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Thoughts on Tony Valente?

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I'm in australia, they're in japan. It's not happening.
I've already received the printed magazine. I'm holding it in my hand as we speak, and the dot pattern is practically invisible. That's why I said earlier that print scans don't have this problem -- the dots will be too small to notice an issue in the first place, on top of the noise introduced by the paper and the ink on the other side of the page.
But, I could be wrong, and it could be noticeable. But testing it is not practical for me, so like I said before, I concede. This is as far as I can argue my side without resorting to bad-faith arguments and guessing, so you may very well be right.
>Look through any of your favorite Japanese manga, look at how the dots are arranged.
Yeah, I mean the default is 45 in PS/CSP for a reason, right?

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>I've already received the printed magazine
Have you ever thought what it might look like on the off chance your manga is collected into a tankoubon and printed at one of the smaller b sizes? Whether it's resolution or gutter space, you have to give yourself that extra wiggle room.
>Yeah, I mean the default is 45 in PS/CSP for a reason, right?
Yes, which begs the question why you changed it.
The only good real-world use case for rotating a standard dot screen to 0/90 is to lay it on top of another screentone to intentionally create a larger moire that looks like a pattern. It's old school, it's ghetto, I haven't seen it done in ages.

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>Have you ever thought what it might look like on the off chance your manga is collected into a tankoubon and printed at one of the smaller b sizes?
Tankoubon is the reason this work is being made, so absolutely, I think about it every day. But I don't have an example to work from so all I can do is make guesses as to how it's going to look. I've been playing it safe with the print borders until I have a book out and can see where the books are chopped.
>Yes, which begs the question why you changed it.
I didn't, I've just been using the default 45 degrees. I actually thought 90 was the default when I posted >>7182155, but yeah of course I realized I was mistaken when I went and checked. I'm not advocating from changing it from 45 degrees, to be clear.

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Actually learned something useful this thread

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Tim Bougami is German. He used to paint in a typical Artstation concept art style but now sells Fate/GO art books.

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whats your opinion on comics artists succeding despite their lack of writing skills? what are some other examples of this? Can other qualities make a work stand out when the narrative is shit or is appealing to your target audience more important that properly producing good storytelling?
I see people stressing the "storytelling > art" thing often in /mmg/ but I don't see anything wrong with having your fist short works being purely art focused if you're a beginner and want to improve your drawing skills first.

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The art is actually good, you just got filtered, bitch ass

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>So it had a great initial hook?
Bleach was never good but it got worse over time.
Its story is basically:
>Main character fight le strong(er) bad guy 100x

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It's not about "never" but "harder" otherwise OPM webcomic & Mob 100 wouldn't be popular.
Todd is basically saying that art matters more than story in most comics but not always.

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you're not as good of a writer as a mediocre mangaka

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I love TGT.
But I'm not gonna pretend that the early chapters don't look like absolute Hell.
That's why I like it.

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So quite embarrassing, dispute what I have said here in the past, to be completely honest I actually do enjoy making this sort of art as a still unfortunately autlstlc person, I guess it's was just jealousy that other people my age and who have drawn for as long as me are a lot better than me at art + feeling like pretending my art isn't even me and bullying it makes me look all cool and in with society but, in the end I've decided to accept that, all of that just wasn't ever for me and instead I'll continue to do what I actually love doing, making art and hoping eventually it will go from somewhere decent to actually good soon! sorry

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I swear to god this board has the lowest average IQ of any board and it's because we attract genuinely mentally disabled people for some reason

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Blame the retards that encouraged him to not quit on the last thread he made then

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Is this all because Yellow Diamond was in one of your discords?

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What? The Fuck! How!?

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Drop your art cords bros I need a new place to join. No deadcords.

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here's some of my doodles, name is imposterchungus on discord, shoot me a DM if you have a place

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Only if you have 100k followers and can retweet me.

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Nice work, stay away from 4chan based discords. Trust me.

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I shrimply want to shitpost with my bros and engage in general tomfoolery and post art with others and help motivate/grow together

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I like ASG, it's pretty active and there's a bunch of ints in there who give critiques and many begs (anime study general in name but ppl do all types)
schizos and ragebaiters get banned, and you have to post work to get in, beg or pro doesn't matter (no stickmen)

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A thread for recommending and sharing brushes/digital art assets.

