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What are some good warm up exercises?

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circles, ellipses, straight lines
gestures... in perspective!
anything fun in my opinion is a pretty good warm up, just to get you in the drawing mode

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is it possible for a single person to make an animated movie?

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I hope so, since I'm determined to make at least one personal feature before my suffering ends.

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4 years using flash.

And we get a 5 minute above average quality video.

That's... close to autism. Very close.

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While it's not a movie, one dude spent like 4 years or something ridiculous to make this:

Here's a mirror link, since it's blocked in the US on youtube.

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i did it

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And here I sit procrastinating studying thinking I'm wasting my time.

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I've been out of doing digital art for a few years now and was wondering if its still a good one or if any better painting programs have surfaced since then.

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get Painter from Corel these nips copypaste most of Painter digital watercolor engine
better get the real deal and get Corel´s Painter Today.

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Nigger if you're going to pirate something, pir8 fucking Photoshop.

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if i could choose a program to go with, i would've learned sai. i still could but i'm set in my ways.

that said, i like sai a lot. i've been using it for years and i still discover new tricks with it all the time that make it really unique. unfortunately, it will never be more than what it is. pick photoshop, it can do everything sai can do and more (and probably better)

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It's good for the lineart and the layers, but unless you're coloring something outside of cell shading I would get something different. It is possible to make great art with SAI, there is great art out there made with SAID, but there's a lot more at your disposal now that you can take advantage of.

I use it for animation + base colors before effects. This is it's best use, as far as I'm concerned.

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what would be a good program to start working with pixel art? i'm assuming photoshop, which version would you recommend?

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Post your artwork, stuff youve done over the yrs and are proud of.
Pic related, Batman i did 22 yrs ago aged 20yrs old, drawn on mount card from picture framing shops and i used a regular black bic biro pen, took me two yrs to finish on and off!

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Post paintings and write what a thought/feeling you have when you look at it.

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Art Goals

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Does anyone know anything about this?

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very orientarrrr

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Rate my art
I'm new here so if I mess anything up please forgive me
I just want to some critique and opinions on my work.

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Cheers man.

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I'm fucking shit at backgrounds and need to improve on that.

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Made this with some faggots on Skype

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g a s

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This is cancer

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You're too

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this isnt your personal fucking blog you cancerous pieces of shit.
seriously just jump in front of a train please

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Hey i've been here before and i'm back for more. My drawings have improve heavily from my yukiko drawing, what do you think?

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Oh, fuk u guys then. You act like i need to improve when im alredy perfect. screw off, ur jest haters

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I want to die

Gave me cancer

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You are 'kind of okay' at symbol drawing, the lowest form of drawing next to tracing.

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>shitposting yourself this hard

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This guy...

... this guy's gonna make it!

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>too dumb to get a bachelors degree
>have no industry contacts
>have no friends
>gud enough to get a job

why do you still try?

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Because I want it more than anything else, I'd rather die if I couldn't do this to be honest.

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it has no purpose. why do you keep believing?

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It may not have purpose to you, but it does to me.
And I keep believing because I'm stupid.
I still give the world a chance because of "hope".
It's stupid, but completely true.

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so let's pretend.

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What causes a once great artist to get lazy and the art they makes takes a hit? Do they stop practicing?

I'm only using this image as an example, as it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

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Dont be surprised if he resorts to tracing in order to meet those deadlines


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I wonder what technical deficiencies you gotta have to work faster with tracing. lel

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>The best people just cheat to the top while the rest of us mooks play pretend

I feel like such a naive cuck right now for not knowing this sooner.

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>Expect to listen to one dude whining about how it's okay for him to trace
>A good deal of the well known artists you know traced and some went great lengths to do so
Well fuck

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I've watched a few of his picarto streams and he didn't trace anything actually.

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>流*Flow is defined as being "in the zone" when your system processes are overcome with data your mind cannot process to produce a pleasant feeling of losing oneself that ultimately allows one to move past/challenge their current plateau/comfort zone in one's work. Constantly producing flow is so addictive that has been deduced to be one of the key indicators of overall happiness, alongside a certain level of monetary and interpersonal relationship happiness.

