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I'll start
>want to improve art
>self doubt holds me back

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Don’t be so harsh on Holly.

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Don't forget to actually make your own stuff and not just do studies 24/7. That's probably how that fujo got to her skill level.

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Some anons may feel resentment and jealousy for better artists, sure but after a while it starts to be apparent that they are work and hussle all the way in. It hurts much less after this realisation.

To not burn out I suggest to not try complex and hard stuff at first. Something simple and not complicated while focusing on small ammount of aspects of particular drawing. And additionally try to draw things in application to something - drawhore style shitposting or fanart should make you want to draw beyound natural fatigue.

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I'm doing just that and enjoying it, I think studies and loomis are just a tool to complement what I like doing... But often I struggle getting outside of my comfort zone. I have to get better anatomy.
>drawhore style shitposting or fanart should make you want to draw beyound natural fatigue.
I think that is good advice too.

Thank you anons, cheers.

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be nice :) lol

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it sucks and your videos suck too

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thanks for the positive feedback

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may i get the rooms attention?
thank you

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how do I come up with poses that don't look like complete shit? how do I get around stiffness and the poses looking generally boring?
pic unrelated

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Glenn "Feel the form" vilppu

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Perspective and gesture drawing.

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More like Glenn "draw noodle people and sack people until something happens" Vilppu

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Hey guys i just realized ic is the corner of the internet where all the drop outs,autists,self publishers,ngmi'ers,furries,bronies,normies,flaming ego maniacs,pedos,underage children poster,suicidal freak, and last but not least weebs come to post their "art" still believing one day their time will come.

When did you realise you were one of these and hows it going?

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Pretty much this. Im in the same boat. I feel like ive reached a level of skill to which quitting would be pointless,but at the same time ive stopped trying to get noticed. There are so many amazing artists now adays with the internet and younger than I. Its gotten to the point to where id rather make a few people happy or inspired than thousands of normies.

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Pls be strong Elena I believe in u


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exactly,my art is just for the people that look for it. i'm gonna only make fanart for the things i really really enjoy, and the beautiful thing about the internet is that there's always going to be someone else that enjoys that thing too.
i don't care about younger people being better than me anymore, i honed my career in something else while they practised, so of course they will be better. and actually following younger people has helped my mind keep fresh!

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>Basically 4chan

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nah he's just a triggered faggot

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Why are mainstream artist not honest about they motivation for creating art? We all know that money & fame are the moving force for us to get better.

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I just want an art gf. Lonely horny aahhh etc.

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>We all know that money & fame are the moving force for us to get better.
what? you're going to have a bad time if that's what you're pursuing anon. My moving force is to make the best art I can make possible, I don't care if I work a minimum wage job for the rest of my life i'll still keep challenging myself.

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There are better and easier pursuits for money and fame

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Money & fame? Nigga, you're in the wrong business. If i can make enough to support myself i'm already super happy.

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Whats the difference between masculine art and feminine art? Can both co-exist in the current climate of art and social media?

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>Whats the difference between masculine art and feminine art?
first one is masculine and second one is feminine. (duuuuhhh)

I can tell that feminine art is more popular in zoomer and s o i y boy culture (read: in modern internet of cartoon/stylized art) right now.

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In this thread eveybody draws as much as they can to stay in the same level.

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in this whole board also

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>tfw too brainlet to understand what OP means

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How do I improve line control with my tablet?

Recently I meet up with another digital artist and we were drawing together when he noticed that the way I was doing lines was very weird. We digged further into it and apparently I have very poor control over not only the line direction itself, but also pressure.

His suggestion was to use strong stabilizer on SAI, but it really kills my "flow". Is there anything specific for control I can do or should I bend over and just get used to stabilizer?

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Is your mind so slow that you can't tell the difference when using a pencil on paper and a stabilizer? I don't see my pencil lagging behind .5 seconds and readjusting for a straighter path

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Take a pencil and run it across glass. Now take it and run it across toned paper. Tooth and friction. Brainlet.

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>Calls other people brainlet
>Doesn't even know what he's talking about
Based and redpilled.

