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I was in Tokyo and I had a chance to get a hands-on with one of these.

>keyboard layout is terrible. Can't enjoy the deep travel because of this.
>trackpad for ants. Can't even tap to click
>awful display
>over 220000yen for a i5/8g/256g config. More expensive than a touchbar Macbook Pro.

Why does /g/ idolise these machines so much?

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Newfag, what is this.

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New Toughbook

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It's a shitty overpriced Japanese laptop that nostalgic purists obsess over despite having never owned, used or even seen one outside of marketing/review photo ops.

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I had a CF-W5 and it was a pretty cool guy. Keyboard was okay (pales in comparison to the ThinkPad I got after it) and you got used to the ant trackpad. Battery life was decent for its time (5 or 6 hours I think) and obviously you can throw it around a bit and it doesn't care.

Have the toughbooks gotten worse or does OP just want to b8 the toughweebs?

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dumbass, that's not the cf-rz6

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The ones OP showed are weeb trash, but the RZ series is patrician level even compared to thinkpads (was given one as a temporary device while I was over there on business, didn't want to give it back because my XPS feels like trash now)

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Writing on one with same keyboard and touchpad right now.

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I tried the rz6 as well. Same terrible keyboard layout, now with even smaller keys and smaller screen.

I'll admit it does look cute, but damn that layout makes it hard to shitpost on /g/.

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Similar enough to nordic layout. No problem with touchpad or touchscreen. Full hd 16:10 and matte screen that is actually usable outside in the sun. 850 USD on YA with proxy and international shipping.
Love mine and would definitely consider getting another one after.

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I have no problem with the ISO layout. It's how the keys are squished together, along with the small size of the keycaps that is the problem.
Though it's probably not impossible to get used to, just like the butterfly keyboards on Macbooks.

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because it's not available.

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oh what these are cool now?

i hate you /g/

like 6 months ago i made a photo based around the RZ series and shilled it on /g/ for like a week straight

everyone told me to fuck off but NOW people want these?

im salty /g/ fuck you

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My has little different keycaps but layout is the same, never really thinked about it, got used in like 5 min and that's it.

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>and shilled it on /g/ for like a week straight
And you wonder why people tell you to fuck off?

Please go away

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>tfw too jewish to buy an rz6

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Let’s Note RZ6 10.1in Convertible Laptop

>literal x201/x220/x230 replacement
>10.1 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen display
>Core i5-7Y45 and Core i7-7Y75 processor options
>8GB to 16GB of RAM
>128GB to 1TB of SSD storage
>802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1
>11+ hours of battery life
>Prices start at ¥192,800($1181)((fuck))

this is like a netbook only it doesnt suck fucking dick

not fond of the Y bullshit cpus but at this point, in that formfactor, ill take anything

fucking 16:10 /g/

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Because it's quirky xd

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>Can't even tap to click
you say that like it's a bad thing

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What is YA and I have a hard time believing you got one for 850

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I will admit these were cute as hell when I saw them in real life. Felt tiny in my hands.

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only the toughbooks are good from this manufacturer.

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Yahoo auction, 96k JPY, 1 USD=~113JPY in 2017 february.

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I want to buy a Panasonic Let's note can you get them or change the keyboard layout to the traditional English layout?

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is the rz6 a solid choice for a <13in laptop?

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If you got 2k to drop on a laptop that would cost 1k for the same specs of a different brand

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what's a good alternative brand with a decent keyboard? the ones i tried all feel like paper

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What VN is that?

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Thinkpad probably has the best keyboard or a dell latitude

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It is JDM, that is why.
All cool stuff comes from Japan and Germany.

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Underwater Ray Romano

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But that touchpad is huge? I mean, look at this one

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Or this

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Cause it is Japanese and the majority of the site are deadbeat weeaboos.

In all seriousness, I was interested in a different model cause they actually had a 16:10 screen

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asians have tiny hands so its probably fine for them.

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You can buy now a USB/bluetooth trackball keyboard.

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goin from memory and im drunk but

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Fuck, that sounds cool, but doesn't look comfy.

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