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When I bite my laptop I can hear a quiet hum.
Is this the harddrive spinning? The case is aluminum.

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why are you biting your laptop you donut

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>He doesn't use diagnostic biting to optimize his laptop's performance

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I lay on back on couch and it slides near my mouth so sometimes I press my teeth against it.

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Have you thought it might be the cooling fans spinning?

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Good point. Is there a way to stop the fans so I test it?

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open it up and rub your dick on the cpu. i always solve my computer problems with some dicking. but i use amd, which is powered by cute anime girls. if you use intel/nvidia, you might have to throw money at the chip instead to feed the little jews inside

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I put it in the feezer and I didn't hear it so I think it's the fans.

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I see, interesting. I never have that problem.
Try to fix it with put it in the microwave and turn on it for about 30 second.

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Don't patronize me.

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You fucking numpty OP

Anything spinning in your laptop - especially since it is metal is going to vibrate through your teeth into your skull and into your ears when you bite into it.

You don't hear just through the sound entering the holes in the side of your head.

Most likely it's the hard drives vibration since it spins at such high speed and tends to sound like it's humming.

I recommend you stop biting metal unless you want chipped teeth though

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Teeth are harder than aluminium, so as long as you bite slow and steadily it won't chip your teeth.

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It's still bad news to bite things like that desu senpai

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That's the fan vibration making your eardrums vibrate via bone conduction you moron

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Why? I'm tired of this everyday fearmongering
>omg b-but what if an insane ninja clown later comes into your bedroom to slaughter you with a razorblade in your sleep? wouldn't you regret the fact that you drank milk straight from the carton then????????????????????????????

Fucking useless, retarded facebook-tier liberal cuntflaps

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Well spoken, senpai

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Don't fight. I don't bite it hard, it's more like resting my teeth because it feels funny and I like how the metal tastes and it's warm.

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Are you autistic?

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lmao what it's not fearmongering it's common sense

Teeth will eventually give don't wear them out quicker than you need to.

mfw it's an angry 17 year old 4chan poster who gets angry about dumb things

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That's an interesting fetish

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>lmao what it's not fearmongering it's common sense
Who cares if it's "common sense"? It's wrong.
>Teeth will eventually give don't wear them out quicker than you need to.
Yes, if you bite things that are of a comparable hardness, such as shells or rocks, or if you expose them to percussion, such as biting hard into a bone or a piece of lead that you didn't expect to be in a piece of meat.

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