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Stabilizers give tooth to the paper???? Are you actually fucking retarded?

Stabilizers are software, how the fuck are they going to give you physical friction?

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All a computer can do is simulate. You might as well complain about how pencil/graphite brushes are just stamps repeated at random and dont truly replicate pencil on paper. Until we get tablets that match real world media, stabilization is the best we can do.

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Will just drawing from photos(not tracing, but copying side by side) improve my drawing skills?

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side by side is at least better than tracing over it.
but i would say that since it is on the same plane and depth of field, it's still nowhere as effective to learn from as working from actual models.

if you really want to learn, than go to a shopping mall, trainstation or bars etc and draw people that are waiting, reading, whatever - as long as they look like they will sit for about five to ten minutes. do hundreds of sketches from real life and you will learn a hundred times faster.

i don't know why people are scared to do that. it's literally free, all you need is a sketchbook and a clipboard or whatever you are comfortable working with on the fly.

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tracing isnt drawing, you are just following a line with your pencil without much thought into it.
its like reheating food, it doesnt make you a better cook. now if you try to recreate a dish on the other hand...

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No i think you should just look at the image, watch some videos on drawing instead of actually drawing. Thats how you get better

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Make your observing your mistake and doing multiple passes if not multiple passes draw from more than one picture and apply what you know from the previous to the next.

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This guy gets it.

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I want to pick up drawing for the sole purpose of drawing cute anime girls. I have some basic knowledge about form and perspective from my time at school but other than that I'm completely shit. I've tried "Fun with a Pencil" but I can't stand practicing with his art style. Copying pictures is slightly more fun but it doesn't help me advance my technique, I feel. I've looked up the "How To" section at pixvie but I feel overwhelmed by the moon runes.

Can you recommend me a step by step tutorial/book so I can build up my basics?

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Loomis isn't about copying his heads, its about learning to draw ANY head at any angle. If you couldn't figure that out youre never ever gonna make it

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> you have to have an understanding of the fact that not only do objects look smaller when they get farther away
Yeah, I've at least got that down, playing with cubes helped.

I'll probably move onto that book once I get a foundation from Made Easy. And a base for everything else. Fuck.

>Also, I can totally sympathize. I started drawing just to draw porn, and now I'm certain anatomy will be the death of me.
I'm heading down the same route you are, probably. Most of the time when I'm not practicing something specific like construction I'm pulling up a reference of some girl with huge knockers and trying to copy that.

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Not OP, but I wanted to ask a question that might be related to this thread.

How does one go about drawing from imagination? I'm not a decent artist but I can manage to copy a picture or draw something from life if I try really hard, but drawing from imagination just looks like black magic. I figure most artists actually use a lot of reference pictures or even 3D models as a guide for their drawing, but that's a really a turn off for me. I think that being able to draw stuff from imagination (not necessarily realistic, which would probably be a lot harder, but even only stylized characters) is so much cooler than "cheating" your way out with models and references. Is it even possible to learn how to draw from imagination?

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>Is it even possible to learn how to draw from imagination?

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I'd learn how to make meaningful posts instead if I were you. You yourself already know the answer to that, the question you made isn't even a bad attempt at begging for reassurance, it's just stupid, anon. Anyway, yes it's absolutely possible to draw from imagination and I don't know why and how anyone would ever think otherwise. If you can see the image in your head then you can draw it. Uh-oh, turns out you can't because you actually don't really know what a hand looks like but you refuse to open references? well, then go draw hands a lot. By a lot, I mean A LOT. Draw it over and over again, until it's forcefully burnt into your memory, or even to the point it becomes muscle memory (this is a bit bad actually). This is what people call visual library. You can extend your visual library by just observing things, but obviously you'll get it down much quickly if you actually DO instead of just WATCH. So yes, the ultimate answer to help you draw from imagination is: just draw.

