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>Apple is low quality
always has been

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Apple = 0 innovation

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Apple targets their products at imbeciles.

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If you need proof you cannot be saved, OP is a faggot

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$999 monitor stand

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ironic trips

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Android > iOS

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$999 post

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Why change perfection

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What's wrong with this one?

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The graph is meaningless

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satania.gif with the notch fucking slays me every time

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What many people here ignore is the fact the Macos make part of the price and it's as expensive (if not more) than Windows.

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>pre release dummy phone meant for display didnt work properly
you're so intelligent

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cope harder


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It's a spambot, it's just posting random pics. I'm sick of rise of spambots during these days. This retarded thread is here every fucking day, the board is fucking boring these days.

Fuck Satania posters
Fuck Linus posters
Fuck M1 shills
Fuck Brave shills
Fuck CRT fags

I've keep reporting those retarded threads but nobody is giving a fuck. /g/ is not moderated anymore, this board is a shipwreck.

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dummy phone for dummy customers

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LG Prada was released 1 month prior to iPhone, explain how could Apple might be able to copy it.
>pre-release prototype product
>doesn't work properly
literally room temparature IQ

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currently an iphone user, i hate the amount of bloat and sleek inaccessibility, especially at the price point and with the evident lack of security. is the only solution installing a rom on a high quality android phone?

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seriously, get a life, anon

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>43 posts
>13 IP
jesus, what the fuck

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It says that the CPU performance of one product is twice of the other, how is that meaningless?

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>post count didnt increase with this same fag.

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chart suggests it is based on hard data

while there is no real data in it at all
giving round numbers like 2x proves it
what are they even measuring? "cpu performance"? what is it?

it's just (false) advertising for dumb customers disguised as science

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Both iPhones and Macbooks have the longest lifespan out of other brand products in their categories, with iPhones on average being used for 5 years and Macbooks being used for 9 years.

In other words, you're retarded.

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this thread kills Apple


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of course

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>Cable that costs $1 breaking is a tragedy

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I broke the USB-C cable of my Samsung phone after 7 months, that's not Apple specific. All manifacturers put shit cables with their products.

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>Cable that costs $1
more like $19 or $29
it costs them $0.10 to manufacture

>Copium 13 Pro

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The bot was not updated yet to post it

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because it doesnt

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don't create apple id
problem solved

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Yea but I want a video of the notch actually cutting into the app, not some odd setting that scales the app.
If that setting exists, it must exist to prevent the notch cutting into the app, no?
Wheres the video of that?
OP is just a photoshop, thats not a real video.

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macs dont have this problem

>> No.84450040

BAKA (aka apple user)

>> No.84450043

What are you talking about, thats not how scaling works.
Just post a video of the notch cutting into a video just like OPs but a real one, not a photoshop.

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>literally doesnt understand scaling
anon.... you dont actually think the native video is the resolution of a new macbook pro do you....

>> No.84450113

>You have to render the display content higher than the native resolution of the display and then downscale it to achieve integer scaling because you can't divide LCD pixels arbitrarily.
oh wow... you are dumb

>> No.84450188

>oh man, they dont even understand what resolutions are.
yes, apple users are truly dumb

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>>anti-apple shills
Its one shill, all these posts are one dude. Hes actual autistic.

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>noo.... u!
Hey man, get back to us when you figure out how monitors work, ok? And feel free to post that video of the notch cutting into the app. You say it happens all the time....

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>one guy is attacking us all
>hacker called 4chan
>apple stronk
You are delusional, I admit.

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>109 replies
>29 posters
Ya hate to see it.

Watch out, Ill post a big image and itll make your monitor SCALE it and slow your whole PC down!

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This, he even names all his images. Imagine the mental illness.

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And scale my HD movies? What do you think I have some sort of super computer?

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Apple has 10% market share.
10% of the population is gay.

>> No.84450320

Which means the odds of being both are low.
Apple users are foids.

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it's even worse...

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how the fuck

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bro did you really rename everything lmao

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the power of apple

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you are doing gods work.
keep it up.

