Please wait until page 9 to start a new thread
>Please link to past thread
>Have fun.
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with under age humans ;^)
Last Thread >>2866554

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mathias is pretty cute.

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Is Choob dumb? why does he keep copying photos?

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Sorry, /las/ is closed until 9:00pm GMT+0. Thank you for your comprehension.

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You think its a low i.q. thing? I never thought of it that way, I think people just fear the criticism that might come with it, look at what happened to Proko.

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Hey /ic/ Newfag here,

I'm looking to find similar artwork to my own or anything that is geometric please dump what ever you got.

Also what do you think of the drawing out of interest?

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rusty ship wreck is good fun yes, many gains here

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Awesome job on the thumbnail

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Fish: yes or no?

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I tried to make it more funny.


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Noice Hermicrab!

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now that's what I'm talking about! noice indeed.

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i need help looking for a painting from a previous BP award possible late 90's early 2000's of a an Asian family playing the ps1, heres some BP stuff anyway

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bonus Freud of Frank Auerbach

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Gta V npcs?

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I want to get your thoughts, feelings about those pictures.

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nostalgia for when I was a young teenager and all my ideas were trite attempts to appear edgy.

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Not artwork.

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Brazilian here.

I don't get it. It appears that the picture is trying to pinpoint everything bad that has happened to the world on capitalism?

It makes no sense. Sounds like a dumb teenager or something.

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It's making porn illustrations the only way to have success in patreon?

I mean; I can't find a SFW artist that earn the money than Norasuko, DoxyDoo or even Sinner earn per week.

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1600 a month is minimum wage at 40hrs a week. So 3000 a month seems pretty good to someone like me

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1000 per week after tax is mediocre, but definitely very liveable. 3000 is definitely a high income. I'd love to make 1000 a week drawing porn desu

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But only retards make minimum wage in their careers after school (or even without school.) If you're making minimum wage as an independent then you really need to look into HVAC or Plumbing or Advertising...

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if it is not pornographic I do not have risks?

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1000 per month is good depends on where you live.
T. Europoor

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Is it just me or is his left arm's anatomy just ever so slightly off?

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I think you're the one getting just a smidge defensive here buck-o-roo

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>drew a pack o M&Ms
not saying that it doesn't require complete mastering, but ask this guy to draw something out of thin air and nothing

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>this shit is just plain bad.
>you said it yourself its not great. its not bad either, but its not great. thats all im saying

sick backpedal bro

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>people with this inhuman level of patience and precision wasting their time drawing household objects

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Can anyone recommend some audio books which can help improve you art? I love listening to them while drawing or driving my car.

Up untill now I've mainly been listening to fiction, while it does help with imagination, maybe there are some better options out there.

(download links would be appreciated)

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>which can help improve you art?

There's a podcast of Anders Ericsson about focused practice and deep learning. It will serve your purposes.

(I'll post link later. I'm on my phone.)

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Great, Podcasts are always welcome too!

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I guess there isnt really anything?

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Grant Cardone

>> No.2873712

I highly recommend the book: Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
It's on Audible if you use that.

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Made this a few days ago. Any advice on how to improve?

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this seems like the sort of thing that would look pretty appealing as a paper cut out

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These images just keep getting spicier.

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What's a good job to pay bills with while trying to make it as an artist?

I recently left my last job in engineering, after several years of doing this I have no intention of getting another job in engineering since it requires me to devote a lot of my time in and out of work to absorbing and learning new practices. Constantly being immersed in that didn't leave time to work on art long enough for it to take off as my full-time job. My ideal is to make $2400 a month without having to invest more than 40 hours a week, I can work most jobs with technical requirements because of my background.

I'm considering working as a pizza deliveryman since it pays modestly well for the time involved, allows me to listen to e-books on the job for learning, and won't mentally drain me when I go home to work on art. It also gets me out of the house (unlike online jobs). Working as a bar-back also seems pretty nice.

Others recommended transcribing (not very stable since it's on-call), dogwalking (I will be too exhausted when I go home to work on art), house-sitting (more difficult to find work since I am male), waiting tables (extremely stressful and need to be on feet for entire day), or customer support call-centers (does not pay very well).

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>Good one
Look up the stats, you brown rat.

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>people not being able to get a job

>have resident visa
>decide to get a job
>no experience in my own country, let alone this one
>uni dropout
>CV is a literal meme about being a caoabke, hard worker, no experience, no credentials
>show up for interview
>never had one before
>speak English with a Slavic accent so thick everyone keeps asking me how much I like vodka
>no real experience communicating in english , barely understand the guy
>give him a firm handshake, smile a lot
>tell him I don't know jack, but am willing and able to learn
>tell him about random shit I did like laying bricks for a friend's wall
>tell him about interests
>sell him a spiel about wanting to learn from my superiors about handling business and shit
>guy asks if I have any expectation s regarding pay
>just tell him I expect a fair pay
>guy asks if I have time to talk to another guy
>next guy is less bs more specifics about the job
>get hired for only job I applied for
>2 weeks later realize I'm getting paid better than the guys I work with, who were born here
>they all think I have some retarded contract and work for free
>keep playing a gullible friendly russian
>not even Russian
>don't even like talking to people
>mfw I'm their boss in 6 months
Literally just don't be an autist

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>just tell him I expect a fair pay
Just imagining a russian guy saying this, I think you would want to hire this guy.

