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Big LCD controls the conservative media narrative, thus are able to manipulate people's opinion.

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I don't like the idea of kids being made to feel bad over things that happened before they were born and had no part in doing.
It fucks you up hardcore.

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no one in any public school has ever been taught critical race theory, it's a complete made up strawman literally engineered by a single dude who openly admitted to how and why he did so

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>Why are some parents against teaching their kids about HRTs?

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People like this are why the world turned to shit.

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I can see it being taught in big colleges and universities. But in a normal school? That shit won't even make it to a school board meeting

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oh yeah, and ironically CRT specifically states that individual racism could all disappear and it wouldnt make a difference because it's the system that is built upon racist ideologies, it's literally telling your kids the opposite, it's not them or their redneck uncle, it's a systemic issue

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This, zoomers have no reason to be forced to suffer because of the coil whine that was inflicted upon me and my generation, they weren't responsible for it.

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>learning about the evil things Americans did to their own because of the color of their skin fucks you up hardcore
I know. Those bastards truly took the black man down.

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Because it's anti-white bullshit. Most people won't admit this because being against hating white people is "raycis", so they say it's about bigotry of low expectations against non-whites or that it's divisive.

Also, this is /g/, not /pol/.

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woah this thread is about cathode ray tubes. get the fuck out with this political shit.

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because LCD is better

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>no one in any public school has ever been taught critical race theory
they've been taught about racial issues by teachers who were themselves taught critical theory in their education degree programs
whether you call what the kids are being taught "critical race theory" or not is not really relevant. everyone knows schools are pushing insane racist bullshit on their kids because they know their own jobs are pushing insane racist bullshit on them.

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itt retards who dont get a joke about monitors

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There's a clear difference between learning about the past and enforcing a nonstop psychological attack on children in the name of "equity" and repairations reparations from the moment they're born.

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that last tweet is accurate though
whiteness, white priv., white fragility, systemic racism, and equity are all the product of critical theory

Critical race theory isnt being taught. It's being used behind the scenes to inform curriculum and teaching. This was its original purpose, to infect education programs in universities and HR departments in the corporate world, and of course all facets of government
Now, the radicals pushing it are so afraid that their esoteric jargon and academic theory is becoming public (which it was never meant to be) and are hilariously trying to pretend it hasnt existed for decades with thousands of published works contributing to it.

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then theres me who doesnt know a CRT thats not a monitor, totally lost

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>i see no children complaining
Spoken like a true child pornographer

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Because they're dangerous and the electromagnetic radiation they emit can cause cancer if you sit too close to them.

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Fuck CRT

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The list of topics he posted are being taught in every public school though, and they're all marxist anti-american propaganda. Framing it all under the banner of critical race theory is a good way to get the retarded masses to realize that commies are trying to take over this country and get them to fight back against it.

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your brain is fucked

>Rufo: lol watch me manipulate all these moutbreathers into being mad every time they hear the phrase "CRT", then we can use it as a generic label against any single social issue non-conservatives ever talk about

>you: lol i'm mad about CRT now and everything social that non-conservatives talk about is CRT and trying to white genocide me

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> gets caught up in make-believe yet again
> w-well yeah it's a falsehood
> b-b-but it's okay because *incoherent schizo babbling* so it's basically as good as true

Alt-rightoids are the worst

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No one teaches CRT, it's not a fucking period after math you dumb kike. The shitty education curriculum is built upon CRT. Fucking Americans.

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>No one teaches CRT
Should've just left it there

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Why? Why does that even matter?

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to make them go through the screen
to answer your followup question, because he had a shotgun and some arrows.

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Reminder that the only good crt's are trinitrons.

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It’s insane that the mods let this thread stay up

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>support an idea for 10+ years
>it ends up in the spotlight
>normies hate it
>”it doesn’t ayckshully exist because (semantics)“
it’s interesting because they genuinely believe it. As if a switch toggled in their brain and the data was lost. They are always the good guys, so when they realized they supported something unpopular and immoral, it smacked into their consensus filter and disappeared. Now, they’re the morally superior victims of a strawman being hurled at them by stupid, malicious conservatives, and the balance has been restored.