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>try to make money with memes
>182 bucks on etsy
>me still drawing for my own, fearing public critics

I probably never gonna make it

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Good taste

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oh my god shut the fuck up

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why do tradfags have a hard time painting opaquely? its easy as fuck when i was working with gouache, and hell it should be easier with oil. read the fucking paint tubes to know what youre painting with jesus that way atleast you dont paint with glazing paint fuck

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I don't think you understand what opacity means

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i did't say anything about opacity lol, thats the state of what the paint is, the quality. im talking about just painting OPAQUE. no light going through

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For those of you wanting to 'make it' as an artist, what are you aiming for?

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i dont have any expecttions
im content with just painting
sure i want to improve but i'd rather sustain my lifestyle of learning art
i dont need any large studios or crowds of fans
it would be nice
but i have my little laptop and i have my own mind as my favorite fan
im happy with just being able to express myself

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I'd like to be able to do freelance illustrations for books, covers, promotional stuff etc.
It would be incredible for people to see my "art style" and instantly recognize it.
I also just want to make art for people. Not only commissions, but just art to bring some joy into peoples' lives because life sucks ass and we could all use some art to enjoy.
If I ever get good enough to bring awe to them.

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>Marketing artist in AAA
>2d generalist in AAA
>Freelance 2d generalist
>Senior ui artist in mobile
>Lead ui artist in mobile
Next goal is team manager. But with my experience i dont expect it yet.

Also secondary goals to make money off my photography and videomaking hobby.

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I’m so glad you cleared that up.
I was starting to lose faith.

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Aiming to get pussy.

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Tried doing the painting in grayscale before adding colour for the first time, any critique or tips appreciated.

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i really like it. clean it up a bit and thats a great style

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The colors looking a little dull.

>> No.3724655

screen tab

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The colors look a little muted and the shadows don't vary in hue very much, but I'm not sure if that's your preferred color style in general.
You might like gradient maps if you use Photoshop, although they take a bit of wrangling.
I also think that for this style without an excess of blending, putting down color by itself is less likely to causs mud or anything.

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Kinda this >>3724654 >>3724659

Here's a suggestion OP, After you apply some of the initial color, try playing with color adjustment filters that comes with whatever program you're using. A lot of artists who color from greyscale use filters to brighten up the colors because often they can look pretty dull at first.

Here's two greyscale to color videos I really like


Even in speedpaints where she works primarily with color at first, she often times seems to paint a little greyscale "underpainting" first to establish the initial values.


It seems like a lot of his paintings, like in his latest video, he paints from greyscale first. But he's able to color them in such a nice way it's hard to tell it was originally painted from greyscale.

I think even if you're focusing on greyscale right it's still good to study color theory at the same time. I'm trying to focus on getting better with values right now because I notice almost every artist that's amazing with color also has no problem making nice looking greyscale paintings. If my greyscale paintings are shit than my color paintings will be shit too.

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>Be me
>Make a post about art
>People say that its retarded just like me
>Get depressed over it
>After a while realize that the post was autistic
>Get over it and become more distant to myself

Basicly 4chan made my a better person.

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I'm sure OP has learned something, this board can be very humbling. Strangley enough this site can teach you how to behave better than any other site because everyone will call out your bullshit. Most social media sites are to PC and will circlejerk over every progressive thing. It takes time and too many people lack empathy but I'm suspect anons are more inclined to be internet suave than others who can't take any critisism, of course I'm not talking about the blatant autists that frequent here and the pretentious /a/ cunts that can't handle anything that differentiates from thier "culture"

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/biz/ is the gift that keeps on giving.

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and someone's losing their virginity to a ladyboy in southeast asia as we speak.

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This reminds me of that one D'Angelo video where he read through an /ic/ post acting like 4chan is a bad place when the thread actually had probably the best information you could even find on the internet. 4chan might be full of dicks but sometimes you just gotta admit that some dicks are pretty good. Pic related probably has good dick desu

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Lol I just finished watching that video
I think D'Angelo would actually fit in here, he just doesn't get the board culture. I like his aesthetic.

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sooo i love drawing but to put it short i really really want to live off of art and dont know where to start or what to study (i was thinking graphic design would be a good option) so if anyone would be kind enough to give me some tips or just anything, thanks

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dont try

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What's the real reason you want to learn "anime style," /ic/? Do you think you'll eventually become a Japanese art god if you absorb enough wisdom from the moe uguu people who post on Pixiv?