>Publicly editable rentry for CSP assets. Feel free to contribute brushes you have purchased. Assets that have been deleted from the store are also welcome to be uploaded here.

>CSP assets store wishlist

>"What brush does this artist use?" / "What brush looks like this?"
1.)Search "brush (from:artisthandle)" or "assets.clip-studio.com (from:artisthandle)" on twitter if that's where they post mainly. Make sure to set it to the Latest tab to see the artist's tweets. Or use Nitter.
2.)Search brush posts on their Pixiv Fanboxes/Booth/Patreon. Then try to see if it's on kemono or archives.
3.)If none of the searches work, then ask here.

>"My CSP is cracked so I can't use the asset store"
As long as you log into the asset store it works even on cracked copies.

>"Where are the other brush sets other than the CSP ones?" / "Has this brush set been uploaded yet?"
Check the archive, chances are if they're popular some anon has probably shared them already. We don't put them in the rentry on purpose because those get targeted for takedowns.

Previous: >>7134896

(Brush in the OP is in the rentry.)

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>he didn't hoard years of sai brush settings from the wider internet for a decade and have everything he needs already

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idk I just use hard round

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Requesting these again please:
Brush pack costs 5 bucks

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>the best blending brush on the market
>still need custom brushes


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so uhh what is the best and fastest way to earn clippy?

I used to have about 1500 clippy its all gone in a span of 3 months :(

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sometimes i wonder if people have been unfortunate enough to actually follow these tutorials.

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how am i supposed to draw a face then? draw from reference instead of random shape->face?

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Draw with perspective in mind.

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but you still need to understand basic construction

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Words cannot describe how much I despise these faces.

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Reminder that you have no excuses not to get started on that big project.
ONE made it, so why can't you?

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im working on two comics rn but mostly just to get better
>one got very lucky, even if you are a decent artist your chances of making it like one are hilariously bad

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I can't draw things well enough for them to even be recognizable.

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he put his work out there and, rough as it was, his art was recognized. if you don't put your work out there, that can't happen. if you do it might not, but it might. posting here rationalizing why you can never succeed certainly guarantees it won't though

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>Are there any good books or tutorials on this subject?
Not that I know of, and I'm not so sure it's something that can be taught. A lot of it is just about feel. It has to be learned by each individual through experience.
>I find that easterners tend to do it well, but play it too safely so that it all kinda samey, though very readable.
>While westerners can go wild with this shit, making for memorable reading experiences, or unbearably unreadable experiences.
It has very little to do with nationality and everything to do with target audience. You've got to remember that shounen and seinen manga are aimed at young teens and older teens/young adults respectively. They do get creative with the paneling, but they have to reign it in a lot so that they don't lose the audience. Back when western comics were aimed at a similar demographic they stuck pretty strictly to a 3x3 grid format for the paneling, only rarely breaking it. Even today comic book layouts are heavily based on the 3x3, you just see it broken more memorably because pencillers are dying to break out of it. Sticking to simple paneling and prioritizing readability is not a bad thing, Dragon Ball is almost exclusively simple, clear paneling and it's one of its greatest strengths.

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Is soulhou the fastest way to advance?

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Picrel is a single month apart.

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>The artist learned to prompt

>> No.7181795

The right image is very obviously traced either from AI, a 3D model, or a photobash of other people's art.

>> No.7181807

>Very obviously
I disagree. Everything seems done manually. The eyes are consistent between each other, the shadows start and end in geometric shapes, blurred by the user, the lineart has almost no variance like a /beg/ would do it. Nothing seems like a pixelated ambiguous blob like AI art does. He definitely used references but he rendered by hand, but he needs mileage to learn what makes images look better. Still better aesthetic sense than all of /asg/

>> No.7181846

>Everything seems done manually.
Yes - tracing is manual. I didn't claim he directly used an AI generation or photobashed, but it's clear that he's heavily referencing art far beyond what he's capable of achieving naturally. The first thing that stuck out to me was the hand and how suspiciously accurate it is on a surface level (that is, its silhouette and lineart is very accurate from a distance but breaks down under scrutiny), and then everything else started making sense after that.