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Not technology, the article in question is discussing Critical Race Theory, not Cathode-ray Tube monitors.

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it's real as in it's a fairly niche field of academia that studies systemic racism that someone could take a high level college course on, it's just fake as in it's teaching school children that white people are bad (and again if it WAS being taught to school children it would be teaching them that systemic racism is the issue, not them personally or individual racism)

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This thread is about CRT MONITORS, not my fault people are derailing it

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So basically white people bad

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Don't care, didn't ask

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>i could see that being the take away if you had very very poor reading skills and were full blown retarded yeah

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Goddamn I want to motorboat those motherfuckers.

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> American politics
Ugggh. Is awful. You can't get away from it. It used to be that this would happen In the run up to a POTUS election, but now it's all day everyday.

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they don't want their children to know they robbed of them of true blacks by listening to the ledjew.

>> No.84167861

Keep gaslighting and fucking with parents, retard. They see what their kids bring home. If a bunch of DC swamp creatures in the suburbs of virginia don't want it, then literally no one wants it.

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stay scared and manipulated honkey

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go back to /leftypol/

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4chan should permaban all iphone posters

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not all whites are honkeys and not understanding that is a cornerstone of being a pathetic honkey


im on a brand new 14" Macbook Pro ty

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Amazing how people try to deny it, yes it may not exist as a class in school. Its a framework of thinking, just like historical materialism, positivism etc. Instead of seeing human relationships as interactions between people aho own the means of production you frame those interactions as between people whonhave race based priviledge.

You can do the same for other categories, like sex. There is critical gender theory, you could see it through other lenses like being able bodied.

The result is educational material that will take those race based views as the most important thing determining human interactions.

You also have the concept of intersectionality to pool everyone into a white male vs everyone else war.

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>It's not individual it's systemic
>But you need to go to black employees, listen to them, let them walk all over you, be aware that you are as a individual permanently racist and there's nothing they can do about it and that you need to struggle to own your racism, and that they don't owe you respect and can treat you like shit if they want to (Treasury Department)
>But you need to be racially segregated, taught that you need to take responsability for your 'white privilege', 'heterosexual privilege' and 'male privilege', that white culture is about mass-murder and KKK lynchings,and that the employees need to send letters to black people apologizing for being white (Sandia National Laboratories -- Nuclear arsenal developper)
>But you need to accept that you as a white man are part of a oppressor caste, that your beliefs about meritocracy such as "If you work hard, you can achieve great things" are actually white supremacy, and denying those things themselves are a act of white supremacy itself (Department of Homeland Security)
Funny how it's allegedly "systematic" but it also involves dehumanizing white people, normalizing them as a oppressor class and believing that blacks (it's not even "brown people" at this point -- Youngkin won the hispanic vote) should be able to walk all over white people without consequences. Do you honestly think people are buying into this retarded gaslighting semantic war? You're not complaining because you "hate" the system, you're complaining because you hate white people and want to use some notion of "system" as a proxy for your hatred.

Funny how this so-called "systematic problem" happens to translate into hatred for whites on a individual level,telling them to be stuck in a permanent state of guilt, and that they're less then human. Do you think people are falling for this pathetic attempt at gaslighting?

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>But you need to go to black employees, listen to them, let them walk all over you, be aware that you are as a individual permanently racist


who has ever said any of this

Link a single source that's not people complaining about DUH LEFTYS!!! saying that

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im not self hating nor do i want to brainwash children, i do think there are systems of government in the United States that are undeniably built with racist intentions and acknowledging that is the only way to adjust things that result a more fair meritocratic society. your brain is broken and you are incapable of nuance or independent thought, you simply get mad at whatever new term right wing thinktanks want you too because you are a loser that needs a scapegoat for how pathetic your station in life is, it's all your fault honkey

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Its from a leaked CRT training guide where government employees in the Treasury Dep were taught this shit at taxpayer expense

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don't care, post verified face fag

>> No.84168368


or what lmao

>> No.84168470

Teach them history instead.