>> No.2873350

how much experience do you have as an engineer? I'm surprised you haven't thought of saving money for a year or two then immigrating to some eastern country and work there.

the strong currency conversion should keep you afloat for longer than you've saved for (living expenses wise) and companies there are always looking for experienced engineers for their shit. your years of experience could give you the upper hand and demand less time working. meanwhile, you can take advantage of big name universities to learn some other college course.

take your pick with singapore or philippines. those are english speaking countries but their art/animation programs are shit

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btw OP, what kind of artist do you want to be?

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Why do you keep your clip attached to your mechanical pencil (or lead holder) /ic/?

Do you dislike being able to comfortably rotate your lead to get a better edge to render with? Surely you don't actually use it to clip to your pocket because you use a pencil bag to carry your materials.

The first thing I do with any newly purchased mechanical pencil (or lead holder) I intend to draw with is to pull off that nuisance clip.

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Is this just autism the thread or am I missing something?

>> No.2872611

no, this is autism the website, i don't know what you were expecting

>> No.2872613

sandpaper, works for any kind of lead/pencil, better than any sharpener also easier to carry around with you.

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To counterbalance the tip weight

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"If you can imagine something that weighs six stone or so, is on the point of death and has no qualities of the human condition that aren’t revolting, calmly lying there with a pencil and a scrap of paper, drawing, you have some idea of the difference of temperament that this man had from the ordinary human being."

so what's your excuse /ic/?

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>so what's your excuse /ic/?
I want to achieve kjg mod

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have you tried learning fundamentals + 40000 combined hours of drawing?

>> No.2872334

Holy shit! I never noticed that kjg had tiny t-Rex arms. Is that the secret to getting on his level? It all makes sense now. If you have shorter arms than your ligamemes have to expend less energy on sending messages to your brain, that extra ligameme power must be what makes him so skilled.

Brb getting arm shortening surgery

>> No.2872353

he doesn't have t-rex arms, he must be wearing his pants low

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Redline him

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I hate my work and everything I create. I want to die.

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Pretty much this.

It's not a bad thing, it means that you can see your mistakes.

Last time I thought I was good at drawing was when I was around 12 and just getting started.

At 14 I realized that everything I've done up until that point is fucking terrible and that likewise my current drawings are, just that I can't see it because, well, I don't know any better. If I knew better, I'd draw better.

Nowadays I sort of maybe find some of my paintings okay-ish, but not for longer than few days. And that's fine. No way to go but forward. Just keep drawing.

>> No.2872653

The alternative is that you think everything you make is a gift from God and a masterpiece.

You got the better deal, OP. Because at least now you can improve.

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Fucking do it

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>I hate my work and everything I create. I want to die.

Good, that means you're improving.

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Bet you read "drawing of the right side of the brain" cover to cover.

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Hi /ic/ I'm new here so please forgive me if my etiquette is poor.

So I'm looking over the tutorials and starting to teach myself to draw, but almost all of them are geared towards drawing people or characters of some sort.

I'm not really interested in drawing people at all. I actually want to learn to paint landscapes, and was planning on using drawing as a bridge to learn form and shade.

Should I still do the beginner tutorials designed to teach me how to draw people? I mean I'm sure the tutorials are useful in general for technique but I can't imagine I can go much further down that road if I'm not interested in people.

Thanks for your help.

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That's a good idea, just taking random places in Maps and painting that. I notice your work is digital. Did you start in digital or on paper? I've heard that starting as a beginner to digital is a mistake because working with the physical materials give you a better impression of how to work digital tools. If you did start with digital and you think it's good, could you recommend some entry-tier peripherals?

This art is beautiful and I'd love to be able to make something even half as good as it.

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>Do you think I should start with watercolours?
Maybe charcoal and graphite would be a better to start with, since you wouldn't have to worry about color mixing, just values.
Still, watercolors force you to think about shape design and all that. Cheap tube watercolors have worked well in my experience. You are only going to have trouble if you want to make richly colored paintings. As a beginner, you could just use them to color in your drawings at first.

I suggest getting in the habit of drawing landscapes outside, or through the window, then moving into watercolors if you enjoy it.

>> No.2872279

I figure if I start with watercolours I'd probably start by painting airy scenes like rolling hills or small ponds.
I've heard charcoal is really messy. Is graphite a bit better?
If I'm drawing with graphite/charcoal, how could I colour them in? I imagine the purpose of these materials is to focus on shadow rather than hue and so you'd be painting over the top of your shading.
Unfortunately I live in the city, so the best I could do is paint the house directly opposite mine. I'm sure there's lots of stuff online I can draw from as well, though.

>> No.2872304


Learn and master perspective and construction by studying environments, move into rendering and learn composition skills.

>> No.2872335

Since I started painting I've been noticing how great hollywood is in that regard. Even some of the worst movies had great visuals, beautiful environments and cool designs all around.

As an example, the Total Recall remake. Shitty movie. I hated on first watch, specially lens flare and how it butchered the original, but a few weeks ago I watched a few scenes again, and it was a whole new experience. Even rooms, or simple things like chairs and tables made me moist.

It's obvious to me now how the scifi genre specially have always been carried by masters concept artist and designers.

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All critiques welcome as I'm trying to get better

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YOU realize by stealing and posting his shit youe just making him stay around longer.... gawd you're an idiot, we want him fucking gone. Not a new thread meming him every 2 days

>> No.2872804

Just keep drawing big Mike, fuck the haters my man they're just jealous butthurt losers lmoa

>> No.2873100

Nice try, Mike.

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apparently it was by the OP so there is that evidence

didnt make this one ,but i plan to use it

thats too bad cause i love all you guys

im sure these guys will explain it far better than i can. all ive been doing is drawing

yea all troll threads, none were me

hope you enjoy yourself

sorry to hear that


exactly lol

ummm thanks lol

ummm sure man, sure...

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