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How does he know his method works if he didn't use it himself to learn to draw???

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Proko cannot draw from imagination

>> No.7181589

who cares, nigger. Use it yourself and you will see it works.

>> No.7181614

In the time passed from when you first made this post to now, you could have gone through the book already

>> No.7181995

Appeal to triviality is a logical fallacy and isn't an answer to my question. How does he know it works??

>> No.7182029

He was a teacher, he could see his methods helped people learn, this likely included complete amateurs as well.
Not to mention his book was highly successful and was, and still is, considered the gold standard for learn to draw art books.
Not that you care about any of this anyway, this is all just some desperate ploy to get (you)s.

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Is it possible to use your non dominant hand to draw effectively? Any anons here tried training their non dominant hand? How long did it take? I drew all day today and now I've got cArpOol tUnNel

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We had a dude in class, he got in a bike accident and his dominant hand got amputated. He was attending the class to learn how to draw with his non-dominant hand. I don't know how long he's been there, he joined before me, but he was good. However, he was a good artist and could draw well before the accident.

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drawing has so little to do with motor skills that you can learn to do it with your mouth or feet if you want to do it just practice more there are pro artists that have no hands some even no hands or feet

>> No.7181968

I draw digitally with my right hand and traditionally with my left hand. ~20 years of MMOs made this not especially difficult.

>> No.7182150

Get a wrist support glove for drawing. I got mine about when the covid era came. Also why are you trying to train your second hand instead of taking better care of your dominant hand lol. It's like oh we fucked up Earth so lets terraform Mars.

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do your hand exercises anon, dont be stupid

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If you are a /int/ermediate or /beg/inner in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Please stop replying to crabs, nodraws and howies and instead focus on posted works!

Completed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98
New collaborative: https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
w/ic/i: https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/
Hardcore: https://hackmd.io/7k0XRnIQR6SValR77TDfZw?view

>WHERE to get study materials

>Want to practice figures?

>PYW and give your feedback
What can be improved?
Are there any resources videos or books you'd recommend to them?
Maybe a redline or a technique, be specific.
Try to reply to someone as you post your own work.

Previous thread >>>7179604

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Fuck off

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My most recent finish drawing. I’m feeling stagnant for some reason. Any tips would be appreciated

>> No.7182394

Have you seen how Tetsuya Nomura draws?
He does not give a fuck. He holds his pencil like a lesbian giving a handjob and he rests his arm on the paper at all times. Art teacher around the world die internally watching this.

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the foreshortening on the arm in the left is good, your anatomy needs more polish, but it's current level is mid beg, the anatomy in the legs is low beg tho, you need more polish and since you aregoing for a more exaggerated muscle/bara type of body look for these references, if this was a copy pls sudoku urself. otherwise just grind more anatomy and stylization.

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Post your doodles, and let the singularity take over.

Rules and suggestions:

>No stickman. AI doesnt recognize what they mean.

>Use colors, to help the model understand the doodle. (If you want monochrome, just put it in the description)

>Drawing good proportions is incredibly important. The models dont modify the position of articulations a lot, so take care of body ratios

>Draw background. An empty background makes hard to distinguish things like "laying down" from "standing up", for instance.

>Description. Tell us what it is that you draw, so we can modify the prompt to adapt to it

>Try your characters to take at least 60% of the image surface. The smaller it is, the more likely it will be messed up

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photography nuked an entire genre of art and created a whole class of low skilled retards who fancy themselves the title of artist, but that aside, false equivalences like this are common among low IQ AI faggots like yourself

>> No.7181965

>low skilled retards who fancy themselves the title of artist
Life is art.

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>> No.7182154

Wrong or not, I really like it!

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Sorry anon. These are usually done via control net to imitate the image you provide it. As such it imitated being mspaint art which it did. This one wasn't inpainted and done raw to showcase.

Here is one that's inpainted. It should provide a better result.

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80% having fun
20% drawing
0% studying
20% selling fake tricks to crabs lol
just draw

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now that im better at drawing i dont think i have as much fun anymore. still sometimes fun but much more thinking about mistakes and shit

>> No.7181829

The only children that love drawing are the ones that start off good at it. Drawing is a frustrating and humiliating experience for everyone else.

