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What's /ic/'s opinion on Ishida Sui's art?

Personally one of my favs

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Whats your idea of non generic art?

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Makes wlop looks like a rendering freak

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its full of personality. i like it.

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In terms of the actual art you see in his comics, he peaked out around the Aogiri arc, got mediocre towards the end of Tokyo Ghoul, and when Tokyo Ghoul :re starts his art just slowly declines into a plateau. Really he's sticking in his comfort zone.

You can see this in all the volume covers, where early on there are full body drawings and some different angles it was drawn from. But then later you see that the covers become more of the same. And it :re it's always some kind of bust shot of a character. Usually a head, and one hand. Or it's just a head. No difficult things like perspective, form or construction here! Just floaty wispy whatever you see, like in OP. The comic of course, follows.

It becomes more polished, but it stiffens up a lot and looses some of its uniqueness to it. If you've read Bleach, it's kind of the same shit. But at least Kubo (bleh) had his own uniquely awful style. Ishida's just looks like your average anime. Doesn't help that most of the impressive stuff later on is work that could easily have been delegated to assistants, like background art or screentone effects. Hell even the really nice looking background art could easily just have been filtered photos of Tokyo.

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He's a phenomenal artist but of course /ic/ will shit on him.

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Hows My Art??

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Draw a butch in heat

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blog ?

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It shows u've been grinding those fundies

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here you go

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Draw a lesbian getting her pussy eaten.

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>be at work
>slow day
>scribble shitty hellboy on a post-it
>Hey Anon youre an artist!
Ye-yeah, sure
Stop building up my failures

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You have autism

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Did you come up with that all by yourself?

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Post results

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Sorry for the question, but can anyone tell me the neme of the artist who drew big compositions and every object or animal started with the same letter? I think he did it for every letter of the alphabet and I've tried searching for him in every damn way... please help!
Pic unrelated

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Are you thinking of Graeme Base' s Animalia?

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Thoughts on the latest release?
I'm trying to think of a good way to use the new quick access menu but I already have all the shortcuts I need mapped to my keyboard.

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Pretty sure that’s there because of the iOS release

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Quick access is pretty useless because I have an intuos large and a keypad for all the shortcuts I could ever use. But the new pencils are nice and the blending engine feels "deeper".

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Forget that, who's the artist?

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>the blending engine feels "deeper".

Hmm, I didn't catch anything about that in the release note and that would be a pretty major update. What do you mean by deeper? Smoother?

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some cool ones rh

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Can't deny his skill though

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>3. Dude.
True dat

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rendering is nice.

that's about it.

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Yeah totally shit, /beg/ tier right?

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Funny how the average /ic/er don't express better what they technically don't like about a piece of art.

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Like me picture ;)

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>with his deep blue eyes, the Führer scanned my DNA
>identifying haplogroups
>and saw my Jewishness
>Hitler wept
>he wailed:
>I dun wanna c Jew anymoa

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How many bottles a day are you up to?

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>Like me picture
I see nothing wrong

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Any flips(filipinos) hanging around here? ;-;
Im desperately looking for a tutor to teach me stuff
Offer how much you want me to pay as long as you're or can go to metro manila

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Ayt sorry kala ko troll ka nagtaka kasi ako sa sinulid
[email protected]

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email kita mamaya pero seryoso to >>3236935
tama sinasabi nya

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Okay lang, ikaw na rin mag-decide ng pricing per session mo

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Ah, I see. Alam ko lang ng isang d/ic/k nakatira sa Pilipinas, but hindi alam ko if sa Manila ba sila. They're one of my favorite posters here but bihi-bihira yung updates nila. Ayokong namedrop them para sa kanilang privacy. Maybe they pop in, or hopefully the anon in the thread can help you out.

And yeah, >>3238073 and >>3236935 are pretty much right. Art's 95% self studying, but good luck to you!

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ito pala yung actual email ko [email protected]
pasend nalang ulit di kasi mabasa sa isa

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if you wish to draw humans then you must first master the drawing of the animal

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How do you know (((cave paintings))) was the first form of art made by man?

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cave drawings of animals are more detailed than the cave drawings of humans

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He didn't actually say this did he

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No, x-ray scans and deep pigment samples show that most cave walls were once covered with millions and millions of boxes.

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no you dummy

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The "stfu and draw" edition

Last thread: >>3229008

This thread is meant for artists who might want to try to make anime works in-between their studies. It is strongly recommended that you use this thread in conjunction with learning the elements and fundamentals of art. You can also discuss the visual elements of various professional artists as well if you keep it relatively articulate and civil.

Submit your drawings, receive feedback or critique others! Share your knowledge and remember to thank those who've critiqued or red-lined your drawings.

Don't know where to start? Read the sticky.
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #creative
>yoshikadu2011 (youtube, streams daily)
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary
>http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=59317 (0033)
Life Drawing Reference

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>live action
as if anyone would give a shit if it showed his eyelids.

