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C - asymmetry of line
S - repetition of curve
I - wrapping lines
Can someone show how they look like and where you use them?
I find it a little difficult to understand.
Thank you.

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You can think of CSI as a method to describe lines. Most lines are either C-like, S-like or I-like. Once you can describe lines, you can use that knowledge to break down seemingly complicated objects into something more understandable.

If you can understand Chinese, this video from Krenz explains it much better than me. No translations sorry.


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Here's all you need to know. When you draw a house, it's not a real house. However, when you draw a line, it's a real line.

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Hello newfag.

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I haven't read Hampton, but isn't S line is just two C lines balancing each other?

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Does anyone have a higher res version of this image or know the artist perhaps?

I want to order a print to put on the wall.

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Judging by the lines that's probably the original resolution

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I've resized it with topaz gigapixel

pasteboard DOT co SLASH JDmwORm.png

>pic related is compressed because of filesizecap

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holy shit, nice dude, thanks!

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what's the best way to approach fundies when you're not a stupid /beg/ any more? I feel like i'm drawing aimlessly right now.

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How did you approach fundies before?

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>I feel like i'm drawing aimlessly right now.
What are your goals? Fundies are not everything. You need to start making finished personal work, and not just doing studies after studies.

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I guess you are still a stupid beg OP.

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Step 1
>Set a goal with a deadline
For example:designing cool cars or drawing coomshit at the end of the month.

Step two
>Pic the most important fundies to work on

Step 3
>just draw
Grind from ref,life and imagination

Step 4
>Make a finished work
And look for criticism to know how much your piece is fucked up.After that,move on.Perfection have nothing to do with being good.

And repeat.

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visual library
now that you can draw cubes and cylinders, draw something you think is cool, like trains
draw ~20 pretty good trains, now you know pretty well hot to draw train
then take another other subject, like clocks, 20 pretty good drawing later, you know clock
now put them in 1 piece and finish it

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What are your honest thoughts on this guy?
Does he deserve the hate he gets?

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>'it's tacky lol'
>'lmao fine for newfags but too tacky for my tastes'
>'tacky tacky tacky tacky tacky tacky tacky'
Are you seeing the pattern here?
What exactly is so bad about a painting being 'tacky'? What the fuck does tacky actually even mean you fucking pseuds? Nothing, it has precisely zero meaning. It's a cop out you people use to avoid having to tell everyone that you're a massive fucking gatekeeper faggot who just parrots some opinion you heard from some overpaid journalist so that you can feel superior to everyone. Art exists to be enjoyed for fuck's sake. If it makes people happy, then it's good. It doesn't fucking matter whether or not it's 'tacky'.
Pic related. It's something called art.

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Tacky is seether code for good

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Tacky means normal people who haven't been taught to eat shit can enjoy it.

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literally who

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I think you're very right. Always felt uncomfortable when people crapped on Kinkade, even when really high level artists were doing it. You're no more a sell-out working for a game or animation studio than you are selling fine-art tailored to a certain demographic, and Kinkad was in no way bad at what he did

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I just realized, even if we're GMI as full time artists, our accomplishment is dwarfed in comparison to average STEM professionals.

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I am I just feel inadequate compared to other people's success

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nah man don't feel bad about that, there's always someone who's better than you out there, especially people who are leagues ahead of you
i go to a college where 90% of the students are way smarter than i'll ever be and i sometimes catch myself thinking "are these people even human"
like once you recognize that some people are superhuman bastards it gets way easier to focus on improving yourself

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who gives a fuck. just do what makes you happy. if you make a lot of money, but your job makes you want to kill yourself; then what the fuck are you doing with your life??

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>mecha fetish

If so hit me up with some links my man.

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Any beginner guide's on trad sculpting or sculpting in general? Whats the loomis/vilppu/hampton/etc of sculpting?