To put it plainly, in the great tree of "gitting gud" these are those tiny moments when you are excited that you actually "getting better" if but in a tiny way or if only for a single drawing/moment.

I'm trying to get a better grasp of the idea so I can better explain it to both myself and others. So I am surveying you /ic/, what are your personal experiences with flow? Are there any drawings you feel comfortable posting in which you overcame a personal barrier and felt flow? Do you have any questions about Flow?**

Pic related is a combination of 流 and Flow
*Ryu or 流 literally means "Flow"
**that are not answered in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)

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I've played video games and jerked off to porn since I was 11. After close to 2 decades of this, my brain's dopamine circuitry was so frazzled I couldn't focus on anything that I wanted to do aside from video games and jerking off. Art was entirely out of the question because I couldn't maintain a good workflow, I would get distracted within 5 minutes. Until I started smoking weed. Being high is the only time that I don't have the nagging cravings for vidya, and it's the only time that allowed me to focus on art for hours at a time.

I'm also slightly autistic though.

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That sounds like anxiety...

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fucked up visual communication studies after a car accident
spend 20.000 euro on loan and 20.000 euro on living costs then my home got invaded and I got sexually abused by 4 people and am still stalked

what do

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someone gave me a bag full of ramen for loomis
but i cannot pay eventual rent with that

cheers to w lan and fake profiles

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this OP, you sound like a student so your fundies are probably weak, grind that shit!

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hey /ic/ first time poster , long time lurker. i was wondering if anyone has played some good games with this kinda artwork. this is from a game called "barcode" on nes. im trying to get into this kinda art style , thanks :)

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Pixel art?

>> No.2817520

yes! kinda like
Shim megami sprites
or that gundam fighting games on the ps1

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Forgot the name of an artist similar to Giger, he mostly paints women and starts with a 3d rendering than paints in acrylics

can someone help me remember his name

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i think german was his mother tongue, graphic design studies, late work mostly commissioned, artist name is even referring to g iger

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>beginner posts
>Obvious first timer on trying to git gud
>explain and try to correct him
>"Thanks anon!"
>repeat for a few times
>Some time later
>Curious about how much he/she/it has progressed
>reverse search his pics from archives
>find his/her blog
>he stopped little after you made those critiques to him/her
>Likely she/he just lost interest
This fills me of despair
Please tell me this isn't common
And don't fucking dare even thinking of doing it, ever.

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oh except sports because most fighters and soccer players have been doing it all their lives for example

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For every person that makes it, there are thousands of beginners that give up, it's common sense.

s m h

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But will you?

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That's true, but most artists have been drawing since they were kids too. There's a point when it stops being a hobbie and it becomes a professional skill. It happens with sports a lot.

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proko doesn't count

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A question to /ic/: What is the biggest finished physical piece you have done? Not necessarily sculpture of course, I'm just wondering about the walls you've painted or the gallery worthy paper you've drawn on. Y-you don't just do thumbnail sized doodles in a sketchbook, right?

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The frame, I never did any woodworking so I cried a lot during making this :^)

>> No.2817468

while, not during. And I also printed these digital portraits I did on 2 x 1m PVC. Got it installed on a wall so I could project a line animation on it.

Not really big pieces but whatevs

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I'm a retard

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>Y-you don't just do thumbnail sized doodles in a sketchbook, right?
sometimes i draw on a 4000x4000 photoshop document...

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this one was 33"x22". id tried bigger paintings but never could fill the canvas.

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Why is it so fucking hard to draw? Like seriously. Seeing so many artists that put their masterpieces on discord makes me feel like killing myself. Like, how the fuck is it that they got it so fast and i didn't? Is there a special trick that im not aware of? Ive been drawing all my childhood up until now and i still cant draw a fucking human, wait, no, i cant draw anything nor think of any design for character, environment or whatever. I literally have no visual library despite playing vidya and watching sf films since i was 6. Reading through fun with pencil was so vague, left me copying these goofy head balls very poorly. I remember when drawing used to be the only thing i enjoyed about life, now ive got nothing left. I... I'm not gonna make it...

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Hey op, it's ok.
You haven't improved in a while, which causes frustration, that's normal. I'd go as far as say it's a part of the process.

