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Got bored and drew this? Thoughts?
Maybe state what you like and don't like?

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I like the fact that you're drawing.

I don't like the fact that you felt like this deserved a thread instead of posting it in the beginner thread.

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payload 240.cargocollective.com /1/14/471930/7106320/cwp_03_1400.jpg

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What's the limit on drawing on a layer of someone else's art and making your own edits before it becomes plagiarism?

I've saved a huge HD of manga/anime to trace from for my comic, and it's saving a lot of time rather than constructing the panels myself. But I don't want some autists to accuse me of plagiarism.

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if it's recognizable enough to your "reference" that somebody can tell exactly what image you were looking at, and that image happens to be a drawing by another artist, except to be labeled a tracer/plagiarist.

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lmao this fucking nigga frankensteined his entire book

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I don't think you understand what tracing is.

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I don't think you have reading comprehension.

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There's nothing wrong with referencing poses directly via comparison, afterall we do it everyday by transmitting visual data from our eyes to our hands, but you will NEVER become even a halfway decent artist if you don't learn to draw off of your own steam first. When you trace you learn absolutely nothing.

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if you wanna judge my body just do it, icant take this pain anymore

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Wrong board buddy, r9k is next door.

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You could stand to lose a little weight. And change that mustard tiger shirt

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Is that cum stain?

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planning to train something more than just drawing and combine it thats true you will git gud more slowly but the reward is immense practically if a digital painter knows matte painting or 3D have much more jobs what are your thoughts?

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Particularly, I'm in love with the design the clothing in this style has, so if there's a name for that, it'd help immensely. But I also enjoy the linework, though that's easier to emulate.

I've painted a mock-up of the colors and themes I want for background type shit in the bottom middle as well if anyone has a source for some similar shit that might inspire me.

Also, has anyone here tried contacting industry artists? Do you think doing so could help bring insight as to how to go about learning to emulate their aesthetics?

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It's funny because I was thinking about how weebish it is, especially since I have a lot of western art influences as well.

But this shit just kinda fits a particular story/universe I've had on the brain for years.

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Something tells me you might be a fan of Vanillaware.

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>Also, has anyone here tried contacting industry artists? Do you think doing so could help bring insight as to how to go about learning to emulate their aesthetics?
Yeah if you know Japanese perhaps

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basically, Japanese loves to use gothic style and classical baroque style to their art.

and that they carry over to the character designs and fashion. in that particular case, its the pastel colors the designer is using so you don't really immediately recognize the style they use.

and what do you mean by industry artists?

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People who actually make this art, is what I mean.

And yeah, I'm a fan of gothic stuff myself and was considering that it might be modified gothic style.

Thanks for the reply, btw.

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>Every reply has to have a piece of your work attached
>It can be a sketch, WIP, finished piece, whatever
>You can't reply to anyone without uploading another piece of your work

Have fun!

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plz no bully
im new to this

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Did this last week

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The OP image, not Mei

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I'm feelin' it.

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Changed composition a bit.

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I think it's about time we had a thread for Artists of Color. Let's humble ourselves as we sit down to appreciate POC Art.

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>Batman and Iron man crossing dimensions to talk to a nigger
>said nigger is more powerful than justasplannedman

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I'm a brown shit and I want you to fuck off

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>disney shilling out to get thos WE WUZ KANGS bucks.

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Dayum, Jamarloquon be woke, y'all. Drawin' people all sideways and flat and shit, in the tradition of his Ancient Egyptian ancestor-kangs.

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How do you motivate yourself knowing that there are younger more talented people already further along working harder than you right now?

I keep telling myself age doesn't matter and neuroplasticity is a meme, but it's undeniable at this point that younger people have a huge advantage.

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given the absolute degenerate mess of crab bucketism and depression this board is I'd say yes

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Auv, how's life bro

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auv is autistic im glad he left.

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took my trip to post on fit. But Auv is still autismo.

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Which server did he leave? Auv was funny as hell

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"The Weight of Light"

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this retard for real?

