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What style would you adopt if you had to do a sunday comic? Something that could keep up with a professional consistent workload everyday. Accepting you will have good days and bad days, but have to submit something consistent.

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To answer your question, OP, either this, or something more akin to Pearls before Swine.

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these are actually funny. Legitimately funny. Ive been avoiding calvin and hobbes for the longest time just because i didnt want to ruin the good memories i had of it, but goddamn

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Easy, restricted pre digital color pallete

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>i didnt want to ruin the good memories i had of it

Calvin and Hobbes is even better when you’re grown up. It’s extraordinary, go back and reread it freely.

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I have commission open! and i was told to advertise hear, so, yeah, hear ya go? https://richkyuubi.deviantart.com/

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is that so?

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you were told wrong.

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>that DA
i wouldnt want you to draw for for me even if it was free

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This is bait, right?

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i really hope youre underage

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Randomly found this image on pinterest, does anyone know where I can find more from this artist?

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Fucking pinterest
>google search
>hey that's a nice ref

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which book is this anyway?

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Found the artist, name is pablo uchida.


Real Action Pose Collection 1. Its in one of the mega art book links.

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thanks friend

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you don't have a pinterest account. A lot of the images link to the source but you need an account for that.

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What are some good background artists you like?

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The image posted is LITERALLY a background from Steven Universe!

Which... say whatever else you like about the show, has legitimately great environment design.

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Landscapes and interiors created with the intention of being used as a background for a cartoon can be colloquially referred to as "backgrounds".

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She may have a weeby style, but those colors, and details are so inspiring.

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He doesn't exactly make backgrounds but his style is great!

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ssshhhh you're educating a retard.

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I like to draw and print lewd prints, Been a print maker for several years now.

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close up

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not bad, i can see the passion but you fucked up the noses big time

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Zippo lighters rendered in different materials.

This was an assignment for my visual communications class earlier this year.

Al the rendering was done with copic markers and verithin pencils.

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Here is some more

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Better question is why would you do that analog

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to build confidence when we sketch. Gotta learn to walk before you can run

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What are some good tutorials to get me started in digital painting?
I dont want to fuck around with technical stuff, just paint right away

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i personally just draw a bunch of 3d shapes til the eye-hand stuff gets solid again

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that is exactly what the fuck artist should do, trying different things until something clicks with you, you will be switching and upgrading shit all the time, if changing a fucking brush is such a chore for you just fucking dont do it then you fucking mouthbreathing nigger

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why would you make a gay thread instead of painting?

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>not to waste a week trying out random fucking brushes.

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How can I color like kishida mel?Any western tutorial that can guide me in the right place?

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Even professionals use color picking, don't worry about it

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google limited palette.

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goodness that is beautiful. Source?

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You're an idiot OP. Coloring is the easiest part of drawing.

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Literally how to create sexy anime art like Yoshida?

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Yoshida didn't draw those you blind and hemispherically-challenged fuck

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>Dude, just draw a lot and you will get good, just draw :-)

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looks like something bad happened between 1999 and 2000 and he's been trying to get back to where he started

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just deliberately practice and study and you will improve


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People will do anything to justify not drawing.

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Let me show you the point you missed. You don't get better automatically from just drawing a lot. However it is required if you want to get better. If you get told to draw then it's because you sound like a lazy entitled kid who don't want to put in any work.

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>Still hating photobashing and photo tracing
How does it feel to not get a job because people decided to work smart and not hard, ou traditional faggots? when will you realize that the industry actually wants people to do photobashing and not your pathetic excuese of "art"

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Thank you so much.

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but anon, despite your photobashing and tracing, you have no job in the industry either. How come?

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And the funny thing, that anime drawing has more values than the shitty photo bashing thing calling "drawing" in the OP.
Weird huh.

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>4chan is a ste for adults
Yeah i agree, now fuck off back to bed kid.

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How do I get more uniform clean lines with a mechanical pencil? Mine look gross and I can always see thinner darker lines on top of lighter lines.

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I'm with lineweight, also with a mechanical pencil you can stick the lead out a bit and hold the pencil by its butt then shimmyshammy it back and forth while pressing it down with a constant unchanging force, otherwise it makes a gradient

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Any good resource for this?

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This is really interesting actually, thanks.

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I sketch with 2H lead and use 2B lead to detail/darken lines. Also 0.3 size lead is really nice but it's super fragile so you can't manhandle it.

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For quite some time now I don't know what I want to draw, I don't even want to draw that much. It seems to me that I lost somewhere this meaning behind why I wanted to draw in the first place, I can't even tell what I like anymore when it comes to art. I am burned out?

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no you just lost your goal. FOCUS!

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>Having fun

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I can relate to this. My not art-related job takes up too much time and energy nowadays, but even before that I felt just like you.

I fear that I only liked the idea of becoming an artist, and that I no longer want to be one. But I don't want that to be the case, you know what I'm saying?

Also, whenever I think about sitting down to draw, it's like I'm about to take a test or something. I literally get nervous. I guess the problem is that I want every piece to be good, and I want to excel at art, but no matter how hard I try to convince myself that sucking at it is only temporary, I always lose the drive and motivation to draw, and go on a hiatus..

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does anyone know where i can get this brush pack

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I started teaching myself digital art and dropped it after a year or two. I got back into it lately and did this. Im struggling to get better but i dont know whether its worth it.. a few people said its ok and what not, but i just dont like something about it

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She doesn't look like she's lying on the bed to be honest.

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now that you say it i realize that...

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Need to know If I'm making anything captivating visually.


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And one more. The rest are in my uploads.



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looks like we took one step back to the 2000s

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doin drugs?

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Reminder that the mods here are probably getting paid by CN to delete threads that talk shit about NuThundercats and people talking about going against the Status Quo in animation

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that thread is dead though.
this one had WAY more activity than that one and it got deleted for no reason.

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>no reason

The “dead” thread was the first one and we don’t need two.

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they didn't need to kill it in less than 24 hours.
there are some threads here that are several days old and the mods aren't getting rid of them. and like i said, this thread had a lot more activity, with all the screencaps and critiques, it was starting to get a lot of traction here.

its definitely suspicious.

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He does it for free

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>blah blah whine whine the mods all work for CalArts

I wonder if this hysterical bullshit will take off like GamerGate did.

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Happy hour

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Someone on /ic/ once told me I was talented, so it must be true.

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/ic/ doesn't know what it's talking about most of the time.

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What're the best courses on NMA?

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Karl Gnass and Bill Perkins. Also Vilppu and Huston are good too ofc.

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Start out with Sheldon's 6 hour introduction, he likes to put on acts to keep newb listening so you might think he's crazy at first. Guys like Villpu and Steve comes later. There are other good ones too. Bill Perkins teaches stuff that will make you really good once you have the other stuff down.

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>that song that you feel when you felt hopeless and it seemed like you would never learn art, and then you discovered Steve


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Really? Villpu? Imo, I found his process the most forgiving among other figure drawing teachers. He starts out really rough and soft and builds up very gradually through out the construction process.

Olson can break things down very simply because he deals with very mathematical subjects, which is perspective. You can't deal with more complex organic forms like the figure and portrait with the same amount of rigor as him. You just need to learn to deal and embrace uncertainty more, start trusting your instinct and intuition.

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Vilppu is an absolute madman, maybe when I get good I'll understand him but Steve blew my mind, I can actually grasp his structural approach

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