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I'm so glad I didn't go the Apple way several years ago, that I wasn't tricked by the mass delusions of other people who now prove themselves braindead
bullet dodged

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>> No.84450478

is this the power of apple?

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>cope thread
you came to the right place for your cope then

>> No.84450962

I'm not the one spamming 100 images of the company I hate

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I still can't believe they put a gap in the global menu.
Tim Apple must pay.

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>gap in the global menu

they castrated the macbook
it is now a transMac
this actually fits their audience well

and if you don't like it, you are transphobic and a very bad person

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yeah but explain this

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Is that kid autistic?

>> No.84451410

regular mac user
stop discriminating

>> No.84451450

Shit cables are common but Apple is a whole different level. They had to remove Magsafe for years because the original version was a housefire generator.

>> No.84451957

WOW... applers are imbeciles


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wait, why he needs an esc key for vim?

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to escape vim lol

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>what is C-c, C-[, ZZ
Kek. Thanks for reminding me 99% of "powerusers" who complain about muh Applel are retarded larping neets.

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FUCK APPLE and their braindead customers

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My iPhone 12 pro max is the worst iPhone I have ever had. The touch screen is fucking dogshit. If I didn’t have 13 years of my life stored on iOS I would ditch this stupid company once and for all

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Apple product = proof of being retarded

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>this thread
apple is fucked

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Only anjeets care that much about what phone someone uses since all they do is benchmarks for 8 hours day

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That’s probably a matched donation.

>> No.84456842

Only a smol number of android users. Not as much as the retards who care whether a chat bubble is green or blue.

>> No.84457257

Making the feature available on CURRENT_GEN-1 != throttling last year's phone. When your battery is wearing out it doesn't respond fast enough to sudden power spikes and this leads to the phone shutting off under load. Apple added a feature (yes A FEATURE that android copied later because it makes sense) where to let your device eek out an extra year or two if AND ONLY IF the battery health drops below a threshold and IF AND ONLY IF the battery remaining is < a certain %age remaining it will prevent the CPU going to 100%. If your android phone doesn't support this feature then you'll get random resets happening when you do something CPU intensive leading to you replacing your phone earlier. This is why most android phones also have this option. If it offends you you can turn it off but then you're playing russian roulette with your battery every time you open pornhub.com.

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Good god that webm triggers me like no other. I had to put up with that same shit everyday when I was working in a vape shop. Our cash register was literally just an iPad with a broken screen running Square. The struggle was real, every time a customer would buy a bottle of juice I'd have to battle that fucking keyboard from hell. I kept telling the boss his machine was making us look like complete idiots. Never working for pakis again, they can all kiss my hairy ass. And fuck Apple too.

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The only high quality product Apple makes is the iPad, I'm grabbing a tablet for notetaking and shit in a few weeks and I'm really split between it and a Galaxy Tab S7, the former has more apps built with the tablet in mind but no Vanced or anything of the sort and the latter has the pen included, and that's about it :/

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If someone threatened to shoot you right now unless you pick between those two, which one will it be?

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>high quality
>crapplejeet trash

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People obsessed with authenticity.

>> No.84461166

Their competence is perhaps more on the software side. The hardware gets unforgivable and it only gets worse over time. What the fuck is their design team smoking?

>> No.84461523

topright, new fren.

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>decently high wattage short gets hot enough to glow
shocking. same can happen with any other laptop charger.

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airpods are pretty good too
do anjeets really this dumb?
>hurr limiting power draw from a battery that can’t handle the load is bad because it’s not as fast as new
if you actually use your phone for anything else but benchmarking, it not shutting down randomly is more important than raw power.

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>The LG Prada literally used Flash for the UI.

>> No.84464258

Hmmm This thread sounds like a brainwash thread.. I will hide and ignore.

>> No.84464971

Kill yourself cucktian

>> No.84466348

Holy shit, is it really that ahead of the competition?

>> No.84466600


the best proof

>> No.84466653

both my current iphone (12 max) and my macbook (m1 pro) are the best devices I've ever owned. Lagdroid and chinpads have nothing on them

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