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Mfw Jerome was the one who sculpted David

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>italians ain't white for cuckchan unless i need to take merits for their achievements

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Just buy Zbrush

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Imagine being this much of a digicuck, I'd understand if it was drawing/painting, but for sculpting? The medium that has the advantage of being 3D, you want to do it on a 2d screen? Fucking kek man

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How am I supposed to find people to show my drawings to? I'm looking desperately and here's what I've found out so far
>Twitter is not a good place to start an art page, algorithm does not favor you if you don't have any followers. Nobody uses tags, either.
>Reddit is mostly for fanart. There are not a lot of communities where you can just share whatever you want, it HAS to be a fandom sub to get upvotes.
>Instagram is a place where people will like literally anything you post. There is no criticism. There is no "this is good" or "this is bad", people just scroll down and like everything they see.
Do you guys know anywhere I could post my art shit at? I just want a group of people that I can share what I do with.
(Also is my art ok? Any critiques?)

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>Give me art critiques then so I can get better
Why? You seem to have a victim mentality and a chip on your shoulder. You're beginner level and already fussing over muh followers, not healthy. Go to /beg/ and post work there. Download Anatomy for Sculptors and start copying high skill artists that you like. Once you've been told to fuck off to /alt/ and can get several replies per drawing you'll get your followers if you make a twitter. Enjoy still feeling dead inside if that's your motivation though. This is probably the most sincere advice you'll get in this thread, it's up to you if you want to sit around here or get to work

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>be a little more specific
You can’t draw at all, really. Go back to the fundamentals and learn how to depict form.

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I didn’t mean to be insulting or mean, it’s just that on a technical level, you’re just doodling, at least from the single image you provided.
That is enough technical knowledge to get followers on twitter, but there’s nothing to build off of for a constructive crit, the image 100% muh style and 0% fundamentals, so the only thing you can get are opinions and tastes, which are useless.

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I like your art style. Is focusing on stylisation at this level ok? Im finding it hard to draw things if they arent in a front, side, or 1/3 angle

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People on the internet don't oee you crit. It's your own responsibility to get better.

Discord communities exist.

Also, if you want social media attention for original, non-fanart content, you aren't good enough. Go study.

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Draw a crab

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cute claws

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my anime crab girl > your anime crab girl

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we both need Loomis

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i love these guys

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>go out of my comfort zone with art
>it ends up worse than my safety zone
>feel like I havent learned anything
How do I learn to color

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You only learn to color by coloring, anon. Just do it until you don’t suck anymore

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I’m not lazy I’m just dumb, and if you understand most of everything you tubers have to say when trying to teach, you must be one of the best artists on ic
Yeah I generally try doing that but sometimes I want to try something different and it’d go badly, my problem probably lies in still not fully understanding the forms of the body and how light affects them, also color theory, temperature etc. there’s just so much it’s frustrating not understanding it all

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Learn about values first. color is easy, values are hard.

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Honestly looks pretty good if that's your work, you're absolutely on the right track
I'm assuming you're constructing your drawing with 3D forms, so think about how the light affects a certain cylinder, sphere, etc. rather than the whole body -- refinement can come once you've got the basic idea of the lighting down

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I started redoing it since that video made me remember that I was approaching rendering wrong. I had my cast shadows and form shadows mixed up, so I went back and removed a lot of random shadows and tried showing a little bit of form, now I re add cast shadows. I try not to get too caught up in rendering like this because I need to remember appealing shapes and lighting is king, I still don’t know how to do intentional shape design. Oh well

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Trying to rekindle and old hobby. What do you guys think? Any other script writers in here?

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Is your family supportive of your art?

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No, but my art supports their bills and mortgage.

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Interesting, I just see mine as a means to an end so I never seriously humored that line of though, even though it’s exactly what they ascribe to. At any rate, no one outside of randos on the internet even know I draw, though I’m planning on making my blog soon.

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>I ended up presenting my art at a TedXpo
Damn, so you're a GMI? I hate to be that guy but please pyw haha!

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yes, although i think if i told them i wanted to go to art school rather than welding school they probably wouldn't have fronted the money for it. honestly, i think anyone who would pay for their kid to go to art school under the expectation that it's going to give them any kind of financial security, is insane, unless they're just rich and they have infinite money and the kid is a trust fund kid, but for working class families, yeah it's fucking insane. unless the kid has some sort of undeniable god-like skill already. i'm talking about a regular joe shmoe who just has an interest in art and thinks they want to be a professional artist, but are starting at whatever the average square one is for artist starting out pre-education.

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I keep it a secret from everyone except 1 good friend. I'll probably casually tell them when I get good or confident with my work

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Is this guy just putting an anime face on a real body or is he really good?


