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I really don't like this one.

I'm conflicted on these two. One needs a little something more, one needs a little less. The old one was better IMO however.

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I will also post a handful of Sargent pieces.

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A study for this previously posted piece:

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Another study for this piece:

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don't assume identities on an anonymous forum, it's really pretty rude. I'm not salon (>>1463966) guy, I was just saying I see where he's coming from. Lots of Sargents stuff is just sort of ordinary-observational stuff.

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Another study for this:

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I'm not confusing you. You made the odd comment about composition and you were affirmative in your estimation of the value of a Sargent dragon.

I don't see his work as ordinary observational stuff at all. I find it culturally rich, poetic, and imbued with a special character. I mean, it's hard for me to know what you like.

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I've always wanted to start painting but I am fucking awful. Is there any hope for me or does anyone have tips to get better?

pic unrelated

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No Sargent dragon. Maybe crocodiles will do.

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I've never been on this board and I don't know how this works, but I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I found this old picture in my attic and I was wondering if it might be worth something. I'll post more pics shortly.

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Protip:you have to practice to get better

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There's a sticky for this.

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Her proportions are way off bro.

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I was being fastidious by agreeing that a Sargent dragon would look dapper. Who even uses the word 'dapper' anymore? But it's the internet, and people like to take something and run with it, that's fine. I'm just poking at your favorite artist, that's all. God forbid.

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There's a sticky for this, bro.

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Hmmm the images you guys posted on this thread seem pretty decent. They are in different league from the usual stuff posted on /ic/, but they are not yours, and they don't impress me. It's you guys' habit to post either utter crap or great works by the masters as if that's the stuff you do everyday.
I dislike how the janitors, when I say the quality of works on /ic/ is poor, delete my post and ban me for "trolling", but somehow your denouncing of my artworks as poor is accepted as legit and helpful criticism.
I am quite satisfied with this painting, and the only problem with it is the slightly smaller head of the tiger on the left. There is no issue with the placement of the stripes.
You guys try to make it seem as if I am lacking skills based on this, but you are framing the conversation as if only legit art is photorealism or academicism. Keep thinking this, keep posting the mediocre stuff you post along with great works by masters, and you won't get anywhere. I guarantee this.

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Already got my thread but won't pass this up since I've got nothing else to do.


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fuckin autocorrect

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