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Also Rick and Morty

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Excuse me?


Whilst I do not know what you're pontificating about I do happen to enjoy Rick and Morty.

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Throw in a ‘mayhaps’ for the hat trick.

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What's a good free animation software?
Don't need anything fancy. Just someplace to easily upload my drawings and adjust the BPM timing.

Photoshop kinda does this but it's a headache.

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Can you tell me plz? Im on mobile and the link isnt working for me sadly

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best place to find free tv paint?

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hanabushi_ on twitter (don't forget the underscore), the op image should be the second post they have under media as of me posting this

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Give me one reason to follow the sticky after the Proko Kangaroo incident.

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How do you draw for ten years without every wanting to draw something from your imagination. Does he have autism

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Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary.

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I realised recently that stepping outside your comfort zone, drawing things you're shit at drawing etc is the best way to improve.

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I think that at least drawing shitty sketches is a step forward first. You don't spend too much time on them, so you're not afraid to throw them out.

When you get better, you'll see what sketch is worth working on and which is just a mistake that you should throw away.

Just fucking do it. Nobody will see your shitty attempts, but you'll not draw fetuses at least.

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If you know Mark Carder's YT channel, he's a realist painter who paints pretty damn amazing still lifes, but his stuff from imagination is shit. Like /beg/ tier, pure shit. Muddy colors, shit drawing, terrible perspective. It's just what happens when you learn to paint academically and all you can do is sight size.

Now what's particularly fishy about Proko is that what he teaches on his channel is a constructive method, which in theory should enable him to at least nail the basic shapes of imaginary things. But he shows none of that. It's as if he copied anatomical drawings 1:1 and made it look like he knows shit about construction.

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I've been wondering, for those who went to art school, were you ever given simple yet difficult to answer questions? Basic who, what, when, where and why questions regarding your taste and path.I.E Who are your favorite artists?, when did your start?, where do you see yourself in a few years?, why do you draw? how did you going about answering them? I don't plan on going to art school myself, but still I feel they are important to question to keep a fresh mind on the extent of your knowledge, where you are and where you want to be.

anyways the main gist is about the questions that go in depth, say: Explain why you choose this piece of art(2d of course painting or drawing digital or trad). just how far can you take it? and does the length and clarity of the answer portray your skill? if you're already at least a decent artist does your answer reveal just how much you know and actually be a hack?

Just how technical can we go in digital and traditional b4 we make our selves look dumb and pretentious?

sorry for all the questions.

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Art teachers vary at my school. Its either "everyones a special snowflake and you cant mess up art" to brutally honest and real world "you think this is going to fucking sell? You have to be better than everyone in the class not to mention other schools to have a practical job." and honestly I love the honesty. I love out performing others.

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>draw 16 hours a day (beginner but making progress)
>right wrist starts to ache.
>3 days later the pain is becoming unbearable.
>try everything to prevent wrist movement like taping rigid card to stop it so i can keep drawing. afraid I might have to stop drawing
> switch to left hand , not ambidextrous
>not expecting much but start drawing and its not as bad a I thought
>I'm so glad that my neet life has purpose again
>feel a pain in left wrist

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It's not for your validation, we just want to see the progress you've made. Personally, as an anon that thrives on seeing improvement in others, I would love to see yours. Besides, showing us your work might get you some good advice. The worst it will garner is a "you suck" or "kys" but if you're too thin skinned to handle that, you aren't cut out for the art world.

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Stupid fucking scrub. What kind of filthy NEET loser is unable to draw 16 hours a day? Every normal human being is easily able to work 16 hours a day and if you can't there is something seriously wrong with you

>> No.3176237

>work 8 hours a day
>spend the rest of 16 hours on drawing

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Squeeze in a few hours of sleep during your work then. Apply yourself. You need to be either drawing AT LEAST 16 hours a day or you need to kill yourself and get off this board

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Get some help.

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I recently got into MS Paint art and would like your honest opinion of what you think. So far I've done 3 pieces and they all have Vaporwave style themes.