What you need is learning how to learn before you learn how to draw.
Don't worry about the human body or anything else.
Let's say you want to learn how to draw a duck, in any position, without a reference.

Set up a tilted surface, a piece of paper and a pencil.
1. Learn to draw a dot.
2. Then a line.
3. Then a shape.
4. Then a form.
5. Then, you have to learn what a duck looks like.
Not just "oh it's a bird with two legs", but more like "this is what its skeleton looks like, this is how its joints move, this is where the muscles attach, this is how it walks..."

Now when you want to draw something else, you'll only have to repeat only the last step, that's what we call expanding your visual library, and it never really ends.

This is a summary, your battle plan.
To draw a line properly, you'll have to practice every day. To construct a form properly, you'll have to learn perspective, gesture and render it after wards. Then there is composition, color theory etc, but really, there's nothing more than those 5 simple steps.

Draw every day, be precise, seek advice and criticism, look for inspiration, listen to podcasts and video lectures, read e-books, try out new tools, analyze your mistakes and most importantly, enjoy the process.
We're on our way to draw cool pictures and get paid for it, how fucking cool is that.

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25 is the cut-off age so you're fine. Notice how 23 is the average age on /ic/ and that all the 26+ year olds are failures on this board.

>> No.2817698

I understand that you're full of sour grapes and denial. Weather he learned anything important or not he acquainted himself with the tactile experience of drawing when he was young and impressionable, which anyone in a lab coat will tell you is more of a foot in the door than smoking a bunch of pot like you probably did. Get a fucking clue lol.

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you're retarded, pointing no one here have real advice while my post is about others' shitty advice

pointing out that "just practice" is worthless is not an advice on itself, retard

are you serious, of course you're going to assume incompetence

you can't expect competent criteria from someone with incompetent skills, this is a basic for anything in life, you're giving bad advice so lightly

well, it's obviosly butthurting and takes some guts and humility

You probably don't really like the idea of other people getting further ahead from you, in skills and success, faster and with less struggles, so you make it sure they just consider as important "to practice consistently"

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I'd like to take an online courses on art mentors, but I don't know if it really worth it. It's a bit expensive for me so I need your opinion if you already intended an online course on this website.

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I think if their is the opportunity for you to attend courses from talented individuals and you can afford it its a no brainer considering that you would save alot of time aimlessly wandering around in the dark web trying to figure shit out yourself because although the web has pretty much all the information you need theirs simply no one to spoon feed you and respond to each and every one of your drawings critiquing you on the way.

tl;dr If you can afford it and the results of others going their seem worth it jump right in otherwise join the rest of us strugglers in the great battle.

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I've been on New Masters Academy (I see that many instructors are the same) for 1 month and I think this kind of stuff is just not necessary.

I'm not saying it's bad by any means since there's always something to learn, but it won't get you anywhere further than thorough study of a few good texts.

I've found the multiple instructors on NMA dispersive, many of the lessons were redundant, some instructors were great at drawing but terrible at teaching, some were great at teaching but terrible at putting that into practice for you to see. Also the video format isn't necessarily an advantage, many lessons were full of fluff and it was bothersome to look things up when you needed them. Since there's no textbook to accompany the lessons, you'll end up referencing books anyway.

My 2 cents. If you're short on money, don't worry about these courses unless you're having huge trouble understanding your textbooks.

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I bought Vilppu's first Art Mentor's program and participated when it was live and still have the files.

Firstly, you need to have the passion to follow through the lessons with the position of learning and drawing.

If you do buy a lesson, it's on you to make that $300 investment return with your own drawing and digesting of the video content.

The only instructor I've been interested in is Vilppu on both Art Mentors and NMA, this is why I purchased anything from either website and know what to expect from him.

It's apparent even after going through that workshop and studying every so often that my drawings from imagination are still lacking but I've taken on his methodology and do work easier with it.

You can just be a cheapskate and pirate stuff like most people do though; no I won't upload my archive.

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Guys, I don't know how I feel about this...

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a tree died for this

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Whoever is willing to throw eight hundred bucks away for the SUCC sculpture will be crowned the ultimate king/queen of memes.

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well, it IS possible to bargain...

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