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I got something in the mail today, /g/

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>air chine
enjoy you're lead poisoning

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I wonder what it'll be.

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You are lead poisoning?

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This tape is a real bitch to get off.

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Let's bring out the big manly tools that are needed for the job.

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why do your countrymen hardsub all the videos they upload

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dragon dildo

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H-here we go...

IDK, I hate subtitles for video's I understand the language of, so I always turn them off anyways.

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Seriously hurry the fuck up I wana go to bed.

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What's this? More tape?

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You should go outside and get some sunlight.

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Probably Arduino or a single board computer.

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Let's take out the contents, shall we?

Can't help my whiteness. Being a ginger is a curse.

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confirmed for rasberry dragon dildo.

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Peaking inside...

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Starting to peel this shit apart.

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If this is actually some shitty adapter, OP should consider committing suicide for wasting our time and bringing shame upon his family.

Let's see what you got. Certainly no raw electronics because no static bag.

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>As if the Chinese have scruples

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Bored now, hope it was something interesting.

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Forgot image

Well done. You must think you're really cool now, don't you? Let's send out the epic maymay army! :^)

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back to /b/

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Like any one of us cares enough to do anything to OP.

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Woops, I dropped it.

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so what now chief?

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Looks like it's still intact though.

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OP probably included coordinates on purpose in the hope of getting flooded with pizza.

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ouh its a 3D Printet 2:1 replica of your penis.
Got one too but for delevery they had to close the high-way

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looks like a cpu

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>I'm too dumb to turn off the geotagging so gonna get all butthurt about it.

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looks like a mobile cpu

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not once

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yeah thats what a cpu looks like

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Nah, I'm just to lazy to take them out. I figured some edgy faggot would look at the exif data, but it's not like anyone would actually do something with it.

Anyways, my new cpu looks great.

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didn't moot turn it off?

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You bought a fucking CPU from one of those cheap Chinese sites? Are you mentally challenged?

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He didn't turn of geotagging of course he's retarded.

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> Core i7 610LM

What did you do to fuck up a mobile CPU?

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The customs declaration said adapter worth 5 USD. So not only is OP an attention whore, but also an accessory to customs fraud.

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errr, is it some old i3/i5 with HD graphics?

Even though it looks like some LGA771 (server( chip.

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Probably shorted a contact with all the pizza he is going to get now

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The pins look alright too.

It was less than 50 dollars. Worth the bet for me.

Again, cheap. Also faster and less power-hungry than my previous one, an i3-330m.

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Good thing this is an anonymous site and there is no way we can tell where he lives... oh wait

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>an accessory to customs fraud.
Dude, everyone ordering shit from china does that too. That's like half of /g/ and /diy/.

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Posting images is hard.

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Your hands are cute. I would not say no to a handjob.

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that is done by every delivery of chinese or honkong's goods to europe. Its their fault, not ours.

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I guess he wants to upgrade his shitty i3 thinkpad to an i7?

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[spoler]It's actually an Aspire...[/spoiler]

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Isn't it time to bite?

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See, the sad part is this


> Q: Is it possible to upgrade my i7-640LM processor?
> A: No. BGA microprocessors, like this one, are soldered on a motherboard, as a result, upgrading or replacing them is very very difficult.
> soldered on a motherboard
> soldered on a motherboard
> soldered on a motherboard
> soldered on a motherboard
> soldered on a motherboard

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I only witnessed that for cheap stuff from eBay. When buying from reputable Chinese online shops, the declaration is usually accurate, in my experience.

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I just reported you to customs, OP.

Have fun!

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>reputable Chinese online shops

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My old i3, however, is not soldered down and this new one looks like it isn't soldered to anything either. What's your point?

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I ordered him tons of pizza, no need to thank me OP. Btw, they expect you to pay for it in cash.

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hope you used a proxy, else they discard the delivery.

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Of course I did.

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> this denial

Look at the entries under packages:


See how the only one is BGA1288?

The only package for this CPU is a Ball Grid Array.

You're fucked. Do your research next time.

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Take your "unboxing" shit to /b/, faggot.

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inb4 that's actually fake.

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Just turn off geotagging next time OP.
We are actually trying to help you here.

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It's called sockets supported on that spec sheet, not packages

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OP has a i3-330M in his laptop, though. Not an i7-640LM.

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they wont do anything. sending 2 cops to his house to ask COSTS MORE than 50 dollars. if they wanted to fuck around with this kind of fraud, they would do it when the packet enters the country. "oh, our compatriots have so many chinese friends! maybe i should get one too!". they know, they dont care, you are a fag.

