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why is programming so hard

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Why are you a dumb frogposter?

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maybe sucking dicks is easier, try that then

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Because your dumb frog poster.

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I was always atop of my class when it comes to math so I'm not a brainlet, quite the opposite

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You didn't answer the question.

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>dumb frogposter
>your dumb frog poster
please be nice to each other frens

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frogs are funny

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that's a toad

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maybe programming requires more right brain thinking than what people think.

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It isnt. Its just time consuming and requires at least 90iq

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I have plenty of stuff and I don't understand shit

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Does the first language learnt really have a huge effect afterwards? If I learned python thoroughly first am I fucked if I want to use another language?

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t. studied humanities and is too stupid for math

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I wouldn't program without a. Iq of 110 at least

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what kind of math?

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if you properpy learn understand something you won't be bound by it
Just don't hammer things in and remember to learn a second, different language a few months in to shake off rigidity

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being best at highschool math of 20~ people doesnt make you smart

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Like almost every skill, it needs to be decomposed in multiple simple tasks to be understood.

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>maybe programming requires more right brain thinking than what people think.

nah it's entirely logical aka the left side, hence why so many aspies excel at programming, anyone who claims it's "creative" most likely has never tried doing anything creative like making music, art, etc.

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Every single claim you've made in this post is incorrect.

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no, he's right, you can be a great programmer and have no "creative" side

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Being the best out of 20 puts you at the 95th percentile, which corresponds to an IQ of at least 125 desu.

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Bzzt, incorrect. Try again, little code monkey Pajeet.

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I was not talking about myself, but about some of the best programmers I've met. Giving new solutions to maths or programming problems (which they do brilliantly) does not imply any artistic or toucy-feely side.

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>toucy-feely side

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Being the best at taking a shit means you have a 125 iq?

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>being best at highschool math of 20~ people

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"I am not stupid i am just a right brain kinda person"

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you're making an assumpsion that your school math skills correspond 1:1 to iq which is not necessarily true

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Math and puzzle abilities are about the best IQ indicator there is.

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>this nu

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>merely pretending to be retarded

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if i spend my time learning math my iq will not increase

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Pointers made my brain sperg out for a long time for some reason
One day it clicked and it was smooth sailing from there

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High school math means nothing, that's moronic.

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>data structures
>algorithm analysis and design
learn in that order

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go to community college and get an associates in CS

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To keep jobs and opportunities outta da community.

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>if i spend my time learning math my iq will not increase
Of course it will. Perhaps you have the wrong idea of what IQ and the g factor mean? It's not some immutable constant score, oh if only things were that simple.

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because programming languages are not written by practicing programmers

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everyone told me im born with my iq and can't change it, thank you for giving me hope i guess

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IQ is a meme and really has nothing to do with intelligence
life isn't a game where there is one stat INT that describes how intelligent you are it's much more complex and you can't define it with a simple test.

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Intelligence doesn't really have a lot to do with it. Whether you are intelligent or not, you WILL run into issues, and you will struggle through them. What ends up mattering a lot more is perseverance.

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agree with this. when I first got into I thought it was all skills and either you have it or you don't. then when you start working you realize it's about efficient problem solving like every other job on the planet. personal projects you start from scratch help.

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Clearly English isn't your best skill either

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Why are both of my brains full of autism

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Why are these so fucking funny

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stop being a jew/asian

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>I was always atop of my class

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In what, grade ten?

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I teach an hour of programming at a Sunday school and almost every parent has asked me that exact question or some flavor of it. The answer is simple: because most people learning how to program are more concerned with ""learning how to program" than actually programming.

Lemme ask you: why is typing so trivial? It isn't an academic subject that's taught in schools. It isn't a part of basic education. It's needed to interact with computers (see the pattern). Yet 1/7th of the world can type at an okay-ish speed. Why? Because it's a way of expressing thoughts. No one memorizes pic related or studies the different types of keyboards. No one makes sure each finger is spaced for optimal key coverage. Everyone just goes head first into it and soon their brain got used to it.

But when it comes to programming, everyone approaches it like it's some academic scholarly stuff that requires books and discussion and bootcamps. They will spend days choosing the best language for programming, the best IDE for programming, the best compiler for programming, the best OS for programming, the best hardware for programming, the best book for programming, but they aren't willing to bite the bullet and actually start programming.

So there you have it: programming is hard because you've been following the words of some poor old sod who likes hearing their own voice and haven't tried figuring it out on your own.

Go-to projecteuler.net and attempt the first 5 problems. Almost every single problem there can be solved with nested for loops and they give you optimized answers and the reasoning behind them afterwards. Take a problem, Think about how to do it, google the low level stuff you don't know about (eg: how to insert an element at xth index in X language) and then code it up and get the answer.

One day programming is gonna click for you and youre gonna lament at all the time you wasted thinking it was hard cause everyone around you wanted you to believe it was hard.

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this is idiotic, if you're the best at math in class full of 90IQ retartds it doesn't mean you're in the top percentile. that's not how IQ works brainlet.

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>why is programming so hard

*several people are typing*

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Nothing really worth learning is easy

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Because computers are autistic little shits and humans constantly make mistakes

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I can't into logic or get creative. Maybe I don't have a brain.

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it sucks man

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Because you lack discipline. You could be programming something, improving your skills, but instead you're here, complaining about how difficult it is.

It's only difficult for the first little while, then it gets a lot easier, just keep going.

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Because you're a fucking retard, as demonstrated by your image choice.

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you are wrong IQ cannot be increased via learning

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The same reason why all sciences harder than economics are difficult: they were all developed by autists for autists and are taught exclusively by autists.

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What about programming do you find difficult?

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"It is as if there are two populations: those who can [program], and those who cannot [program], each with its own independent bell curve." https://blog.codinghorror.com/separating-programming-sheep-from-non-programming-goats/

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>if you're the best at math in class full of 90IQ retartds it doesn't mean you're in the top percentile
that's great buddy, did you work that out yourself?

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>being good at stuff is bad

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