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This is how you stop the CoC

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They'll just copy paste the relevant code and call it theirs.
Now you not only have changed nothing in the fight and lost your value in the job market, but you've also given them an excuse to say
>See, I'm a strong independent trans nonternary pigeon and I've contributed to the project

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>They'll just copy paste the relevant code and call it theirs.
But that's a violation of copyright.

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I'm sorry, you're right.
They're just gonna copy paste the code and refactor all the variables to inclusive terminology before pushing to GitHub, maybe change some line here and there.
Good luck proving that it was your code.

It's over guys, open source was a risky idea from the start, we ruined it by allowing them to be in our circle.

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variable names don't show up in the binaries dumbass
if you can compile both projects and their binaries are mostly identical, you have a GPL violation

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You can DMCA fucking anything including public domain works because no one knows how DMCA is supposed to work.

Wake me up when it's an actual court precedent and it's not this Armenian idiot with his chess.

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Well nobodies going to want to stay in our circle with a bad attitude like that mister

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No. (((Copyright))) was a retarded and nonsensical idea from the start.

Nobody cares or should care about copyright violation.

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I'm glad people are stepping up and talk about this. CoC's are shit.

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damn incels

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Did this author's code include ANY GPL code from anywhere else? If so, he's in violation of the GPL himself.

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>Nobody cares or should care about copyright violation.
They do and should.
On small personal levels, sure, but at corporate levels it's a pretty big problem as it can cause large losses of money. There's a reason companies tend to target distributors of copyright material instead of the individuals who download it.

Write some code that does the same shit. That's fine. It'll probably be like the original code but as long as it ISN'T the original code it isn't a violation

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>Did this author's code include ANY GPL code from anywhere else?
No. So he is fine.

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All reditors, and they are such cancerous faggots.

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hello there

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nobody is going to enforce the GPL if freetards start getting uppity

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>men that stand up against free-loading women who just entered the scene are incels
Kill yourself

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Why were people empowered when trannyboot did the same thing, but this guy rightfully does it, and people try to shame him?

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This. Sending false DMCA notifications is illegal BTW, hope he have deep pockets.

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>cause large losses of money
Try to stay competitive without the government babysitting you, fucking totalitarian.

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>be a small business trying to make a buck/carve out a market
>big business just takes your software/code and sells it as their own
>heh nothing personal kid

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Fun fact.
This guy made a game about killing roasties etc. It was of deleted from sourceforge. Mike was angry enough to write to esr, stallman etc. In ironic twist some feminist website(which helped take it down) published an archive of Mike's works.

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So this guy is an actual creep. Ironically it's people like him who are why they feel a CoC is needed so he's probably just creating a feedback loop.

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>So this guy is an actual creep
What gave you thus idea?
>Ironically it's people like him who are why they feel a CoC
Ironically free as in soeech doesn't mean free as in speech.

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Theft is illegal. If you've sold the software to them and are salty that they're using it, then it's your fault for failing to maximize profit.

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Here goes that non-word again

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roastie detected

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problem is that your licence is nothing more than some words. You can do what you like, tell someone to stop doing something, to take work down or you'll.... you'll... you'lll spend a shit load of money on enforcing the licence. Money that, unless your licence is protecting something valuable, you just dont have. Would you really divert tens of thousands of dollars from a source of income or a bank account, to protect something that isnt a source of revenue? No, because it wouldnt make sense. Litigation is expensive for a reason. they dont want trivial cases clogging up the courts

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who wrote this? where is this from?

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The OP link

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Well, you can't transfer copyright ownership without a notarized signature, so regardless of what a license says the author retains full ownership of whatever they write. At least in the US.

I do like how the trannies are panicking and trying to host outside of the US and force developers to hand over the copyrights, though. Basically admitting that they're pure evil.

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>trying to host outside of the US and force developers to hand over the copyrights
If you can't create, you steal

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has CoC really taken hold? it would disrupt too much

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Pull requests welcome :)

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people should do more of this, so that DMCA gets kill

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>Can the developer of a program who distributed it under the GPL later license it to another party for exclusive use?