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Whatever you say, OP.

Enjoy your criminal record.

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The CPU he's supposedly upgrading to as per the sticker on the CPU is


> Sockets Supported: BGA1288

The one he had before is


> Sockets Supported: BGA1288, PGA988

His old CPU is PGA988. If his new CPU is pin, then the Chinese lied to him.

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If you think it's fake, just order some more yourself.

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>doesn't know how to turn off geotagging on his cameraphone

yep confirmed retarded

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>if they wanted to fuck around with this kind of fraud, they would do it when the packet enters the country.
They have to handle thousands of packages every day. They don't have time to check every single one

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Dude, warn us when you get the pizza !

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too tempting to let it go.

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Oh, I get it now. My bad, I'm a little slow.

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>"oh, our compatriots have so many chinese friends! maybe i should get one too!"

don't know why this made me laugh so hard

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You've all seen the picture of the pins on the bottom of the CPU. What do you guys think those pins are? Because it looks very much like the pins in pic related, an i3-330m.

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>as per the sticker
Where the fuck did you get that?

The CPU he got is http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/Q2/Q2CZ.html

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>it looks like it so it should work
yeah lemme just ram my 770 into a PCI-E1 slot

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>op haven't replied in a long time

do you guys think his pizza has arrived?

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Nah, still waiting for pizza here, also

Is me.

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I think he just realised he can't put his new CPU in.

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I'm not convinced until I see it for myself, but I'm not going to put it in just yet, because I have this thread open on that laptop and have no other PC around.

>> No.41775951

>believing the chink kikes
oy vey op-san

>> No.41775962

>I'm gonna keep postponing the inevitable

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Well okay then, just for you, I'm gonna grab my tablet to open this thread on and screw open my laptop.

>> No.41775988

Keep the thread open on your Nokia Lumia 920

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Nah, ie mobile sucks for browsing 4chan.

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>ie mobile sucks
Probably the first accurate thing posted in this thread.

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>He knows what model phone he has!

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OP pls stop

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Connected my tablet to my mouse, keyboard and second screen, so I can keep you guys up to date. Will provide pictures.

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Here we go

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>implying I'm OP

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There goes the bottom plate.

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I see a ZIF Socket
that one Anon getting BTFO shortly

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Should have started the thread with this instead of that unboxing faggotry

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Heatsink is off.

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Have to love OEM thermal paste application.

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We're at FORCECON 1

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Old CPU is out.
Top one is new, bottom one is old.

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It appears to fit the socket quite snugly. I bought some crappy thermal past from a local computer store. Any application tips?

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OP is now crying.

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>dat 1 minute gap between posts

>> No.41776249

dat backpedalling

>> No.41776250

Itty bitty dots.

I find this amusing.

>> No.41776252

stick it in ur bum.

>> No.41776257

So you admit it?

>> No.41776259

Pea in the center, where there's a small gap between the squares.

Now boot.

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when applying to a bare die, try to completely cover the die, even if that means using a little too much. you ultimately do want a super thin layer, but getting the die covered is more important.

don't forget to wipe the heatsink and die with 90% isopropyl alcohol first though.

>> No.41776275

Should I also clean off the heatsink first?

The first guy you're responding to is not me. My tablet is just really slow for uploading stuff on wifi,

>> No.41776282

Yes, like >>41776273 explained.

>> No.41776307

I don't have 90% alcohol, but I did find some white spirit. Would that work as well?

>> No.41776310

Acetone do the trick too.

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>Is it ok to rub dissolved sugar on a CPU?
Sure, OP.

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cum is also fine.

>> No.41776337

Saliva works too

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I use meths to clean mine

>> No.41776363

Only other thing is ethylalcohol. I really have too little useful stuff around.

>> No.41776375

Why would I turn it off?

>Oh no, now the scary 4chan army's gonna show up at my house!

>> No.41776383

It needs to be rubbing alcohol (ethanol), isopropyl alcohol or acetone as a last resort. If not, just use a bit of thermal paste on a cotton swab to clean it. It's best to not clean all than to use something like licquor.

>> No.41776408

>ethyl alcohol
Use that. Check the label to make sure, but I'm pretty sure that's your best bet.

>> No.41776427

Yeah I just used that. So I guess a tiny little pea (5mm diameter) on both the CPU and the GPU now?

>> No.41776435

>tfw I use tap water to clean thermal paste

>> No.41776440

Yes. A small one, those squares are tiny.