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The problem with a lack of self awareness is that you don't know you're lacking it.

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funny how he doesn't show the coloring process for pic that pic

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I have plenty of self awareness you dunce, I’m more than capable of recognizing flaws in this dumbed down generation which keeps getting dumber (I’m pretty sure science backs that up) and the fact that I’m more cultured and worldly than 99% of retards like you who make up my entire demographic, you’re the exact reason I fucking hated high school so much and wanted to bash in the face of every single person in there

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thats pretty scary

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I hate popular twitter porn artists. All these stupid niggers keep dicksucking hack artists like Noill and Minus8. People think if you have 10000+ followers you're a god of art or some shit because they can draw fotm Nintendo coomer shit.

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Cry about it, fruitcake.

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I'm trying to achieve a manga-ish style, what should I change?

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Learn to draw first.

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>I'm trying to achieve a manga-ish style

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Op's probably a weeb zoomer.

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Read more mangas / eastern artbooks (exhentai) to embrace the aesthetic. Copy your favorite artists (mine are Tatsuya Yoshikawa/ Itoh sei/ Akihiro Yamada/Kui Ryoko)
Good resource: https://mega.nz/#!kOpB3aSQ!NIKdW00HeYvst8-mY2xpSTZKONn1fYpLGIJua9zw6aU
- Take people's advice with a grain of salt.

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ITT post the shittiest art (old or new) you've ever made that you're embarassed to show so we can laugh at each other.

Better artists with worse art is what we're after.

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if i had to guess where you lived i would guess south east asia

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are you referring to something like Nita Negrita, or is it the style that makes you think that?
In any case, nope. North America.

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>The Shoes

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Why do people with talent not believe in it?

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I was often told I was talented growing up by family members and friends (art teachers at school however, never used the word, they only ever said I was skilled). Was a 'serious' art student in high school in that I took it up until 18, but I put minimum effort in.
I hardly did anything in my own time that wasn't aimless doodling, so as an adult I'm barely mediocre. Maybe good enough to get a commission from someone with low standards if I put myself out there but I feel I'm still beg tier because there's a lot of basic things I haven't really got down. There are certainly people who were told they were terrible artists growing up who are 100x better than I am.

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the comic in op basically shows a crab wasting his time being salty about anyone that is above his level of skill and trying to make them feel bad about it and a person that is aware they can do better than where they are at the moment and spent a lot of time to practice.

>> No.5041533

Not the guy you’re talking to, but you’re thinking of hubristic pride which is different from taking pride in your honest work.

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Is that darksyde phil

>> No.5041643

Why does this artist always come off as so beta?

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Show me your proko/vilppu pics

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>currently a student
>finish classes exhausted
>have to complete homework for the day and study for exams
>too tired to draw, ill rest
>wake up disappointed in myself
and the cycle repeats itself
i need advice bros

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literally just draw, faggot
bet you don’t have to “motivate” yourself to masturbate

>> No.5040291

i don't masturbate frequently anymore

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Just draw.

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anyone got any digital artists who know how to make a good atmosphere with color like this guy?

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another example (artist is AS4KLA)

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Is there any way I can force myself to draw 8+ hours a day, naturally or with drugs?

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the thing something like this that a lot of people don't talk about enough is to eat a lot of food.
look up how many calories for example chess players burn in a tournament
practicing for hours on end every day is going to be very hard for your brain so you will need a lot of fuel.

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Stupid frogposter.

>> No.5041532

affix a bullet vibrator to your cock
let it run at a frequency high enough that you're dancing safely below the cusp of orgasm without pushing it over. your wrists will be in cuff links attached to chains that run over your desk in a way that it wont be possible to reach down and pound off, but your hands have full jurisdiction over your desk space
have someone else or a program in control of the remote
until you complete a cumulative eight hours of art, you will be kept perpetually in need without the ability to get off. your capacity to orgasm will be decided solely by your ability to focus and draw for extended periods of time, and the constant stimulation and arousal will keep you motivated to achieve it.

>> No.5041589

Get arrested

In prison, do nothing but draw.
You might get raped though idk

>> No.5041606

actually if you're a decent artist, you can be heavily valued in prison for tattoos and cell decor. iirc artists are the most valued before pruno makets, legal specialists and smugglers

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