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>You also have the concept of intersectionality to pool everyone into a white male vs everyone else war.
this is retarded, some examples of intersectionality I can think of that aren't critiquing straight white men would be
>to point out the misogyny and homophobia in hip hop
>this non-tranny lesbian screeching about trannies raping women while also being a serial rapist https://twitter.com/christapeterso/status/1453149042125332480
>gays stereotyping blacks as tops and asians as bottoms (complete guess but this is probably a thing)

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Lol ok

>> No.84168983

he was making a joke about CRT TVs but most of you racist cretins didn't get it.

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>> No.84169070

>see op image
>search for "tit" comment
>no dice
>search for "milk"

Thank you anon, made me chuck audibly

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Mega based

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>/g/ - Politics and Technology

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I agree. We need to teach children how Africans enslaved each other, and that the biggest slavers were Arabs. Through education, we can illuminate the minds of our young to appreciate the extent to which the White man shone light into the dark world.

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CRT is just the left playing their usual wordgames when they say it isn't being taught, when in reality its the Critical Race Applied Principles/Praxis that they vehemently oppose, and for good reason because all it does it make race the primary focus of education and it bleeds into everything so much so that there are now lefties unironically arguing that 2+2 can equal 5 when using base10, or trying to get rid of testing as they say the mere act of standards is racist.

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no child is getting taught CRT in America, they are getting taught history as it happened.

>> No.84169244

liberals use crt as tool to manipulate and gain political power. they dont give a fuck about blacks or anything
>you are against crt, oh that means you are a racist kkk supporter who wants to bring slavery back

tell me a single right blacks dont have? not only that if this supposed "real" history was so obscure how come all these liberals know it?

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Thank god Rufo dystilled all of that theorycel garbage into "wypipo bad".

>> No.84169412

yeah chris is basded

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it has nothing to do with history though, it's things like that retarded ass 1619 project which historians all agree is fiction being presented as fact, search their terms like 'equitable math' and you can see first hand how absolutely fucked the youth of today is going to be when they get out of school indoctrinated as members of the D.I.E. cult
>testing is racist
>standards are racist
>requiring proof of work is... you guessed it, racist.
picrel, https://equitablemath.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/11/1_STRIDE1.pdf

>> No.84169461

That history has already been edited so nany times that itnakes no difference. Can't even enjoy a history book anymore.

>> No.84169573

>malding so hard he doesn't even read the rest of the post
This is how you know you've caught a live one. I'll do the honors now:

seethe, cope, dilate and kys faggot

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Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.84169691

Look at all these retards who spent 4 years whining about conservatives being censored who are now pushing for censorship of well verified history. Take one last trip to flavortown.

>> No.84169719

>CRT specifically states that individual racism could all disappear
Fear of outsiders is evolutionary beneficial; it's deeply ingrained in our biology and is not going away anytime soon. It helped our ancestors survive

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I don't care what my parents think, I'm still using CRTs

>> No.84169809

"It doesn't exist, but if it existed it would be a good thing"

>> No.84169816

>gets called a newfag for saying ywnbaw
>says 'malding'

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oh no my ultimate weakness how dare you put me up against pol or reddit omg I'm gonna explode adddhhasdlfja;lwejfaha;ldsasdlfjaw;oefhawoefha;oiwehf;

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Pull your fucking kids out of public schools. They teach poison.

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>be reactionary retard neoboomer
>stunt your kids social growth early on in life making them borderline autistic
>they will grow to resent you and everything you stand for and if they don't die a virgin they'll marry a nigger and become an anarchist
You guys are doing a better job at recruiting new comrades than we could ever do. Thanks!

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it's very easy to not be mad

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AOC is the best mommy

>> No.84170056

ban libtards

>> No.84170061

Yawn. Here's a you.

>> No.84170191

How is that an argument when the leaked material is shown on there.

>> No.84170229

God I love commie mommy and her massive tits.

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File: 61 KB, 999x617, himesaka noa (watashi ni tenshi ga maiorita!) drawn by jigatei_(omijin) - d3b940bd21d580e469a1fbf6bfe140fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which is why we must instead make it cute and funny

>> No.84170304

It's amazing how low the reading comprehension is here

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fuck off LCDfag

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It is up to the workers to seize the udders of production

>> No.84170540

how is this tech?
why do they dislike CRT screens?

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>systemic issues
Such as affirmative action for blacks?