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i would because it would look retarded. There is a reason this is used so often because they tested it another way and saw that it looked like rat shit so they went with this.

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Why can't the girl be *the* narcissist?


She guards this crabapple tree?

Flattering stuff.

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You are not thinking in terms of design and appeal yet. Shit /beg/ detected.

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Yeah just look at Kick-Ass (which did it deliberately) and the old Batman tv-show. Gives off a realy goofy masquerade look.

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I recently found out that I have AD/HD (the inattentive kind). I never got diagnosed as a kid because my parents basically didn't give a fuck about things like this. To all the anons that are suffering from this, how have you been coping with this disorder during your artistic journey and what systems have you created/discovered that helped you to minimize its effects on your studies and your art.

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I have to listen to a cacophony of sounds music that is like a mix between background static and something grating to keep my mind busy, I also just tire myself out first it's never a fight if I just take my meds but I hate doing that and I hate seeing doctors

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I took meds for years since I was a teen for this condition. I quit them this year and have been building my daily life habits for success without them. I'm of the belief that the condition arises from certain kinds of trauma in childhood. A part of the journey for me has been recognizing that trauma and letting it go little by little by choosing each day to not give up my power by living in the shadow of my painful past. That said, there are daily habits that help me focus on my healing, my art, and my progress. I take a multivitamin and natural supplements to help me overcome the attention deficit issues. I found alpha brain to be very helpful in particular. DMAE has also worked for me. You can do your own research on natural supplements that might work for you. I try to get enough sleep in that I know how many hours I need to dedicate to sleeping and I do so. I dream and the dreams help me fuel my creativity and understand my psyche through looking up dream symbols in online dream dictionaries. I take time out of my day to clean my place up a bit. I make my bed each day, no excuses. Paying active attention to my living environment each day helps me build the brain muscles I need to pay attention to other important daily life things. I remember that cleaning and hygiene is an aspect of self-care. If I ever fall off the proverbial wagon and relapse into a bad habit, I don't waste time getting too caught up in guilt, I get back on the wagon asap by examining it and learning from it. Throughout my day I listen to podcasts which uplift and challenge me to accomplish and be tougher mentally. I like the Adam Carolla podcast(s) in particular the Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla podcast. I have recently made a habit of going to /ic/ instead of escaping by playing video games because it's more fulfilling and very helpful towards my daily life goals. On that note, thank you /ic/.

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Fuck dude, I appreciate the effort you put into that post but the fact that it's so wordy is just ironic.

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ADHD is another one of the fake "illnesses" invented by Jewish psychologists to help people rationalize their own failure in the increasingly alienated and hedonistic culture of modernity.

Quit being a pussy, take responsibility for yourself, stop making excuses, rediscover your social bonds with your community.

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Oh please
Get your head out of your ass and go back to /pol fagget

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>draw like shit
>hate my own style
>have no job
>have no friends
>have no connections
>have no motivation
>lazy as fuck
>can barely take care of myself
>every time I try to change myself for the better it doesn't work
Sometimes I feel like I'll never be a successful professional in the animation industry, or even successful functioning adult at the very least.

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who arjun tank of art

> trying to start at 2006 but frustrated because kids near by me better than me
> 2008 get interested in automobile tried to study design but lost interest in 2010
>2011-2014 wasted for admission art barely use technic that i learned these day, terrible memory of exam
>2015 do nothing in college
>2016 grab garbage tablet and get into digital
>2017 tablet replaced, getting education
>never inspired somebody
>11 fucking year

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6 years here, and it used those 6 years to relearn, on my own, what I've been thought when I was a kid and forgot after 8 years of not drawing because stupid and though school is more important

that's right, it took me 14 years to get back to my good start, and the next few months will be a standstill until I get half a finger on my main hand amputated. Tried to repair it and did 2 operations on it, but it's still annoying me so I decided to amputate it after the holidays are over

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I didn't realize cart attendant was actually a difficult job. Is it because you have to walk so far to get the carts that aren't even close to the store?

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fuck, your me. except i draw pretty well

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what are you expecting to get out of whining on here?

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Rate my art, /ic/

I am a major lurker in all the interwebs, so i lurked a little here and saw you guys don't like fan art very much.

So i tried to start designing things, and the result was that i stopped drawing altogether.

Now i went bak to what i love, fan-arting

But anyways, in each piece i try to improve. This here is my final piece and my first "composition", where i tried to maintain the same kind of detail level than Miura.

Please rate my art, feel free to see my deviantArt to browse my full art story:



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Ok, I didn't came here to get compliment...

Reformulating the thread:

Could you give me advice in improving my drawing, anons? Could you point me my worst shortcomings?

C'mon, I gave plenty of material, give me something to work here. Thanks!

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Grass doesn't look like that, hair doesn't look like that, and there's no texture on the wall in the distance.

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this is a mix between chris chan and tom preston tier. do you honestly think this looks good? do you not the large wonky lines? this would only be forgiveable it it was a flash cartoon.