>Why does the FSF require that contributors to FSF-copyrighted programs assign copyright to the FSF? If I hold copyright on a GPLed program, should I do this, too? If so, how?

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trannys on (increased) suicide watch

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I remember mono being gpl and companies probably spending tons to have it licensed to them under a proprietary licence

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The keyword here is exclusive, those companies probably didn't want to deal with the GPL so they asked the copyright owner to offer a different license. You can release your code in multiple licenses.

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>Theft is illegal.
So is breach of copyright.

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Unfortunately that guy is downright mentally unstable, this does nothing for people who actually care but provide a way to paint them all as insane and dangerous.

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Yes, and they've started kicking out contributors because of that based on very old personal media presence they've had at one point.

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Not when patents are involved.
Also it becomes tricky if the code has ever been seen, you need bullshit like whitebox engineering to make sure it's legit.

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I don't even know what sexism means anymore.

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it's what ever women and degenerates don't like

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It isn't unless you're in a cucked country. Theft is something completely different from being GIVEN data.

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What possible reason would I have to contribute to this worthless non-program? Go to >>>/v/

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To trigger MikeeUSA.

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I agree with the guy, but he doesn't argue right

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>also admitted to being apedophile, but I hope to grow past that and be your friend.

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>trolling MikeeUSA because he is an unironic cringeman
What a cunt, cant even handle a little banter.

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wait a minute, anyone is allowed to fork open source software

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based fuck trannies and fuck CoC

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>It's your fault that you don't have millions to spend on marketing
Hi, Donald.

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>I am a childish nutcase larping as someone old enough to have a full set of pubes

Picture related - the guys got a whopping huge number of fans and followers
look out everyone he may get mad at you and send his army of spies after you

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>unsubstantiated DMCA claim
He can roll that up real tight and stick it up his arse for all anyone will care.
>cheering on attacks on software freedom
I'd like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as /g/, is in fact, /pol/g/, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, /pol/ plus /g/...

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I will continue to rescind the license from anyone who adds a "Code of
Conduct" anywhere near my code (to "fight sexism".). I wholeheartedly
/support/ sexism, as-long as it is not against men. Since men are now
being assaulted as thanks for their ceaseless decades-long work on
opensource by people who did not put in the time, men should /support
sexism/ by revoking license to their gratis licensed copyrighted code
from any project that adds a "Code of Conduct".

Based and redpilled.

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>irrelevant person does irrelevant things and posts it on the lkml
what is the point?

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Parse error, did you mean /pol///g/?

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that's why I’ve recently taken to calling it /pol/ plus /g/

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Fuck off roastie cunt

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>[email protected]

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>everything should be free!
>t. Commie

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Based GPL

>To release a nonfree program is always ethically tainted, but legally there is no obstacle to your doing this. If you are the copyright holder for the code, you can release it under various different non-exclusive licenses at various times.

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So did he actually revoke any code at all?

Anyone can send an email to the kernel mailing list.

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What did he mean by this?

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What the fuck did he pussy out???

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>What gave you thus idea?
You DO know he is an actual pedophile, right?

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correct actions, incorrect motivations.

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holy shit, what a boss

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very based

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Mike is on her side and is controlled opposition to try to destroy FOSS.

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>Joined 9 Days Ago

Probably a troll account. Look at the commits.

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def a troll

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What a little bitchboy

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lmao this is like parody of these faggots

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fuck off, parasitic fronthole.

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and thats a good thing

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I just googled op's stupid shit and it's the same guy with the script he has like 20 users and has been constantly bitching about it and posting on new accounts and everyone just laughs at him

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>thought crimes are a thing
>t. Orwell

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So, GPL can stop the CoC? Wow

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Yes but you have to be an expert in IP rights laws to understand the exact mechanism of how that could be done. It would mean those who try could end up in court - can you imagine judges saying "so you are telling me that if the owner does this it will mean x number of companies going bust and huge swathes of the internet dropping out" and the judge thinks "well I dont care who owns it we cant have that happening"

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