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Because cute shota boys and beautiful Onee-sans are literally the only thing keeping me from ending it all

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>it's just two bros together
You have to be even more faggier than fags to get triggered by a simple image

>> No.3725508

seconding this

>> No.3725511

>calling eastern stylized drawings anime
Because the aesthetic appeals to me, duh.
If it didn’t I wouldn’t be such a fucking weeaboo in the first place.

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how to paint a tv show edition

ITT: posting paintings I'm working on, tell me what I should do to improve them next time I work on them.

Also: working on writing and organizing episodes and ideas for a video series I'm shooting in 2019. Gonna be posting titles and ideas. If you want to elaborate on any of them or anything related to them and spiral out about something doo it to it.

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Big yikes itt

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Oh hey, it's the meme painter guy! You do nice work.

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>ahahahaha no one in the world will care when you die and your paintings won't even be sold at goodwill.
this level of projection kekeke
>they will be thrown away in the garbage.
you want one? You can do your part!
>you know this, i know this.
yeah on a long enough timeline all art becomes trash. Who cares?
> your dead dad knows this.
No he's dead. There's no knowledge then. Only the void.

Do you ever wonder like, "why am I like this?" Do you make much of an effort towards self-reflection? When you find yourself doing all this cockfighting autism, and then getting so upset that you try talking shit about people's dead parents, why don't you feel like a belligerent faggot? Is this the person you saw yourself being when you were a kid last year? Unironically, why are you so upset?

Reminder that you're dying of cancer RIGHT NOW btw. It's spreading through your body! It's already too late!

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>What are your intentions with these threads? Are you looking for critique
>are you trying to provoke discussions or are you using them as a kind of self-motivation, to stay productive.
both faux sho
?Have you ever tried spending a long time on a painting and if yes- can you post the result of that,
yeah ones that look less retarded often have a lot of hours in them. Like >>3725249 at the time had taken up the longest amount of time working on it. There are a few with like 20+ hours in them.
>since i can see that you have routine in what you are doing but the results kinda show that you did not really care.
Like they're essentially all still in production. I don't really ever stop working on a thing thinking "well this is good to go." It's always "well next time I still gotta do x,y, and next time I work on this shit. I'm always working on things thinking about what they can eventually become. So like often it'll look fucking retarded but I'll be excited about it because it looks retarded in ways that I think may look neat when it has other colors stack on top.

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mods should permaban this cringey nigger holy shit.

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Forget basic shapes, I can't even draw a line properly. How do I overcome all my lines looking like I'm having a seizure while drawing? Can I make it if I can't even control the pen properly?

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either buy a decent tablet or get checked for parkinson's

>> No.3724685

use stabilizer if you need

but accurate lines are more important than smooth lines

>> No.3724692

watch this video an do the exercises every day or so/whenever you start feeling rusty after you've already gotten good at it (i also suggest doing the same exercises but from the other side of the paper/rotating about the opposite way, makes you more versatile). you gotta find out the right speed an angles to approach lines so that you can do them how you want to, it's just a matter of learning your own muscle memory

also draw without a stabilizer for a few years, then get one but only use the subtle setting, you'll feel like rock lee with the weights off


>> No.3725634

no op anon, but thanks bro!

>> No.3725676

I mean yeah you could go the traditional -> screen tablet route. And I know you said pen but you might be referring to some stupid synonym for the brush/pencil tool, so I'll say it - using your mouse to draw is a waste of time

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Excuse me for the low quality pic but i don't have any other one, anyone recognize this artwork?

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have you even tried google?

>> No.3724521


googling immediately lead to the result

>> No.3724528 [DELETED] 

Literally googled "surgery painting" and the Wikipedia page was the first result.

>> No.3724531

Literally googled "surgery painting" and it was one of the first images.

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>He hasn't drawn for 18 hours a day.
>He hasn't drawn so much he's developed a disability.
>He hasn't drawn so much that his disability makes him eligible for NEETbuxs.
>He hasn't drawn until the government starts paying him to draw.

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