>> No.7181859

>sometimes be miserable because I can't get what I want correctly on paper
>fuck make an old mistake again did I even learn
>finish for the night
>That was great, gonna do it tomorrow!
Sometimes the CBT of learning is half the fun

>> No.7181888

Thats not true at all. Work with a bunch of preschoolers and they all draw like shit. They ones who enjoy themselves, enjoy the process of drawing, painting, and gluing, regardless of of how "good" it is. To them, they are always good at art.

>> No.7181897

I've always liked to draw even when I was a lot more shit than now.
You just improve by drawing more.

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I want to block people who "like" but don't follow my artwork.
Is there something wrong with me?

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off topic but how do I level up copying skill

>> No.7181388

oh alright OP
is that tree sprite yours? it isnt terrible
as for your fans or potential fans, people liking and not following is just a part of the game, another thing is that followers are not guaranteed to like everything you upload too
eventually, however if you keep up whatever you are doing there will be a few people who like your shit enough to want to pay you for it (these usually come further down the line after you have a bit of a catalogue under your belt)

>> No.7181562

strange I do the opposite I follow artists but don't interact with their posts not even liking

>> No.7181567

You're self centered and have a fragile ego, people don't owe you attention and you're not the only artist out there

You gotta have thicker skin, if this type of stuff gets to you how are you gonna handle haters?

There's no point in growing resentful to people for not following you, ask yourself what you could do to attract more followers instead

>> No.7181570

You realize it's hard even for YouTubers to get people to hit a subscribe button, right? That's why they always have to keep mentioning "hit that like and subscribe" every video or during streams.

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How can I quit my job and work on art full time? I'm held back by dead-end kitchen work.

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>> No.7181127


Look man, here's the sitch (that's short for situation by the way). Put the tubular drawing device down, turn that electrical meat box in your skull on and crack the volume up to 11 because you're about to get sage wisdom on the level of Gandalf meets Dumbledore.

Step 1, it's the first step dingus so pay attention, you don't want to miss a step and fall! So like I was saying, step 1 is to use this electric box of wizadry known as THE computer to conjure up some bonafide space time recording tool. Congrats pal, if you made it this far you just COMPLETED step 1!

Step 2, now it's getting tricky. See, you have appendages right? Those tentacle things you call arms? I'm gonna need you to use one of those, hopefully you have 2 of em, and start tapping away like you're freakin mozart on that keyboard. And no, don't start typing your star wars and lord of the rings crossover fanfic, just say something like "this is my drawing time."

Step 3, woah look at you, climbing those stairs. Gotta get those steps in, right? Where was I? Ah yes, so for us mortals time only goes one way right? Hint: it's forwards. But here's the good part, if you set aside that drawing time, eventually it's gonna keep piling up til eventually you're drawing a whole damn lot! Who knew?

Step 4, you aint Luke Skywalker yet but you're gettin there. After a while, I'm talking long while like directors cut of Lord of the Rings while, you'll begin feeling like you left the matrix. You're Neo now, all you see is lines and values. That's super great BUT here's the kicker, you're not the one pal. It's a tough pill to swallow. Strap in though because you're about to get a dose of a little thing I like to call reality.

Step 5, you're in zion now. Nothin makes sense here, up is down, the machine overlords wanna use you like a battery and you're staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at you by Terminator model: ass kicker! But it's ok. You got this. You're gonna make it.

>> No.7181180

Line cook unfortunately
can you put it in kenshi terms for me

>> No.7181203

i look like this when i see peruvian bitches

>> No.7181404

OP that picture is cursed. My tip is to save up, move to a cheap place and open up a Patreon focused on niche porn.
If you don't wanna draw porn then try to get hired as a freelancer, comic artists and animators get hired all the time.
Game artists are either concept artists on AAA or pixel artists on indie games.
You could also develop your own product.
My tip is to sellout if you wanna make it.
I draw futanari ladies fucking real women till they pass out and that's enough to live from art. I'm thinking of branching out on furry porn because furries are commissioning me even tho I'm not a furry artist.

>> No.7182183

Unless you get welfare, you’re going to need some kind of income for everyday essentials, food, and minor bills. Maybe you can try gig apps and work a full week then take 3 weeks in the month off for art full time.