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>> No.84170637

yeah, but I hope it hits the bump limit.

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>Racist Idea: any idea that suggests one racial group is inferior or superior to another racial group in any way
LMAO they don't even believe that

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Your gift is too great for me

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>there are systems of government in the United States that are undeniably built with racist intentions and acknowledging that is the only way to adjust things that result a more fair meritocratic society
Indeed >>84170603

>> No.84170781

.pdf where? I like to replace "white" with "Jewish" and see what it turns into.

>> No.84171015

he made an argument though, you're just too stupid to even recognize it

>> No.84171027

leftypol.org coping like always because they're mad peolpe don't want to teach white kids to hate themselves.

remember, all leftist do is lie and manipulate. they tell you to your face a man with a 10inch penis in a skirt is a women. they make you deny what you see with your own eyes.

>> No.84171043


lefties are mentally ill and a plaque on society. the fall of America will be because of lefties.

>> No.84171054

the fomrer VA governor actually said at a rally that schools are failing because to many white teachers. white teachers need to be dropped to 50% or below.

>> No.84171070

And then his campaign manager played the Applause.MP4 over the loudspeakers

>> No.84171073

you are free to go back to your own image board, leftypol.org

>> No.84171077

That Mexican lady has some nice tiddies and I love that she wears tight fitting clothes to show em off

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Your gift is too great for me

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>> No.84171129

/g/ is leftypol.org now

>> No.84171134

>no one in any public school has ever been taught critical race theory
there are literally video posts on tiktok and twitter every day from kids in public school being taught critical race theory

>> No.84171156

she's so cute

>> No.84171159

sure, whatever makes you feel like your life is not a waste
you are smart and superior, anon

>> No.84171186

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.84171188


no you haven't, you may have seen videos of teachers teaching history and have conflated history with the CRT keyword the gentleman in the image programmed into your peanut brain though, this time next year the letters "CRT" wont run through your mind a single time, it will get filed away with caravan and stop the steal and trannies in bathrooms and clean coal and the other buzzwords these motherfuckers are openly explaining how they insert into the brains of idiots

>> No.84171192

>fake news.
Who is faking it? Is Bytedance generating deepfake videos to spread lies about critical race theory?
>trump lost.
Why are you mentioning a carpet bagger from New York that no one cares about?
See the what?

>> No.84171254

>critical race theory is a political theory they teach civics students in university, that's not what's being taught to kids
then what are the kids on tiktok and twitter posting, when they literally post videos of their teachers displaying powerpoint presentations with the header "What is Critical Race Theory?"

>> No.84171258

yes anon, you made me foam out of my mouth with your powerful brain and solid arguments
sure buddy

>> No.84171261

Where do people come up with this shit? Are you in elementary school? That is not what they are teaching or how they are teaching

>> No.84171286

It's propaganda to make retards like you riled up. They're either college students or just taking it. CRT is not taught in schools, full stop.

>> No.84171302

i really don't understand any discussion on this topic, it is a distraction created by the right. NO ONE WAS TEACHING CRT TO KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT WAS RELATED TO COLLEGE LEVEL COURSES. Anyone discussing CRT is disingenuous and just trying to wedge race into the mainstream for drama. Congrats for taking the bait at every opportunity you fucking morons.

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>> No.84171321

>/g/ is a leftist board
I hate this world

>> No.84171332

>It's propaganda to make retards like you riled up.
I'm not "riled up", I just don't deny reality because of "muh murican politics", if that makes me a retard, then I guess I'm a retard
>They're either college students or just taking it. CRT is not taught in schools, full stop.
You seem awfully sure of something that you seem to be completely unaware of. It might be of some benefit to do some research instead of putting your fingers in your ears and going "nyah-nyah"

>> No.84171349

>imagine trusting a THEORY

>> No.84171366

Shouldn't it be called critical race hypothesis, since there is no evidence to back it up?

>> No.84171421

>Muh clear picture
I can't tell the difference and neither can they. CRT is old world bullshit and /g/ just want to be contrarian.

>> No.84171453

A hypothesis can be falsified. Critical Theory's first rule is that thou shalt not question it.