Here's my first piece the rest will be in comments in order of creation.

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since this thread is here I'll post some of my pictures that I made In paint to spite this world.

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I quite like this one

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somber boy

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this one is kind of scary

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What's bad about the third is that it doesn't have that pixel-y quality the others have on them. It's just hard to get a good texture with the diffusion brush seeing as you can't control it.

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>tfw this is the comic getting the most money on Patreon

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It's okay. It's mostly a bunch of other people writing for him.

>> No.3175716

Not sure why this is such a big surprise to you that video games make more money than art / webcomics. The by far highest paid people on patreon are video game lets players, streamers and reviewers by the way.

>> No.3175728

I'm not surprised that video games makes more money on patreon, though. Fuck you get that from?

>> No.3175735

you can shit out art anytime by tracing existing figures, pick color palletes etc. you dont have to make appearances, show your face or talk to a mic, risk getting doxxed by assholes... people are less willing to donate to cowards.

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Which one, there was like a hundred of them. Maybe that's what it takes to be successful as a Webcomic creator, being able to create iconic moments and memes. He'll be remembered for that.

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Hey /ic/ I'm currently an artist making their way through traditional art school (primarily 2d) and I've come into somewhat of an issue.

Now to give some context, my school is very traditional. We have no digital art classes aside from the typical graphic design classes and one digital photography class (it's less about the art and more about how to take good photography of a subject; portrait, store fronts, interiors and whatnot) No classes in digital painting, animation, 3d modelling, image manipulation, or anything.

So I'm in painting, all well and good- traditional skills are important and I really enjoy them, but I would like to do something different. Our assignment is to take two "Masterpieces", say Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Whistler's "Portrait of the Artist's Mother" and combine them in some way while still having good composition, focal points, technique, etc. Being someone who is very interested in the digital realm, I of course want to take two digital masterpieces and bring them together.

The only problem is, due to my lack of formal education on digital artists, I've found that very difficult to do. I don't really know what artworks would be considered masterpieces or not. So I've come to you, /ic/, to give me suggestions on what art is groundbreaking nowadays, and (to make sure it fits within the rules) WHY they're relevant. After all, I need to explain to my art professor why they're masterpieces as well.

In terms of style I'm very much open to anything. I've featured an Alyn Spiller as my pic, and is something I really liked. He's been in the field and on some very important creations for a long time so I thought he might be relevant.

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that's the age we live in, my man....

you know, the funny thing is there are always artists that hate the art of their time... artists of the time hated William Bouguereau because his stuff was too rendered... same thing for Von Gogh. you're one of those people. are there any digital artists that make technically skilled, aesthetic, meaningful art?

having to always have a deep meaningful theme for a painting would make for a miserable time imo, and much less material would be output.

>> No.3176514

People also have to consider that the great painters still did have to do drab stuff to put food on the table. This is like that to them. Still gotta build a portfolio, still gotta do the work for their company, still gotta make money. They might have one or two meaningful works, but they'll be rare and maybe not shared with anyone.

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>> No.3176538


the paintings in this thread may be "shallow" but it's not doubt high skilled pieces and can go in a work portfolio. these painters don't have time to be the stereotypical tortured artist, always needing deep, meaningful theme for each painting. The ones that do try to have a meaningful theme usually do it in comic strip form
desu the painters now who try to make deep pieces probably don't make any money to make a career out of it. if painter wants to be able to do what they love - paint, they need money, and the money is currently in the "shallow" video game/movie poster-tier art

>> No.3176586

Don't let this thread die, I need new good artists

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What do you call this particular aesthetic?

>> No.3174925

I call it a shitpost that will get you banned.
Saged and called the 5-0

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What medium is this?

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Fuck you

>> No.3174834

What medium is this?

>> No.3174856

Looks like oil painting

>> No.3175062

its watercolour. /thread
how new are you?

>> No.3175309

If its not just a photomanip.... Maybe charcoal on a vellum paper?

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What do you think of /g/'s current hot fuzz?
I like computer generated art.


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