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Too little/too moch?

>> No.41776491


And I toilet paper too.

Fuck the system.

>> No.41776501

Like half of that?

>> No.41776504

You getting hungry yet?

Pizza arrived yet?

I ordered 6.

>> No.41776507

Share the site/seller you got this OP.

>> No.41776519

You better have ordered at least one with extra pepperoni.

>> No.41776521

You don't even know which floor/unit he lives in or his name.


>> No.41776522


>> No.41776532

Which seller?

>> No.41776554

Still fiddling around with thermal paste here and I have a link saved on the laptop that I'm taking apart here. Will post it when I get it back running. It's not ebay, it's AliExpress IIRC. Look for an offer of an i7 840QM. It's actually this if you look at the description closely.

>> No.41776562

bit more and fine.

>> No.41776577

Another try.

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Forgot image again.

>> No.41776608

Still a bit too much IMO, but it should be fine.

>> No.41776611

Get over with it, I wanna know if it will acutally work.

>> No.41776638

Fucking smartphones, fucked up the post number

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Okay then. Putting it back together.

>> No.41776667

>trusting /g/

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Are you ready, /g/?

>> No.41776701

I hope you're putting some compressed air through that fan before you re-assemble

>> No.41776713

>It's gonna blow up
>/g/ just committed murder

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>> No.41776728

Did you get a new Intel Inside® Sticker?!?!

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So I got a BSOD when booting the first time, but I blame the "fast start" for that. It's booting just fine right now, actually. Although the graphics driver appears to need some work. Nvm, while uploading, the picture just switched resolution.

>> No.41776740

top kek

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>it actually fucking works

>> No.41776748

Congrats, op! You didn't fuck up.

>> No.41776751

post picture of bass

>> No.41776754

It's gonna fucking explode when you use it again man

>> No.41776755

Time to install gentoo.

>> No.41776756

Show CPU-Z

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>> No.41776764

>glossy screen
kill yourself

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I have something better for you.

It's acutally a guitar.

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>> No.41776783

Oh hot damn

>> No.41776792

I would use the saying "you can't polish a turd" but you actually can.

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>it worked
Well shit

>> No.41776799

>45C under low load


>> No.41776810

It's an acer, those things run hot as fuck

>> No.41776816

/g/ literally getting BTFO

>> No.41776817

You actually did it bro, I'm porud...

>> No.41776818

my i7-4700MQ idles at 58C and load is 71C

>> No.41776820

Dude, you retarded or what?

>> No.41776836

A bit

>> No.41776837

The i3 before it got similar temps.

>> No.41776840

Where did you buy it from?

>> No.41776848


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But yeah, so much for this CPU not working. I guess.


>> No.41776865

>Haswell idling at 58C
Get that thing checked, that's not normal.

>> No.41776881
File: 1.28 MB, 3520x1080, cpuz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There you go.

>> No.41776889

run prime95 and tell us if it crashes

>> No.41776893

Did performance improved noticeably, OP?

>> No.41776894


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>> No.41776905

You should also invest on a SSD, that shit would make your computer fly...

>> No.41776907
File: 38 KB, 2400x2400, 1391110966561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Open this in paint, use the fill tool to color the white part red and time it

>> No.41776922

Well, for regular browsing it's the same really. I haven't put it to the test yet. The only thing that bothers me is the fan changing speeds very often. Like it's going inaudibly at one time and making a little more noise (just like one step in speed up) the other.

I was actually going to do that tomorrow.

>> No.41776936

stop samefagging you stupid little shit

>> No.41776944

This thread pretty much proves that most of /g/ are a bunch of autist faggots that don't know shit about even computer technology. Congrats, OP, way to #REK /g/. Hopefully no pizza happens.

>> No.41776948

19.02 seconds

>> No.41776955

It's been two hours and still no pizza. I'm getting quite hungry though.

About to do that. >>41776948 is not me.

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Hey anon I sent you a pizza and paid for it . you did good. im proud enjoy your free pepproni pizza.

you deserve it

>> No.41776968

>takes like 15 seconds in paint
>instant in photoshop


>> No.41776974

>No pizza
You should order one, and post pics just to piss these fa/gg/ots off

>> No.41776986

>One is free the other one cost a fuckton

>> No.41776999

>>One is free the other one cost a fuckton
Well to get paint you have to pay for windows

Also I pirated both windows and photoshop, so who the fuck cares about the price

>> No.41777003

OP here, about 33 seconds. Temps in CPU-Z didn't go over 62 degrees C.