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I started writing some advice, but basically, you could improve a lot in everything (ex: form, gesture, value). go to the beginner thread if you want advice.

>> No.3237585


Always do. Could you talk a little bit about what is value in this context?

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Dont forget to shill Star Wars art for the next month to rake in all those notes or retweets!

>> No.3236569

And FYI the current thing to shill is Voltron, but people mostly care about the humans so sorry if you're actually into mechs.

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I need some advice, but do having better tools (software) actually matters for an artist?

like better 3D tools, DAW, painting software, game engines will allow better profresional results of even mediocre artists?

>> No.3236503

Software is not a replacement for technical skill.
Good software can streamline the process for a proficient and make it faster, but it will not make you a better artist.

There aren't any shortcuts. You gotta grind out the fundamentals, just like everyone else.

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Fundementals all the way. Software matters depending on what types of jobs you're shooting for. I'm practicing fundies, digital master studies, traditional stuff, sculpting and basic 3D all at the same time. It's fucking exhausting but I'd rather have multiple ways of problem solving when I'm looking for jobs/get an assignment.

I think there are multiple ways of getting good and mine is probably pretty fucking slow. I think that working like this is more fun though. I don't get bored as easily when I can keep switching techniques and after a REALLY long time I'll have a lot of tools at my disposal...

Anyways, programs you can check out if you want to (other than Photoshop and Painter):

- ZBrush (Keyshot optional) < Sculpting
- Fusion360 or MoI3D < Hard surface modeling
- Maya, 3DsMax, Modo, Blender etc. < 3D modeling, rigging/rendering
- Clip Studio Paint < Line art crap/comics
- Daz 3D < Posing stuff (Please don't just over paint them though Shit's awkward)

I don't think it's such a horrible idea to try different techniques/styles as /ic/ often makes it out to be as long as you're always practicing your fundies...

>> No.3236566

In addition to the above, feel free to check out whatever software you're interested in but do NOT ditch ye olde pencil & paper. I'm still trying to make up for years of bad habits that came up from using those programs exclusively thinking I could bypass the fundamentals. But you're most likely going to be using some set of softwares in the future so might as well start now.

>game engines

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what do you think of my waifu?

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I know it's been asked a thousand times, but I never paid attention as I wasn't interested in doing it. But, how effective is drawabox? I'm going to try it regardless, just curious what kinds of results people got from using the homework for a year or so

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It helped me build up line confidence and practice 3D thinking. It really helped me as a basis for life drawing.
The first two lessons are the only essential ones, but also the most boring and draining. Of course there are books that go more in Depth like Robertson's How to Draw, but Draw a Box is easy to understand. The dynamic sketching section is nice, maybe look up Peter Han's course for additional input. The figure drawing section sucks, better sources for that (Loomis, Hampton, Bridgman)

I would also suggest to do more pages than what the site suggest. Practice until you're able to draw near perfect lines and ellipses. Until you can draw boxes from every perspective and know how forms intersect. Think about what you're doing when drawing boxes in space, else those repetitive practices are useless. (Only the line exercises are purely for developing motorical skills)

Also take your time with it. I was going through it over the course of a month, doing 12h a day and got pretty burned out. It still helped. But don't expect to be good ar drawing after DaB, you will just build a tool set that helps you with the next steps in your journey.

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So basically draw eyes untill you can draw the whole human body
Sounds right

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Draw a box is just a watered down verison of what they teach in some schools they may label it as viscom (visual communication) or dynamic sketching its all the same concepts but imo gnomon school and peter hans course teaches it the best

But peter hans course on cgma is over priced.

>> No.3236950

see >>3236486
>3.) after you feel satisfied with your eye making skills, start drawing eyes with a nose
>And after a while, you'll start to be able to draw the whole human body

What did you want me to do? Write, draw eyes and nose, then draw eyes nose, and mouth, then draw eyes nose mouth, chin, then draw the whole bald head, then draw the whole head with hair, then learn to draw the different types of heads. then draw the head with a neck. then draw the head with a neck and shoulders. then draw the head with a neck shoulds, and the upper arms in different angles and positions.....

Look. Im just here to teach people how to draw. I cant fix anyone with a sub 50 iq. For that, i rec learning math.

>> No.3237056

Thanks for the post, so loomis/hampton/bridgman are good steps after draw a box?

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What do you think?

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I like it, but it needs darker and lighter values to be more striking. Basically, more contrast.

>> No.3236632

>beginner thread

>> No.3237036

Aleksander Hardashnakov

>> No.3237042

This. Also, do more linework on the branches, and they need more texture.

>> No.3237083

Yeah, dude. Unless you’re Alek, why are we critiquing his work?

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Used camscanner to take the photo and gimp 2 to make the white transparent. There's white spots and idk if it was me or what I used,

>> No.3236577

Set the lineart layer to Multiply and use a layer below to color.

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