>> No.84171501

you know this was never EVER about history, nigger

>> No.84171669

It's an air rifle and he is a man child that enjoys bangs and fun

>> No.84171897

wish i could turn a blind eye to those fat tits, but goddam i cannot

>> No.84172075

Yeah first thing I thought of was cathode ray tubes. Maybe I'm retarded or maybe you need to go outside

>> No.84172649

fuck off back to /pol/

>> No.84172764

I can not find a CRT in my area

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Posting my comfy crt setup to btfo the conservatards . Enjoy your shitty lcd panels, chuds. I’ll relax in comfort on my beanbag playing ps2 kinos on my 14” or 32”.

>> No.84172848

>What's the term for people obsessed with trannys?

>> No.84172852

ah, AOC is still fighting the good fight i see. best shitty normalfag 17 inch crt mfd there was.

>> No.84172882

If the way they taught it was
>White people enslaved Africans, that was bad
>but White people invented airplanes and everything else, which was good
>so White people are mostly good, and a bit better than other races overall
I would be cool with that

>> No.84172906

anon, they basically still teach that, how else would you know?

>> No.84172928

because it's propaganda.

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>> No.84172957


>> No.84172958

Its not verified history it's propaganda.
Systemic Racism doesn't exist neither does white privilege.

>> No.84172974

If you're not racist you're not paying attention.

>> No.84172992

>systemic issues
and those don't exist. It's the big lie the big lie BLM and the CRT people keep pushing. Systemic Racism doesn't exist.

>> No.84172996

Every single person ITT that thinks CRT is something new is a fucking moron. If you want to get rid of CRT get rid of the civil rights act. When people say CRT isnt real they are sort of right as well because again its just civil rights bullshit. Its all antiwhite and should be removed.

>> No.84173018

Only propaganda are your pro CRT morons who want debunked Marxist theory taught in school.

You lost Everyone is against teaching CRT in schools even black people.

>> No.84173055

I sure would. History class is worthless faggot shit that I slept through. I don't give a shit about irrelevant wars and whatever the holocaust is, that shit's bronze age history and doesn't matter. Not my problem.

>> No.84173112

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.84173115

to confuse his opponent.

>> No.84173117

exactly the people saying "CRT ISN"T BEING TAUGHT!!!!!"
are splitting hairs.


>> No.84173165

You need to reread the tweets then because it lays it out clearly what breaking down CRT is, there is no manipulation other than the Pro crt crown constantly screaming "it's not taught" when if in fact you look at the concepts they are taught.

>> No.84173188
File: 227 KB, 768x720, crtchads.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LCD bros...
I don't feel so good

>> No.84173195

You're an idiot and don't know what CRT is, it is being taught. When people talk about "white privilege" and "systemic racism" that is CRT.

The caravan was real remember when lefties cried about the "people in cages" where did they come from?

You are so indoctrinated it's pathetic thankfully the American people are voting against it.

Red wave baby.

>> No.84173220

No it's not.
There is documented proof. Say "it doesn't exist" doesn't make it true.

You are a literal sheep.

>> No.84173224

Did AOC make CRTs?

your gift is too great for me

>> No.84173231

>CRT is being taught in schools now
LCD bros we got too cocky!

>> No.84173305

Actually, my little brother (middle school) has a class named "Social Justice Issues." It's ridiculous.

>> No.84173318

you're spouting their propaganda.

>> No.84173360

>white fragility
>when saying nigger sends asphalt apes into a frenzy


>> No.84173439

> systemic racism is the issue
That is being taught but systemic racism doesn't exist. It's not real.

>> No.84173446

The absolute state of sharts

>> No.84173448

But it is real and it is being taught.

>> No.84173460

But the concepts are taught that's the problem because it's nonsneses.

>> No.84173474

I feel like this is kind of happening on /news/. For some reason there are a lot of lefties there and people telling them why they're retarded.

>> No.84173497

most of them are from /LGBT/
worst board to ever be created.

>> No.84173510

It's their safespace since they would be eaten alive on /pol or any other board.

>> No.84173519

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.84173566

well get /pol to start posting there.

>> No.84173926

>CRT gets brick textures

>> No.84173934

This, alert the troops anon

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