>> No.41777011

How many days did the shipping take?
I ordered someting in the netherlands as well, waiting 26 days now. Also 60 days shipping time

>> No.41777013

mspaint is a windows benchmarking tool to measure cpu performance. What did you think it was?

>> No.41777034

My i5 3210m takes 24.6 seconds

>> No.41777040

Ordered it April 25 or 24 IIRC.

>> No.41777048

My Celeron did it in 1:19 minutes, but I'm on the office computer...

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Good thread.
Retards earlier getting BTFO

>> No.41777065

I guess there won't be any pizza. ;_;

>> No.41777069

Damn that's fast, i'm using sweden post though

>> No.41777086

I used the free shipping method.

>> No.41777102

Use the gimp. It does it fast, too.

>> No.41777137


What the fuck is poking out of the recycle bin

>> No.41777146

Madoka, by the looks of it.

>> No.41777148
File: 2.24 MB, 3552x2000, WP_20140506_033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone interested in some used SODIMM DDR3 2GB RAM units or a well-used Intel i3-330m CPU?

>> No.41777158

It's actually Rin, in a (Recycle) Bin.

>> No.41777165

Nah, just put these to microwave.

>> No.41777180

My, kinda. Live in the Netherlands as well. But I don't really need them and I'm tight on monies currently.

>> No.41777182

>don't forget to wipe the heatsink and die with 90% isopropyl alcohol first though.
If I take some isopropyl alcohol on a cloth and cover my mouth and nose with it, will I pass out?

>> No.41777194

>serial butt stabber
Is this shit real?

>> No.41777196

Ohhh, I see now c:

>> No.41777204

That's cloroform, dickhead,

>> No.41777216

Oh god, that's going to run over...

>> No.41777227

I don't get it. Wasn't there something about this CPU being soldered and shit and not supposed to work? Did /g/ underestimate the chinese? What happened?

>> No.41777256

Don't believe you answered my question, sir.

>> No.41777259

You would pass out

>> No.41777268

Tragically yes

>> No.41777273

Someone archive this thread!

>> No.41777280

Probably the chink that sent him the package

>> No.41777367

>implying not every single thread on /g/ is archived
>being this new

>> No.41777369

The guy who was blabbering that shit earlier in the thread thought was wrong, got #REKT and stopped posting.

>> No.41777393

Lel u fell for my ruse :^)

>> No.41777406

>I was just pretending to be retarded.
There's no difference between pretending to be retarded and being retarded. This isn't /b/, so you can stop your damage control.

>> No.41777424

This please. Top off /g/ getting BTFO

>> No.41777429
File: 236 KB, 1024x768, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41777433

apparently people like stabbing butts


>> No.41777442

I would actually like a pizza, but apparently >>41776959 already bought one. Still not delivered though. Maybe I'll get one anyways for shit and giggles if there's still no pizza in 30 minutes.

>> No.41777490

My sister was a victim of this guy. Whatever he slashed her with barely even drew blood; it did ruin her pants though.

>> No.41777512

My butt got stabbed by a penis.

>> No.41777527

That's... fucking hilarious.

>> No.41777547

My thoughts too, but I actually feel bad for laughing

>> No.41777574

you're mistaking that would be the serial buttslasher lol

>> No.41777580
File: 5 KB, 560x420, contour_plot_eta0.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can this be legit? What's the catch?

>> No.41777581

>having empathy
Full pleb.

>> No.41777833


>> No.41777932
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Hahaha, OP is een kankersukkel

>> No.41778111


>> No.41778112

I love these threads and "How'd I Do" threads. They are like unboxings by Bros without all the whorish adverts.

>> No.41778113

>inb4 brutal daterape

>> No.41778142

>dat lighter

>> No.41778197
File: 9 KB, 205x246, 1394898826689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zeg dat maar tegen mijn laptop met perfect werkende i7.

>> No.41778444

This thread was satisfying.

Congrats, OP. I hope it lasts for some good time.

>> No.41778471

Maar kan het mijn 8320 @ 4.6 verslaan? Dacht 't niet.

>> No.41778495

Nee, maar gelukkig heb ik net de laatste onderdelen besteld voor mijn nieuwe desktop computer, waar ik een i7 4770K in ga steken die dat met gemak wél doet.

>> No.41778941

OP is voor een keer géén homo!

>> No.41778966
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>> No.41778974

Als je er echt van af moet neem ik het wel gratis afhandig ;)

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