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>I'd only recommend this book if you're interested in perspective, industrial design, and hardsurface
Why don't people understand that perspective is the foundation of good drawing? It is learning to draw in 3d space

21 replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.7181174

a book that's only useful if you previously went trought a dynamic sketching course?

>> No.7181175

go watch tik toks, suits you better

>> No.7181179

you're reaching

>> No.7181181
File: 224 KB, 977x1724, Screenshot_20240527_203057_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Problem is that people don't understand perspective can only truly be understood by white men and to a lesser extent yellow men. If you're black or brown I am truly sorry

>> No.7181189

You don't. It's very basic things that a high schooler should have had no problem following to learn before 2020. It's very easy to follow

Retards just want to magically draw complicated 2D anime portaits in perspective without putting in the work.

File: 1.13 MB, 1205x2233, IMG_20240527_175148939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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I'm looking for videos of KJG drawing. I want to watch as many vids as I can. I think I'm kind of onto how to draw directly in perspective from imagination without a 'undersketch'. But I want to analyze his process stroke-by-stroke to really see.

- clear view of the drawing, not video of him where you can't see the drawing well
- not sped up
- higher the resolution the better.

Anyone have any bookmarks?

>> No.7181014

Have you even tried looking? or are you just waiting for the airplane?

>> No.7181072

>or are you just waiting for the airplane?
This one, 4chan rarely fails me.

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Do any of you on here have partners that are on the whole, generally unsupportive of your art hobby? I'm not taking about those who face open hostility, but more of a very casualized disregard/disdain from them.

Mine does. Generally will say stuff like "you didn't do anything all weekend" (spent it drawing), or when he does refer to my hobby, will say it's just "porn" (it isn't always, and he says it as though making light of it).

Most of the time, however, my art is simply ignored. I'm not looking for praise really, but I find it strange that I don't get even a single "oh wow it looks good" comment or something of the sort from the person I live with.

Would this be breakup material for you? Unironically, this has had a hand in my losing interest/respect in my partner. Not really invested in someone who can't pretend to give a single damn in something that means something to me, even if I only - barely - started doing this two (2) years ago.

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>> No.7181373

only troons and fags here its disgusting

>> No.7181530

Why are there so many homosexuals on this board? Is art inherently a homosexual pursuit?

>> No.7181533

Art communities have always been the refuge of societal misfits

>> No.7181555

I hate women is faggotry worth it?

>> No.7181618

Stop dating people. problem solved

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Mine will be focused on color theory 101:
just blatantly steal from pixel artists. best palettes.OR https://ebin.pub/pixel-logic-a-guide-to-pixel-art-2022nbsped.html
helps too.
specifically the shit about color ramps and hue shifting.

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>> No.7181821

Looks like a pretty cool book actually. Thanks for showing it.

>> No.7182167

art degraded with this color theory. the old masters did not know it yet created good works.

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Have you acquired some wisdom throughout the years when it comes to drawing? I have, but also from other sources and life in general.
Some examples:
>less is more
One of the golden rules of the world, also applies to art
Keep It Simple, Stupid (basically same as above, borrowed from the world of software development).
CSI is an example of this, when it comes to drawing.

I'll post more if this thread get some traction
Feel free to share yours

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>> No.7180873

The squizo thread again

>> No.7180878

Redpill me on hampton huston hogarth

>> No.7180901

I use google sheets to do the proportion calculations when copying references/studies. Measure by pixels for the ref and by inches for my physical sketch. I don’t measure everything of course, just key points/features

>> No.7180902
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You can make a good picture without highly technical drawing knowledge (anatomy, perspective). Occasionally an anon will share one of those lousy "How to Draw Anime" books for a laugh, but you can basically make anything, even those bad drawings, look decent with good graphic sensibility and some imagination. It's not easy to do it at a high level though, and I don't mean to imply it's something you don't have to work on through the years.
But it is something you can do right now if you're confident and have some imagination. Being able to switch to that more shape-centric/graphic/abstract mode can be fun and keep morale up while you learn the "correct" way.

>> No.7181007

I can only speak for Hampton, I have his figure drawing book. He breaks down anatomy into easy shapes/forms. If you read his book from start to finish (and I mean READ) I think it will help. Makes complex shit simple, as it should be.